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O!Izuku #sfw #deku #izuku
(MHA-Anime and Movie Spoilers)
It all started at the summer training camp. Izuku having felt an instant connection to the small black haired boy when he first laid eyes on him. He was met with a brutal first encounter leaving Izuku absolutely decked in Alpha iida arms.

Izuku felt the pain but he didn’t
Want to leave the small boy alone... later that evening he discovered the small boy was orphaned by his hero parents who were killed. The green haired omega’s heart lurched in his chest as he immediately felt compassion to the small child. He wanted to make sure the boy would be
alright after that.. he wanted to make the boy feel safe, give him a comfortable environment, give him the space to open up.

These feelings came to Izuku as a bit of a shock but they felt... comforting in a weird way. He had no idea it was his omega pushing to fill a need.
A need Izuku was painfully oblivious too.

fast forward to when the villains attacked, everything setting ablaze and villains in the forefront cornering them in, his mind all of a sudden drifted to Koda.. the little boy... how he was told he lost his parents and that.

At dinner Izuku dropped off food for the boy so instantly he knew where he’d be..

Alerting that he was going to find koda, Izuku dashed off to find him.

Getting their just in time he took the Prime Alpha Villain head on. Snarling and biting, along with throwing smash’s with
Extreme strength.. it all felt like it was for not, no matter what Izuku did, Muscular wouldn’t back down. He was going to be crushed!

And then... muscular made Izuku’s omega go absolutely feral.

“You wait you’re turn! Ne! I’ll kill you next!”

As soon as those words left his
Mouth Izuku’s shook with rage. Koda was stood up for him, and then muscular was going to kill Koda- kill his pup-

Izuku pushed against muscular and let out all his rage snarling possessively as he punched though the walls of muscle. The force threw Koda over the edge but Izuku
Acted quickly catching the pup by his shirt collar in his teeth.

As quickly as he could Izuku pulled him from the cliffs edge and curled the shaking boy into his embrace letting out calming pheromones and purring as he stroked his head.

The small boy broke in sobs at the act.
He’d never felt so much love since his parents died- or well... it never hit as hard. He buried his face into Izuku’s chest and held on tightly.

Izuku kept purring and purring calming the frightened pup... //his// pup.

Wait- n-no... he’s not my pup.

Izuku blinked off the
Confusion and then got up with the boys rushing him to safety.

After handing the boy off to Aizawa, Aizawa got a strange vibe from Deku... yes he was the problem child and yes his limbs were severely broken but he saved a pup and the pup was uninjured... oh and this pup was
HEAVILY scented. A claim. Not of a mate.. but of a mother.

It clung to the small boy like a thick blanket of warning. Don’t touch my baby.

Before Aizawa could ask, Izuku was already off to try and save Katsuki.
After this whole incident blew over you had the next one with Katsuma and Maharo.

Two sweet children, Izuku immediately felt motherly toward the two. Katsuki threatening the little girl put Izuku into a fit.

Katsuki noticing this after the fact made a point to try and talk to
Deku later.. ask him why was he so.. so possessive and protective over pups that weren’t his. He knew Deku was on suppressants you suppress urges just like he was since he was an alpha, but before he could get the chance the annoying brats called.

Not believing them about the
Villains this time he went to hang up only for Izuku to come rushing in to take the phone. Then he was off in a flash.

Next thing Izuku found the pups. Cornered by a man... a dangerous man. Izuku quickly leaped and grabbed the pups sweeping them off to safety.

“Go.. run back
To town! I’ll take care of the bad guy! Go!” Izuku said to the pups and he pushed them to run. The two pups took off running but didn’t run far.

Izuku turned back and fought. Only to be outclassed and beaten. He never gave up and was propelled violently with blasts of air into
The hillside.

The pups came running. “Deku!!”

Izuku snapped his head up to the pups.

“Oh wow... this will be easy..” Nine said as he raised his arm to the children.

Izuku wouldn’t let him- no! The same protective feeling bubbled inside him again. He shot off only to be
Blasted again.

Maharo signaled for help fearing Izuku might die.

Help quickly arrived in the form of Katsuki but it was clear they would outclassed even with the two.

Laying there on the ground in pain Izuku felt defeated. How could he not save these pups! He needed to be
Stronger! He needed to save them-

“Now that you two are down... time to take these two pups...”

Katsuki was all of a sudden bombarded with the scent of a feral omega and it riled his alpha. In unison both boys grabbed Mine’s feet to try and stop him.

“I won’t let you!”
Katsuki growled.

“Not my pups..” Izuku snarled.

Then they were both blasted again. Knocking them both unconscious due to the severity of the injuries.

Soon they were all rescued by fellow classmates and brought to the safety of a base camp for all the citizens if the island.
When they finally came too. Both boys were alone and one question rang through Katsuki’s mind.

“Oi... Deku.” Katsuki rasped.

“Y-yeah Kaachan?” Izuku said back weakly.

“Why did you call those brats your pups..?”

Izuku stiffened in the bed and looked at Katsuki wide eyed.

Katsuki scowled. “You called them your pups.. they are-“

“Ahah it must’ve been in the moment- I don’t- kaachan.. come on.” Izuku laughed off and walked out of the room. “Come on.. we can’t just sit in here.. we gotta go see everyone.” Izuku laughed brushing it off.
Katsuki wasn’t stupid. Izuku’s been acting weird and now he knew why.

But it wasn’t the time for this conversation not when villains were. A serious threat.

But this problem would only get worse..
The next attack with the villains on the island only proved to strengthen Izuku’s internal struggle.

After fighting and giving his all, giving his quirk to Katsuki all to protect the pups.. //his// pups.

Constantly throughout the fight he’d yell claiming the pups. How nine
Wouldn’t touch them. How he wouldn’t let him anywhere near them!

No one stopped to call Izuku out because of the pure adrenaline and danger but everyone noted it in their mind.

After everything was said and done and Izuku woke up from his recovery the first thing he asked for
Was for...

“My pups..” Izuku groggily whined.

“W-where are they...?”

“Ah... young Midoriya? You don’t have... pups?” All Might spoke lightly as he was confused on why Midoriya was asking for pups... he knew his successor was an omega but he was sure Izuku didn’t have a mate
Let alone pups... so why?

“I do!” Izuku fired back.

All might stared at Izuku perplexed. “Uh-“

“He’s talking about the brats-“

Izuku gasped and looked to Katsuki. “They aren’t brats- my pups-“

“Your pups?” Katsuki question glaring into Izuku’s eyes with a serious
Questioning look.

Izuku froze for a second almost as if he was brought back to reality. Right... katsuma and Maharo were not in fact //his// pups.

His omega whined internally and wailed at that realization but still Internally wanted to claim them as he pups.

“Ahah- right”
Izuku stuttered. “Um... how are Katsuma and Maharo?” Izuku asked softly.

“Oh- they are alright, in the other room-“

The two pups then barged in and ran straight over to Izuku. “Deku!”

Izuku sat up and was at full attention. “Ah- Maharo! Katsuma!”

Both pups ran over crying
And tackled hugged him. Izuku shushed their tears and patted their heads all while saying soothing words and letting out calming pheromones.

All might glanced to Katsuki and Katsuki glanced to All might..

Yeah... this was a growing problem.

The two pups eventually left
Smelling of a possessive omega, and both pups visibly calmer and in a state of bliss. Having not been scented by a motherly omega since the mother passed.

Izuku was fine to those who didn’t know him like the back of their hand but to Katsuki he could see the fidgeting hidden
Fingers as Izuku said goodbye, how the omega held back a snarl as the actual father of the pups picked up his children..

How Izuku was underneath extreme distressed about leaving the island.

All might took note of the strange behaviors as well.

Izuku in the other hand was
Still trying to process why he was feeling this way... he didn’t want pups persay... but these little pups he met and saved... his instincts claimed and adopted them as his own. He shook his head- NO! Not my pups... what’s wrong with me?!

Izuku suppressed these instincts and
Went to the doctors once home and was put on a higher dosage of suppressants after some tests revealed he wasn’t a regular omega... Ohoho no... he was a prime omega. Side effects of this... becoming extremely possessive to name one.

Izuku returned to school as normal and when
It came about time for a work study Izuku jumped at the chance to work at nighteye’s agency.

After all the hoops and insults basically Izuku started his work study with Mirio a third year Alpha who was always kind and generous. Izuku respected him and wanted to learn as much as
He could. Mirio on the other hand respected Izuku as well, he was extremely strong for an omega and great characteristics for a hero! He had no idea of Izuku’s pup claiming tendencies though..


Izuku felt someone run into his side and was immediately enamored by the sight
Of the most precious face he’d ever seen. Izuku bent down quickly and reached out for the girl.

“Are you okay-“

The girl flinched.

Izuku stoped and gasped. The smell of soild fear Emitted from the small child. Well by the scent a small omega child.. Izuku’s omega started
Pacing internally. He let out a calming motherly scent to which the girl immediately reacted eyes going wide and tears starting to bubble over.

“Hey it’s alright.. I’m not going to hurt you..” Izuku cooed.

Mirio watched one and released some of his own calming pheromones and
Went to bent down as well until he saw the shadows move.

“Eri... come on now.. no need to annoy the heros doing their duties..” a dark collected voice echoed from the alleyway.

Eri stepped forward toward Izuku and Izuku a red purely on instinct here and pulled the little
Omega close, caressing her head under his in a tight protective grip.

The girl trembled and gripped onto Izuku’s tightly burying her face into Izuku’s neck and chest.

Mirio instantly recognized this man. Kai Chisaki. The man that their were investigating. Izuku knew that as
well but kept a soild grip on the girl. It wasn’t right. Something wasn’t right. This pup was trembling, had bandages up and down her arms and legs. She was scared of something and Izuku only had one answer with the knowledge he had.

This man was hurting this pup.

“Ahh sorry
Heros.. my daughter.. was misbehaving and ran away, I’m just trying to bring her home.. safe and sound.” Kai said as he tiled his masked face and raised his hands. “We don’t mean to cause you any trouble.”

“Ah it’s no problem at all sir! We’re just glad you found her that’s
All” Mirio said as he tried to back off the situation. They weren’t supposed to engage at all with Chisaki.. and here they were.

“Come on Deku, her dads here.” Mirio said as he pushed Izuku’s shoulder.

“Please.... don’t go..” the pup whimpered.

Izuku’s grip loosened
Slightly only to tighten again and pull her closer with a gentle warmth.

“Um.. Sir... why is your daughter trembling...?” Izuku asked nervously but seriously glaring at Chisaki.

Mirio paled.

“Well.. she’s afraid of getting scolded... a good parent disciplines their pups.”
Chisaki said as he raised his eyebrows with a cold stare.

“Yes! Discipline... heros follow strict rules as well!” Mirio nodded and looked at Izuku almost pleading with him to let go of the pup and move on.

“Why does she have bandages on her arms and legs? Discipline shouldn’t
involve harming pups..” Izuku fired back.

Kai sighed and looked down. “Ya know... can we talk in the alley... this is a... family issue and I’d like to clear it up.” He said as he walked back into the alleyway.

Izuku picked up the pup and held her close. This pup was in danger
He could feel it.

Once in the alleyway Eri moved to watch over her shoulder.

“Eri is a very clumsy child.. and she never listens.. ive tried my best to raise her right and do things right but no matter how careful I am things always end up...” Kai moved his gloves on his hands
“Getting messed up... and people get hurt.”

Eri gasped and soon Izuku was bombarded with the scent of the street again and the little pup jumped from his arms and ran to Kai.

“See... she came to her senses... sorry for the trouble Heros.. she’s a handful but it won’t happen
again.” Kai spoke and grabbed eri’s hand.

Izuku stood there his omega in shock. The little girl was still trembling as she walked away. He could see she was still scared and yet... she willingly went. Izuku’s omega became obsessed.

Mirio tapped izuku’s shoulder. “Come on..
let’s go. We need to get in touch with nighteye about this..” Mirio whispered as he started to walk off.

He turned back to see Izuku still standing there. “Hey- Deku.”

Izuku snapped out of it and looked to Mirio.

“Come on.. let’s go.. we can’t do anything more.
Not right now.” Mirio whispered.

Izuku was furious... he had the pup. She was right in his arms safe.. and now she’s gone.. the little pup was so helpless and scared.. no no no... he was abandoning his pup.. no..

“Deku. We need to keep going.” Mirio called out.
Izuku closed his eyes and growled under his breath and marched out of the alleyway. He was so frustrated.. he knew he could do anything but all he wanted to do was rush back and take that little pup back into his arms and away from that man. Away from Overhaul.
The next few days were horrible. All Izuku thought about was Eri... the little girl... the little omega pup.

She consumed his thoughts. His scent when he returned was a musty scent that smelled like an incoming storm. Compared to his usually fresh spring scent with sweet floral
Notes... everyone in class was on edge And his scent never changed, even when Izuku smiled and laughed.

Katsuki watched from afar but was too busy with his extra courses to really properly check in on Izuku, he was happy that at least Shoto was in the same boat. That mother-
Fucker would jump on his omega in in a heartbeat- ah- n no- jump on the omega. Not his omega... Katsuki would have to admit to himself at the very least that since the fight with nine, his whole attitude has shifted toward Izuku, toward ... the thoughts about pups. UGHHH!! Why
Was Deku so upset!?!


Then the day finally came. The day they were going to come together about their findings.

The knowledge of what Eri could possibly be going thorough sent lightning through his body. His omega scratching and growling in absolute rage that he had to
Let his pup go. His baby girl... Izuku was furious and those who didn’t know Izuku weren’t off put by the scent of a roaring thunderstorm, but everyone who knew him looked at him with concern, Mirio even cowered next to Izuku. He made the omega let the pup go. It was his fault.
When Rock lock spoke up about why kids were being here Izuku’s head snapped up and he was ready to bite but nighteye stepped up.

“These two were there and out of any of us feel regret and ashamed they could save her then. They deserve to be there when we save her.”

And that
Was the end of it.

Izuku sat there and fumed. Uraraka patted his back and tried to comfort him. “Deku...” but she didn’t know what else to do.

Mirio was in the same boat. No one knew how to console them.

Then Aizawa came into the room.
“This work study got more serious
Then I thought it would be...” he started.

Izuku snapped his head up. “Mr. Aizawa-“

“Please... call me eraserhead outside of class.” Aizawa spoke firmly. “I should pull all you students out of this... especially with the possible involvement of the league-“

“But Mr. ai- i-
Mean eraserhead! That girl! We can just stand by!” Kirishima called out.

Izuku sat there his lips curled up and his scent changing bitter, even more sour then a rain storm now it started to smell rotten.

Aizawa sighed. “You kids really should let me finish what I’m saying.”
“I said I should.. that doesn’t mean I’m going to.” Aizawa cleared up.

Izuku looked up at the black haired beta his eyes wide as he realized the Alpha was bending down to Izuku. “By now I know if I told you, you can’t be apart of this you’d go... so I can’t trust you.” Aizawa
Spoke as he looked at the emerald eyes before him. “So that’s why it’s better to have you near me so you don’t make a stupid mistake.”

Izuku’s scent started to smell floral again as he heart lurched into his chest. “Mr. Aizawa...”

“However... if the league shows up.. you guys
Are out... you will immediately leave.” Aizawa spoke sternly.

Izuku gulped and nodded.

“You got that problem child.” Aizawa said with a smirk.

Izuku nodded. “Yeah.”

It wasn’t for another 3 days that they got word of the mission, they were going to raid the hisaikai base early the next morning.

Izuku slapped scent patches on per the request of nighteye and Aizawa. He knew why... his scent was kinda out of control. What he didn’t know is
That they his scent wanted to be covered because it never lost it’s possible edge and the smell of a possessive omega imitated the smell of it gave the impression of an omega that wanted to be pupped.

They didn’t want Izuku to become a target because he couldn’t control his

Izuku wasn’t totally oblivious to the fact he wanted pups, but he was in denial that he claimed pups that weren’t his. One minute he’d claim them in his head and moments later he’d snap out of it like he came to his senses.

His nerves were a bundle of high voltage
Wires ready to spark at any moment.

The anticipation, the determination and the knowledge of a very dangerous villain had Izuku digging deep internal to find inner strength.

He was grateful he had his friends here at least. Uraraka a fellow Omega and Tsyuu a beta and Kirishima
And alpha, having them around made Izuku feel at ease, especially with Uraraka and Kirishima releases calming pheromones whenever they sensed Izuku her stuck in his head accompanied but they soft touch of Tsyuu hand on his upper back.

Before he knew it it was time to begin the

They were met with resistance and a fight even though they had a warrant to search the estate. A huge villain bursted though and during this heros stayed back to fight and hold them off while another party continued with the raid.

Before Izuku knew it they were in the
Underbelly of the estate and Izuku was hit with the very faint smell of the distressed panicked and pain filled smell of the pup. Mirio smelt it as well and then party when running after the two who bolted off.

Then the floors started moving. Everyone stopped unsure of how to
Continue safely.

Then the path closed up on them.

Izuku growled and hit the wall. Damnit, the smell leads right through here!

Mirio leaned forward through the wall. He then swiftly came back. “It continues in the other side, I’ll go on ahead!”

“Be careful Lemillion!”
Nighteye called out.

Izuku just stared at Mirio and mirio gave him a knowing look, he gulped knowing the implications of the look.

Don’t abandon my pup. Was all the look said. Mirio nodded and went off.

“Let’s find another way!” Nighteye called out but then the floors
Started moving again.

Izuku snarled with frustration as he realized they’d been closed in on the other side.

“I got this!” Both Kirishima and Izuku yelled as then punched and kicked the wall down.

“Wow... guess this kids are pretty good..” Rocklock commented.

Charged forward destroying every pillar that jutted out toward the group. His scent was being covered up but he was a raging storm. He could smell the pup again, very faintly and the faint smell was filled with pain and suffering. He was beyond livid and only wanted to bring his
Pup into his embrace and never let her go.

He was gonna find her. He was going to beat the living hell out of that alpha.

But soon almost as if life wanted to be cruel, the group was thrown down off the path and Izuku’s scent trail was cut.

His omega screamed in anger and
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