7 October 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Courage, Commitment, Stern Will, Great Gratitude, Gravitas

This Presidential image, @realDonaldTrump returning to the White House, is from a 17 minute C-Span video.

Here's the link: https://www.c-span.org/video/?476647-1/president-trump-returns-home-white-house
2) Not a video watcher - I prefer articles that I can skim more easily - I watched the entire 17 minutes. History can rarely be brought down to such simple clarity. The last minute was the most telling. POTUS solutes the leaving helicopter, watching it depart.
3) And what a story these 17 minutes tell. A President catched Covid. He stays 3 days in hospital. Symptoms gone or in abatement, he not only leaves, he walks proudly, marching one new step into history, yet again. In the early moments note how he touches the banister.
4) Trump Marches Forward. That would be a good book to read. Book or no, he marches forward in this amazing, mesmerizing video. The plot is so simple. Trump marches out of hospital, leaves in Marine One, returns to the White House, solutes helicopter, that's it.
5) Of all the emotions captured in this slow moving, majestic video, gratitude is the one that captures my attention the most. The solute, the standing there as Marine One lifts off again, the intense expression of gratitude, honor, and respect to his pilot and team. Wow.
6) I first saw a clip of this video here at Twitter, and mesmerized, I clicked on the link. I couldn't take my eyes off it. That flight, from Walter Reed to the White House, with a POTUS suffering from Covid, is a moment in time I will never forget.
7) Stick with this moment. Here is Trump, about a week into his infection, beating it for all appearances. Of course we are told that in another week the real symptoms may kick in, and if severe enough they may debilitate, or worse. We must face that Trump may yet die from Covid.
8) I don't think he will. Hell, I don't think any more symptoms will return, at all. I think he's already beaten this thing. No one yet knows, though. We'll see.

But for today, Trump returns, and here he is in all his power and strength. Amazing.
9) I have to ask, why doesn't all of America know this Donald Trump? I do. You do. The entire MAGA Movement knows this Trump. He's our friend. We follow him and his adventures. We know who he is. We trust him. For the MSM, Trump is an SNL skit, nothing else.
10) What does Trump do after saluting his brave Marine One team? Gets back to work. First thing: pull out of negotiations with Pelosi and team over further aid payouts. Second thing: unredact and stop the highlights, of all the Russia Hoax and Clinton2 documents. Wow!
11) Relief Package negotiations cessation. Trump faces death from Covid, returns to work, and he has been clarified, relieved. He's ready to get down to business, and Pelosi's refused good faith has released him from playing nice.
12) Trump just jumped way, way over Pelosi's head. He's chosen to take it to the people in our mightiest, We The People. He's not just calling Nancy out. He's calling us out too. Remember, it was us to gave her power back to Nancy in 2018. Trump is calling us out.
13) Do we have what it takes to take back the House? Trump cannot control that, so he leaves it to those of us who can. We're his backup. He counts on us. Making no more deal attempts prior to election day, sends a huge and crystal clear message. It's now on us.
14) Then, before giving us a moment to contemplate, boom, we have the redaction dump of al times. All documents declassified and to be released with no redactions. Word around Twitter is that Chris Wray is about to oust himself from the seat of power at the FBI.
15) Word is that Gina Haspel over at CIA will be the next head to fall. Word is that Obame, Biden, Rice and so many others are now for the first time going to face the accountability for their criminal conspiracy they've been running from all this time.
16) Flash reports are coming out about 100s of FBI agents, all on the MSM's payroll in rank corruption, are now revealed. How deep, wide, and far does this corruption permeate this revered institution of law enforcement? And all this, a month before the election. Wow.
17) I don't think Trump believes in Hail Mary passes. He's not doing this in case he fails. He is doing this on the path to victory. However, imagine the gift he's leaving to Biden, should Biden win. If Biden wins, he'll instantly shut down the investigation into his crimes. Wow.
18) The statement could not be clearer. Look at me, I'm the Law and Order guy. Look at him. He's more than just a criminal, he's a traitor. He participated in a coup. He mutinied. Biden is a criminal against America. As was his boss, and the entire team at the top.
19) If you want an October Surprise, I'd say that all the overwhelming information about Candidate Biden's traitorous crimes might rise to that pattern.

There was a coup.

Biden was one of its leaders.

20) I can't imagine a more dramatic moment, than when POTUS gets back from his near-death experience, cuts off negotiations with Pelosi, and outs his opponent for his crimes conspiracy, the treasonous conspiracy with all the data to support his claim.
21) Here's yet another nod to my Q friends. This smacks of a plan. Not the getting Covid part, but all the rest. Trump has known for years what was in all these documents. So, why wait all this time? The notorious Q Plan tells us, for maximum impact. This looks just like that.
22) Let's go back to the question of returning to the White House, and all the risk this decision entails. What we seem to have forgotten is that the White House is a dangerous duty. It is a duty where you risk your life for your nation. We take that for granted.
23) Watching the video, I see that Trump knows the nature of his duty. He looks outward to his Marine One team until they've left. Then, turning, he looks inward to the White House where he has not completed his set of tasks. With stern resolve, he walks in to face his work.
24) In previous moments of Presidential history, I'm sure that most folks did not see the greatness before their very eyes. Most don't right now. Yet for some reason, this 17 minute video surfaces as if to remind us all. You are witnesses to historic greatness in action.
25) Those 17 minutes show why you and I fought so hard for Trump 4 years ago. They also show why we're still loyal to him today. Do I want 4 more years. Yes, of course. But what I really want is 40 more years for America to right Herself by way of the MAGA Movement.
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