#HathrasCase #HathrasTruthExposed
The Honour Killing case turned to Rape then to gangrape just for political benefits of Low politicians and target UP government.
CM yogi Ji ordered NARCO and CBI but victim's family denied.
The conspiracy was done to create unrest in UP in the name of casteism. We must understand that Leftism believe in conspiracy & Conflict to attain political power.
The conspiracy to Do riots have connected to PFI and its 4 members are arrested.
The presstitutes and Political greedy are narrating the case in order to gain benefits.
The UP government took prior action to stop the misdeeds of them.

Uttar Pradesh Police has arrested four people, Siddiqui of Nagla in Muzaffarnagar, Siddique of Malappuram, Masood Ahmed of Jarwal in Bahraich district, and Alam of Kotwali in Rampur district in connection to the Hathras case . Police have filed 21 cases across the state.
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