THREAD. Ive put lots of thought and reading into this-If John Edmunds thinks we should be acting to “circuit break” very soon we SHOULD really listen. Boris is repeating the mistake AGAIN. His experts will be left to scramble about looking stupid & duplicitous. Again. 1/7
Watch this again...7 months later. He’s correct. PANDEMIC Viruses ex Ebola/HIV are stopped with herd immunity. Herd immunity usually relies on having a vaccine & transmitted infection which he knows as he speaks. DON’T get confused with Boris’s lethal vision of herd immunity. 2/7
Hospital capacity. The Gov likely knew they let it go on too long with a reckless “version” of herd immunity before acting. Hospitals likely WOULD not have capacity at the time of lockdown. Set an absurd high bar for hosp treatment & care home decant was used to hide this mess.
Lockdown ensued...TOO late.Shit show emerging from lockdown....I don’t need to mention #TrackAndTrace do I?
Further mini lockdown/ back to work will be needed and here is irrefutably why...capacity WILL be breached with current cases, tests and Dido’s track/trace
Capacity is NOT beds in a pandemic. Life saving treatment, room for accidents/emergencies along with covid requires more staff Per patient, more observation, time treating/operating. In full PPE. With staff likely off isolating/ill at varying times. Half full hosp means NADA.
Why more cases right now and less deaths? Treatments & not only admitting/treating those who couldn’t breathe at rest as the Bar. Remember that if you had covid? I do. That was when you could go for help. Only then. Fatal gov tactic to disguise patients they couldn’t reach.
Vulnerable are taking extra care, we are mostly mindful of them too. And the rise has been acceptable for a time to navigate life around it & it’s mostly survivable cases. But as cases increase probably of severe illness increases in relative proportion.
And the non covid urgent patients mustn’t be sidelined again because Boris burst through capacity god knows how many times over through arrogant exceptionalism & incompetence.
So, half arsed TT&T under-utilised app, non compliance, reactive leadership instead of pro-active..
And the rate of rise of a virus that appears more airborne than first thought means hospital capacity alarms will be sounded soon. No short break in transmission-No hospital capacity (not beds remember) available for all the life saving treatment/emergency’s that’s non covid too.
Does this make sense? Anyone could figure it if they are open to the facts we know so far. it’s not explained well to the public. Open economy where/when possible, have a run at it, accept breakers will be needed...esp the anti maskers who’s argument rests on non covid deaths.
But that mess of a 3 month lockdown, those the government KNEW they could NEVER accommodate in any hospital from the get go were left to die at home, care home, or had life saving treatment/diagnosis cancelled to save face & the ILLUSION of not breaching capacity...
Setting the “healthy” free wont work for long periods as We’re effectively doing that now. There comes a number of cases in circulation where hospitalisations increase. Infection among the healthy needs to be done in a stop/start way controlled with capacity for severe illness.
Herd immunity among the less at risk is happening. these “Sikora” types NEVER consider capacity when they talk against measures tells you all you need to know. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to ditch on/off restrictions with crap TT&T, non compliance & keeping the nhs open for all. IMO!
I realise I went over 7 tweets. 🥴 sleepless night! Forgive typos, I’m satisfied you can read it as intended. Can those advocating no restrictions when/where necessary stop? No one will take your idea to let it rip at pace among the under 70’s seriously. Ever. Maybe Boris/Dom....
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