reading police memoirs and admitting to a bit of torture on page one is a strong opening gambit
old cops moaning about how it’s not like the old days is probably the best endorsement the modern police are ever gonna get
even older cops
uh huh
scenes from the class struggle
haha 😳👉👈
fuck, man, it sounds way better now
I do like how shit the assignment process is. I would believe it remains this stupid
interesting how this isn’t seen as a system in failure like the winter of discontent was 🤔
at the football. one of the few times I’ve admired this guy so far
uh huh
the clumpin squad
ah. the wrangle
well officer I’m afraid you are too racist for our racism initiative, I’m very sorry
and so on, and so on, and so on
but then,
these days
HA. fuck me
officer you have to stop posting. we are issuing you with a formal warning to not post
famously the Gestapo used to make people work four miles away from their regular office
I’m sorry but this is an extremely funny image
He made it to retirement ahead of a series of disciplinary procedures
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