[thread] Let me be VERY clear for a second. Azerbaijan has BANNED JOURNALISTS from entering the country. Armenia is WELCOMING journalists with open arms so they can report the TRUTH! Seeing these celebs (Elton John, Cardi B.) who have posted in support of Armenia and then deleted
them is ridiculous. They simply gave into Turkish/Azeri bots & trolls who are THREATENING & LYING to them. This is how they’re trying to control the narrative of what’s happening. Trying to say this is a war. What a shame. This is NOT a war. This is a country of 3 million people
Stacked up against a combined 90 million people from Turkey/AZ.


Let that sink in. This. Is. Not. A. War.
This is Armenians trying to SURVIVE. Armenians defending our land that we’ve inhabited since before Azerbaijan was even a thought! This is Turkey and AZ attempting to WIPE OUT THE ARMENIAN RACE. Wake up y’all. How is this even a fair fight? And what happens if we don’t fight??
If we don’t defend ourselves, Armenia will disappear. In 2020, an entire country & race of people will be annihilated. This is why Turkey and AZ want you to think it’s a ‘war’, they are brainwashed people led by modern-day Hitlers. No joke. Your Turkish NBAer says it all the time
Armenians are trying SO HARD to make people see the truth. To make people understand the severity of these attacks and the threat it imposes on us as a people. Seeing celebs with so much reach and influence give in to the Instagram bots is unbelievable and devastating and only
Makes it EASIER for these countries to continue attacking us. Think about it, why won’t AZ let journalists in? Do they have something to hide? Watch the videos. Really do your research.
I ask you, please, understand how dangerous this is. Anyone with common sense knows that Armenia has ABSOLUTELY ZERO REASON to attack another country. AT ALL. Once again it’s this simple:
So please, keep sharing our tweets, reposting our posts, spreading awareness, telling the TRUTH. Because we are once again trying to SURVIVE. My ancestors tried to survive in 1915 when the Turks committed GENOCIDE. And it could happen again. Don’t let it happen again 🙏🏼🇦🇲
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