I'm well aware "I'm thinking of ending things" is a metaphor for toxic relationships but it's more on gaslighting in my opinion,,
The mc constantly doubts herself and quite literally goes around in circles,
I like this movie but what I don't appreciate is people constantly quoting things and being excessively eloquent/ poetic..While I'm well-aware some people talk like that, it comes off try-hard-y
Then again, she does mention being irritated at that manner of speech prior to meeting Jake so I'm thinking this is yet another one of the symbolisms that allude to the toxicity of their time together..

And his mom mentions him being controlling,,
Still, there is always the possibility of her boyfriend being some time-bending, weather-manipulating wizard..
I swear to fucking god,the janitor is the damn time wizard
This movie reminds me of that hyper-realistic and disturbingly screwed recollection of happy feet that my brain decided to play as a dream,where there is a clear linguistic divide between zoo penguins and wild penguins and yeah
Is the part where they start dancing in the fucking hallway representative of the value of "meeting halfway-through" and how you can harmonize with one another once you've managed to compromise?

I still think this part is fucking stupid lol
This thread is a live reaction I am not proud of
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