If you want to go to Canada, by all means pursue it. The tragedy is in putting your life on hold in Nigeria because you want to go to Canada, & then ending up not being able to go to Canada. Because truth is not everyone who wants to go to Canada(or anywhere else) will be able to
The reality is Canada doesn’t have room for everyone who wants to go. Only a fraction will make it. But everyone who wishes to go should def try (legit of course—not trying to stroll across from US)

But what if you’re one of those who won’t be able to go. What’s the backup plan?
And if you’re one of the privileged fraction that makes it, pls & pls don’t burn your Naija bridges. I know it can be exciting to finally be free of Naija & its wahala, hehe. But don’t cut the ties. Keep in touch, keep an eye on the opportunities back home. Nobody knows tomorrow.
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