"''Hitler sort of stole from the avant-garde left,' Cusack said on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast."
"'He hated the message of the avant-garde left because it was anti-war, but he understood that politics was the new art and that art and politics were going to be infused. You can see Trump sort of doing the same thing.'"
"'The first time he tore a child away from their mother’s arms and put them in a cage, this wasn’t a reality TV show anymore. This was real fascism,' he added."
Where to begin?

Children are separated from their mother's because everybody needs to be checked medically.

They have to see how many have been RAPED, how many have TUBERCULOSIS, how many have INTESTINAL PARASITES, and so on.
Leftists think that they're being kind to the pobrecitos by creating a TRAIL OF MURDER AND RAPE for people to come here illegally and become the SLAVES of rich leftists and corporations.
See this nice fella?

Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, alias Z-40.

Leader of Los Zetas.

Captured on July 15, 2013.
He murdered 72 would-be illegal aliens on the same day for refusing to become drug mules.

He used "the stew" murder method:

Stuffed them into 55-gallon oil drums--three or four people per drum--poured in gasoline, and burned them alive.
Providing MEDICAL AID for children and preventing them from becoming sex slaves o9f rich American leftists is fascism.

As for the "avant-garde left," there's no such thing.

The avant-garde is by definition COLLECTIVIST, so it's automatically leftist.
Fascism is LEFTIST.


Individualism is prohibited.

A centralized government controls all aspects of life.

Trump is an ANTI-fascist, in that he's a federalist, and he puts the rights of the INDIVIDUAL ahead of the collective.
But Cusack thinks HE'S the smart one.
Opposite World.

Trump = sloth.

What can you even say?

This man's brain doesn't function.

He's nothing but deranged hate.

He hates a man of his own invention.

A man who doesn't exist.

People who NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT created Trump.

I know who Jeff Koons is, but I'd never heard of Alex Melamid until I did research for this thread.
Koons is famous for hiring others to do his work for him.

He's been spinning his wheels artistically for decades.
People say it's not art, but it IS art.

Anything can be art.

The question becomes, "Is it GOOD art?"

It's that's purely subjective.

I love art that I can study for hours. Art that sticks with me.

Watson and the Shark, by John Singleton Copley.

Once seen, never forgotten.
I look for beauty--even DARK beauty--in art.

Maxfield Parrish
Man Ray
Salvador Dalí
Winslow Homer
Otto Dix
Wassily Kandinsky
John Singer Sergent
Art Deco
Midcentury American
Art Nouveau
Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Cindy Sherman
Fernand Khnopff
One of my favorite paintings:

Caresses, by Fernand Khnopff, the "Master of Enigma."

Once seen, never forgotten.
Great art provides no answers. It asks only questions.

"The job of the artist is to deepen the mystery."

--Francis Bacon

One of Bacon's works.
So here's what Alex Melamid--who created Trump, remember--says:
"This president has the bearing and impulses of a nine-year-old boy — a troubled nine-year-old boy. He wants most to be liked and admired, and when he isn’t, he lashes out with insults and aggrieved demands for apologies."
"He has no patience and little self-control. He cannot spell and does not read. He is our new president."
If you want to try and wade through THIS, be my guest.

It's a rough slog, but it explains a lot. https://post45.org/2019/05/fuck-the-avant-garde/
It's about a new avant-garde movement called the Mongrel Coalition.
"This is why, when the Mongrel Coalition first appears on the scene, my first impulse is to recoil. I see friends threatened with retaliation for associating with poets and scholars who are called out by the Mongrels."
"I worry about the policing of art and discourse. I wonder what this means for the future of art."
"I have shameful thoughts. Thoughts like, who are they to tell me what to do? Quiet, indignant conversations in which I find myself repeating, it's complicated. I hear myself saying that and I hear it as a copout but I don't know what else to say."
"Despite the fact that it is a clear critique of the avant-garde, the position established by f*ck the avant-garde retains a key feature of the avant-garde impulse: it reminds us that illiberalism is crucial to democracy's survival."
Got that?

In order to have democracy, you don't have to have a knowledge of issues.

You just become authoritarian and threaten people with violence.

That's means you're PRESERVING freedom.
Well, looks like that didn't work out too well for the Mongrel Coalition.

If you go to @AgainstGringpo, here's what you see:
Their Website is dead too.

Pardon my language, but all these people do is jack off.

Their perceptions are totally askew.


Here's what I learned from studying the avant-garde movement before writing this thread:
All of these artists and art critics view the common people as lacking volition.

We're just waiting around to be told what to do by our betters.

Trump is our leader, they say.

THEY created Trump, and now WE blindly follow Trump because of avant-garde art.
Guess what?

I know a CRAPLOAD about art.

I've NEVER studied the political and social purposes behind art.

That's because to ME, art is purely a form of creative expression.

Let me get edgy here:

Nazi-sanctioned art.
"Message Runner," by Elk Emil Eber.

It's actually a perfectly accurate depiction of a WORLD WAR ONE message runner.

Hitler was a message runner in that war, so he loved this painting.

I admire the accuracy, but it does nothing for me artistically.
Now, THIS moves me.

On the Wire, by Harvey Dunn.

Stretcher bearers and a soldier they saved.
The human element is added.

There's no humanity in the Nazi-approved painting of the message runner.

There's no humanity in the avant-garde or in John Cusack.

We support Trump because he's brimming with humanity.

So are WE.

Cusack would exterminate us if he could.
The only Hitler in this conversation is John Cusack.

He's retweeted anti-Jewish sentiments.

It's the old trope that we know the Jews control us because we're not allowed to criticize them.


Let's ask Jewish people:

Are people shy about criticizing Jews?
Does anybody STOP the criticism of Jews?

Do vociferous Jew-haters pay any social price whatsoever?

Here's what Trump has done to leftism:
I'll explain--mansplain--to John Cusack what this means:

1. Trump knows he'll win reelection.

2. Trump knows that the country blames Pelosi for holding up the pandemic relief.
Trump is calling everybody's bluff.

Now we'll see whether or not the Democrats are as sure of themselves as they say.

Given that the Democrats are now Cusacked, my guess is they'll keep marching toward their political extinction-level event.


It's about time.

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