I'm going to just come out and say it: if you care about people who rent housing in California, if you want to keep it available and affordable, you have to vote NO on 21. There is clear evidence that it will hurt the people it promises to help, for decades. https://twitter.com/despair/status/1052414370804838401
Study after study has shown that where cities enact rent control, it makes average rents go *UP* and makes housing harder to find. It dramatically increases inequality, because it favors incumbents over people starting families or moving to new jobs.
Rent control is to housing like hydroxychloroquine is to COVID:
- There is a very serious problem
- Science shows this particular thing won't help and even makes things worse
- Politicians push for it anyway, because it looks like an easy fix. https://twitter.com/despair/status/1052414368158224385?s=20
Prop 21 will especially *not* help people who are having trouble with the rent right now. Its effects take place over years from now. It does nothing to stop evictions, but *will* make it harder for us to find new homes for decades, because emtpy rentals will become condos.
Opposition to turning homes into apartments inside cities is rooted in racism and xenophobia. The NIMBYs claim it's about gentrification, but they're duping you into supporting their housing prices and keeping out "newcomers".
And evidence shows that adding supply really does stem the rise in housing prices.

It looks like rents get expensive where more apartments are built, but that's for the same reason fires always seem to happen when firefighters show up.
If you care about affordable housing, kill 21. It doesn't help renters. It just gives Orange County a new tool to prevent apartments being built.

Show up to city council meetings and stand up to people's 🐂💩reasons against new homes. Legalize housing.
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