Looking at Tottenham Hotspur's surprisingly good depth this season.
(And rating each position)

Hugo Lloris is a proven goalkeeper and arguably the best in the league. Easily the best on current form.

Joe hart is the bench keeper however I believe if Lloris is injured Gazza will play as I think hart is only there for his mentality. Both good backups.


With the Arrival of Doherty we expected to see a clear gap between 2nd and 1st choice however Aurier has definitely stepped it up. Both very high quality right backs and I'd go as far to say in terms of having TWO quality right backs. We have the best itl


Toby, Dier, Dabo, and Tanganga

None really strike as fantastic however they all do offer different things. By no means do we have the best center backs in the league but we definitely have both variety and quality at the back.


Reguilon has completely changed the game at left back. His arrival not only adds his amazing ability to the left flank, it's forced Ben to step up his attacking abilities which he showcased against Haifa and Utd. Extremely good depth now and we still have cirkin


Højbjerg is absolutely phenomenal and has very few injuries. Winks and Sissoko battle for the second choice spot however both only have half of the piece of the puzzle of a complete DM. We have good players but in terms of completeness it could be better.


Gio, Tanguy, Dele, Gedson, Winks, our two 1st choices being arguably top 5 itl (gio + tanguy) the depth and quality here is easy to see and is near perfect I guess were just missing a 2nd playmaker who would serve as competition to gio as dele really isnt it for that


Lucas, Bale, Lamela, Bergwijn

All fantastic options with each having their own abilities and Bale probably being top 5 or 3 in the league. The depth here has been good for a long time and has only gotten better with Lamela's good form and the addition of Bale.


Harry kane, Vinicus.
FINALLY a second striker. Whom is not just a shitter we just bought for the bench. He's both promising and offers something new. I dont even need to get to kane as he's the best and most complete striker itw especially on current form


Son, Bergwijn.
The depth is weirdly actually not very good but Son is a very solid player and so is Bergwijn. Gareth could play here as well if needed but Son being the best in the league on current form shoots the rating up to the max.

All in all maybe Im a bit optimistic but we definitely look great in both quality and depth and there is definitely reason to be excited especially with trophy proven Jose
Mourinho at the helm

Lets win something boys

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