Portland protest day 121
“Chinga la migra” (fuck ice)
About 50 protesters headed to ICE in SW Portland
FPS(Feds) declare unlawful assembly “you have two minutes to depart the area”
Feds declare unlawful assembly “you have 2 minutes to depart the area”
Protestors waiting for Feds to come out
Feds declare unlawful assembly, protestors defy their orders to leave
Feds didn’t come out after their 2min warning, protestors moved up and are taunting them to come out
Asmoke canister on the roof of the ice facility
Feds declare unlawful assembly, again, for “throwing objects over the fence”

2 minute warning
Feds lob tear gas and flash bangs at protestors, shooting pepper balls as they retreat
A city block covered in tear gas
Feds blanket the street with tear gas
Protestors retreated in formation, using umbrellas to shield themselves from impact munitions
Protestors are walking back to ICE after the first round of tear gassing
Protestors return to ICE
This was protestors retreating from Feds in formation
Feds are back out
There are more Feds than protesters
Unlawful assembly
Protestors play the imperial death march
Protestors tell Feds “move back”
Protestors dances in front of Feds
Portland Police tackle protestor
Protestors resist by sitting in the street, arrested by police
Police confiscate speaker from protestor
Local resident tells protestors she’s trying to sleep, tells them this kind of thing would be more effective in the daytime
Local resident goes to police and tells them their making too much noise and using too much tear gas.

Police officer says “that wasn’t us, that was the Feds”
Gwen Boucher, says she called 9-11 because of all the tear gas “I thought I was gonna die”
Valerie lazczynsey, resident in the neighborhood when protests come around, but not the police
I am out of Southwest Portland.
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