We met @CPMumbaiPolice with demand to probe the BJP driven Social media terrorism - Conspiracy against our democracy, a methodology designed to defame opp govt's by creating narrative based on artificial public rage. Our team dug into Twitter terrorism & found out following facts
#1: Thousands of twitter acs were opened post SSR death, just to run a campaign against Mumbai Police and State govt
#2: These accounts tweeted and retweeted only and only the hashtags that claimed "SSRNotSuicideItsMurder"
DruggieDeepika, ShameOnMumbaiPolice,
ArrestSSRKillersNow, SSRDishaHomicide,

#3: The behavioral pattern of these twitter handles, history of their tweets and frequency of their retweets suggest that it was a well thought planned conspiracy against the Maharashtra Govt
#4: No normal real user of twitter of facebook would tweet/post at a rate of 40 thousand tweets in 3 months. On many days, most of these twitter handles have retweeted at a rate of 25 tweets per minutes. And did this around a common subject. SSR. Their hashtags too were common.
There are some professional agency hired to malign the image of police & govt of Maharashtra. We hv given name of one of them to police & their directors as well.
The campaign on twitter was as follows
SSRDidntCommitSuicide, MahaGovtBackingKillers,
महाराष्ट्र_का_CM_नपुंसक_है, UddhavResignNow, ResignParambirSingh,

#5: The target of this campaign was to paint a picture that the Mumbai Police is trying to push the matter under the carpet as the CM is desperate to save his son.
We have given name of real as well as some of the fake accounts, agencies. Similar pattern is on Facebook & YouTube. The methodology will be again used if the culprits, conspirators & mastermind are not nabbed. CP Mumbai has taken the findings seriously & assured of investigation
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