i understand if you don't stan got7 because you prefer other groups or other styles of music or you just don't vibe or connect with them, but if you don't stan because you think they're not "popular" or "successful" enough, then you have a problem

#GOT7 @GOT7Official
this isn't a response to any tweet. i'm just putting it out there because i've been rewatching old contents on youtube all day and i want to express why they are loved and why they are worth stanning

#GOT7 @GOT7Official
got7 has a huge discography. they aren't box in just 1 style. their sound can be sentimental, chic, loud, nostalgic, sincere, sexy, sensual, etc

they have tried so many styles & their songs fit several moods of vibe so it's hard not to find something to like #GOT7 @GOT7Official
aside from their music, all members have great personalities

jb is straightforward and honest. he's a leader who knows his group's strengths, who knows every member's individual colors and also the group's, collectively. he gives all of them a chance to shine #GOT7 @GOT7Official
he isn't the most strict leader but you can see that the members love and respect him. he's into producing music and photography. he has sharp looks but a soft heart. and has accepted the fact that life is more complicated than we think and accepts his shortcomings and flaws
he refuses to be put in a box, constantly breaks the norm and subverts expectations. he isn't afraid to be different. he knows the realities of his job and refuses to succumb to what other people want if it doesn't align with his values and principles.

#GOT7 @GOT7Official
Mark is the most quiet member because he thinks more than he speaks. being the oldest, he always gives that quiet support to the other members. he probably looks brooding and mysterious at times because he doesn't speak much, but he is tactful and thoughtful #GOT7 @GOT7Official
while JB is stubborn, Mark readily gives people what they want, if he can give it. when you want him to do aegyo, he will do aegyo a few times to make you happy. he's very generous but doesn't boast about his generosity. a real softie at heart who's not afraid to show it #GOT7
Jackson has a natural gift of comedy. great comedic timing. but do you know that he's also very driven and passionate? when he wants something done, he will do it 101%. he's honestly very inspiring because he doesn't give up. he gives his all into what he does #GOT7 @GOT7Official
he's also very loyal and affectionate. he's not afraid to look vulnerable or soft towards the other members and his fans. he's also a great mentor because he walks the talk. very generous with his compliments and very appreciative towards his fans #GOT7 @GOT7Official
jinyoung is also tactful and thoughtful. very level-headed. i also feel like he's not easily swayed and he doesn't mind repeating himself until what he said sinks in. he's also a great and empathetic listener. one of the most observant members who sees what's needed to be done
he keeps the members in check, tends to them when they need something. he doesn't just think about himself. he thinks a lot about the people around him. and he's also always thirsty for knowledge. and does his best to connect to their fans

#GOT7 @GOT7Official
i see a little bit of JB in Youngjae. he doesn't like it when people dictate how/when he does something. he's not a pushover and he does things at his own pace. he also doesn't let go of a dream until it's fulfilled (Idol Radio DJ) #GOT7 @GOT7Official
when he cares about something, it's not a one-time thing. he's consistent with the things he cares about. he makes music that heals. and he laughs with his whole chest. he's more complex than just being a "sunshine" and a happy pill #GOT7 @GOT7Official
i'm soft for Bambam bc he may appear loud and reckless and naughty but he's actually shy and sometimes unsure of himself. he's easily affected by things said to him but he still presents himself well. he's funny but still respectful and knows his boundaries #GOT7 @GOT7Official
he's also very artistic. i find his drawings good. if he hones his art skills, he'll be great at it.

i know he loves to tease us and sometimes flirt with us but he doesn't go overboard. he always shows that he's proud of us. he recognizes our efforts for them #GOT7 @GOT7Official
yugyeom always has this "i'm shy but i'll do it anyway" vibe. idk if he confirmed it himself, but we all know that he never gets angry. istg this guy doesn't have a single bad bone in his body.

he's very sweet and kind to everyone, esp to his hyungs #GOT7 @GOT7Official
you can always rely on yugyeom to be there to provide reassurance and happiness. he genuinely wants to make people happy, to always let them know that he's thinking of them. vlive everyday?? the #igot7 🐥 hashtag, i mean??

yugyeom is a soft cinnamon roll #GOT7 @GOT7Official
also, if you've watched enough got7 videos, you'll see how they love one other. aside from their music and personalities, i stan because of their genuine friendship. they aren't a group bc they were put together. they're a group bc they're meant to be together. #GOT7
i'm sorry for the long thread. but you're honestly missing out on a lot if you don't stan these boys. they're already popular and successful. they are grounded and very likable. don't let people tell you otherwise.

see for yourselves. byeee #GOT7 @GOT7Official
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