While nation is distracted with Presidential tweets, FDA rules and CDC guidance...

COVID cases are continuing to rise

Today's numbers are out and they are heading in wrong direction.

Averaging close to 45K cases a day

But underlying data more concerning

All data from @COVID19Tracking using 7-day moving averages

White House Task Force designates states as red, yellow, or green based on cases over the past week

Based on their cut-points

25 states are now in red zone

25 states + DC in yellow zone

No greens

In red zone, out of 25 states

18 have rising cases over past 2 weeks

15 have rising test positivity

13 have test + > 10%

20 have increasing hospitalizations

So in red zone, states have lots of cases and are getting worse

Not good. Need action to stem tide

Situation in yellow zone. Of 25 states + DC

17 have rising cases

15 have rising test pos

only 1 state test + >10%

These states are starting with low baseline, but generally rising

Action now would be less painful

And in green states?

No green states 😩

So here's the bottom line

Most states with rising case counts

Majority of states with rising test + meaning missing more cases over time

Oh, and hospitalizations are up in 38 states

We as a nation need to return to basics

And control the virus before the winter arrives

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