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CW: quirkless college au, reverse age gap dynamics, dubcon, light somno, rough sex, noncon pic taking, katsuki’s a bit of a sociopath fellas, light bkdk and izuocha but main focus for this one is kchk, eventual izkchk
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Ochako had to make an effort not to fall asleep at her desk. She rubbed furiously at her eyes, uncaring if it made them puffier. She’d been sleeping in her car the better part of 3 days while her building dealt with a bedbug infestation.
She hated college towns.

She was so close to getting out, on her final year for her Master’s. Then, she could find a job that could actually pay her enough to live somewhere that wasn’t such a shithole. Work study was a blessing /and/ a curse.
“Work on campus, they said,” she grumbled to herself. “Let us pay your tuition in return, they said. Oh, but you want enough money to buy groceries somewhat regularly? Fuck you. File our papers.”

“Everything okay, Uraraka?”
She looked up and squinted against the harsh fluorescent light of the admin office before melting into a weary smile. Izuku settled in across from her with two coffees in hand. He slid one over to her and she took it appreciatively. “It is now.”
Ochako took a sip and let the concentrated hot bean water work its magic. Maybe she should be concerned on how much it made her feel better. “Thanks, Deku,” she sighed. “Next round’s on me.”
He became flustered in the way he did any time she used that nickname and started waving his hands frantically in front of him. “N-No, don’t worry about it! I love getting you coffee!” His blush deepened. “I mean, not in a weird way, just-shit-”
Izuku was in his third year of undergrad and Ochako’s favorite coworker. She grinned watching him flounder over his words. He was so /cute/.

It had everything to do with him working up the nerve to kiss her about a month ago, a memory that still brought a smile to her face.
But she could easily see his inexperience and decided to let him take things at the pace he wanted.

Not to mention she was probably 3 or 4 years his senior and wanted to come off as little as a cradle robber as possible.
So they’ve just been in this limbo of little flirts and enjoying each other’s company while Izuku worked up the nerve to kiss her again.
Izuku took a deep breath & recentered himself. “I...do not mind providing you with caffeinated sustenance. My lab partner's the barista in the cafe in the bookstore so I get it for free anyways.”

Ochako hummed as she took another sip. “Well then by all means. Keep providing me.”
He scratched the back of his head with a nervous grin before letting it fall. He was studying her face with a tinge of concern. “Uh, Uraraka, can I ask a personal question?”


“You…” he pointed at her face. “Don’t look great.”
She frowned. When did boys learn tact? “Very astute observation, Deku,” she replied dryly. “You’re really using your pre-med education to good use.”
Ochako could see him mentally hitting himself. “No, I mean-sorry, that was rude, ah...What I /meant/ to say,” he started carefully, “is that you look like you haven’t been sleeping lately. Your under eyes are more pronounced than usual.”
She blew a stray piece of hair out of her face. “Well, I can’t deny that. Remember when I texted you about my building?”

His eyes widened. “Don’t tell me they’re /still/ trying to fix it?”
Ochako dropped her forehead against the table. “Right now they say it won’t be safe to reenter until Monday. I’m going to have permanent neck damage from sleeping in my car.”

“Wait-you’ve been sleeping in your car this entire time?” Izuku asked incredulously.
She shrugged. “Well, yeah. I don’t really have anywhere else to go. I’m not close enough with anyone in my cohort to ask to crash on their couch and everyone’s basically out of town for fall break anyways.”

That Friday on campus was the emptiest it’s been in weeks.
Classes were canceled until that Wednesday and most students got a head start on the long weekend. Izuku furrowed his brow. “That...you shouldn’t have to…”

His eyes were fixed on a faded scratch on his desk as he thought hard. “Maybe…” He frowned. “Hold on…”
He grabbed his phone and started going through it. Ochako looked at him suspiciously. “Deku, what are you doing?”

He roughly held up a finger to silence her and she reared back a bit, ignoring the way her stomach flipped. “Wait,” he muttered.
Izuku was never aggressive or bossy. She studied him more closely. It was kind of hot. Was this cutesy, flustered demeanor all an act? She didn’t really know she was into that.


But that wasn’t saying much.
Ochako had decided to focus on school and successfully avoided every horrifying suitor that came from her business courses, leaving her very independent and very inexperienced. Before Izuku kissed her, it had probably been a few years since someone had touched her like that.
But he didn’t need to know that. She was the older one, she was supposed to be wise and all knowing about things! Ochako was dying to know if he was also a virgin, but 100% knew if she asked he’d absolutely combust on the spot.
Izuku was scowling down at his phone screen, tongue slightly poking out as he furiously typed out something. Ochako wanted to scream at how adorable it looked. His pout melted into relief and he let out a loud exhale. “Oh, good.”
He put his phone down. “My roommate’s also leaving for break, so you’re more than welcome to stay at our place while we’re gone!”

Her face heated up. “O-Oh, Deku, that’s really sweet, but I couldn’t-”

“Why not?” he asked. “You are literally homeless right now.”
“Yeah, but,” she winced. “Ahhh, I don’t know, I feel like that’s such an intrusion…”

He shook his head emphatically, dark green curls bouncing. “Not at all! Seriously, you won’t be a bother. Why don’t we pose it as you housesitting if that makes you feel better?”
She rested her elbows on the desk, face leaned against her palms. Well, that didn’t sound too terrible...She was just worried about this derailing any of the progress they’ve made together. Was staying at his place skipping steps?
Then Ochako thought of her car and her neck twinged. “Okay, fine,” she agreed.

He looked extremely pleased with himself. “Perfect. I literally just washed my sheets so you’ll be good to go-”

“-Oh, Deku, I’ll just sleep on the couch-”
“Absolutely not,” he said firmly. “You’re going to sleep on a flat surface & keep your spine from permanently bending. Pre-Doctor Midoriya’s orders.”

Ochako couldn’t help but grin. “Yes,/Doctor Deku./”

She relished at the blush it got her.“Don’t say it like that,” he mumbled.
“Like what,” she asked playfully, kicking him under the table.

He laughed nervously. “Ahh, just in the context with the nickname, it…”he swallowed. “...it’s not important. Why don’t I text you instructions and whatnot and you come over this evening?
I have to leave right after this shift so I’ll just give you the spare here.”


The prospect of sleeping in a real bed again filled her with an excitement that was far too strong for a young professional in their mid 20’s. She hoped this wasn’t her peak.
Ochako straightened. “Oh! Is there anything I need to do for your roommate too-”


She reared back at the sudden change of tone. “Oh. Uhm, okay. Sorry.”
Izuku winced. “No, ah, I’m sorry just, he...Don’t bother his stuff. He’s very particular. Don’t even clean because you’ll do it wrong. He has a system.”

Huh. “Do you live with a serial killer?”

“Ha, yeah…” he laughed unconvincingly before quickly adding, “He isn’t! I swear.”
Ochako was beginning to regret this decision. “That wasn’t very convincing.”

She jumped as Izuku banged his forehead against the desk. “Stupid /stupid/,” he muttered at lightning speed.
“He’s not a serial killer, just enough of a massive dick that it’d make more sense if he was one, you know?”

She was absolutely going to find body parts in the freezer. “Okay…So, no cleaning.”
Izuku nodded. “Yeah, just like, pretend like you’re a ghost or something,” he laughed again and Ochako’s concern only grew. “I’ll text you all the stuff that’s mine and you can use all of them. Just steer clear of everything else.”
“Deku,” she crossed her arms. “Does your roommate know I’m staying over?”

He blinked. “Of course he does!”

Her eyes narrowed. “Because it sounds like he doesn’t. I don’t want to cause any unnecessary trouble.”
“You won’t,” he promised. He reached across the desk and gently grasped her hand. “It’d be stupid for you not to. Let me do this for you. Please.”

He gave her a reassuring squeeze and it melted her resolve. “Okay, Deku.”
The smile he gave her could outshine the sun. “Perfect! Okay, so I’ll leave the key with you and expect the list soon.” His smile fell and the suspicious look on his face was back. “Also, under no circumstances, do /not/ come any earlier than six.”
Ochako pursed her lips. She had a sneaking suspicion that her cute coworker might be more trouble than she anticipated.

That bed better be amazing.
Ochako apprehensively checked the clock in her beat up car. 7:00. Okay. She grabbed her backpack full of supplies and made her way out of her car, feeling like she was about to step into a haunted house. Izuku did a /terrible/ job making her feel at ease.
The apartment exterior looked standard. It was just off campus and occupied by other students. Not a haunted house. Just an apartment shared by two boys in their early 20’s. She made a face. Okay, potentially scary hygiene wise.
Izuku /did/ make it a point though to let her know that all his clothes were freshly washed, and that if she needed to use a shirt or hoodie to sleep, in she was more than welcome to. He smelled good and his shirts were soft. She was /very/ excited to raid his closet.
The key worked, that was good. Ochako hurried inside and shut the door behind her. She looked around the simple apartment and let out a whoosh of air. Per Izuku’s instructions, his room was the one on the right. Okay. Avoid the left. It didn't exist. The bodies were over there.
Ochako removed her shoes and brushed past the kitchen entrance, making a note to turn off the light in the living room that was left on. Luckily, each room had a separate bathroom so she had no need to go over to the not serial killer roommate’s side.
She opened the door to Izuku’s room and bit back a smile. Oh. He...he really loved comic books. And action figures. There was an entire shelf of All Might figurines. Ochako shook her head, chuckling. “Cute, little nerd.”
While his room was an explosion of colors, the bed was curiously devoid of any. Simple black sheets and pillows greeted her as she set her stuff down.

Ochako let out a low whistle. He'd somehow managed to fit a queen in this tiny ass room. Good for him. And at the moment, her.
She didn’t need to worry about hygiene. Izuku was right, the apartment was immaculate. If anything, Ochako was the dirty thing here. She grimaced as she felt her bra stick to her skin. No one smelled nice after sleeping in a car for three days.
She wanted to cry the second the hot water of Izuku’s shower hit her. The rec center’s always ran out in under a minute and Ochako was always scrambling to get clean before her tits froze off. Breathing in the steam, she picked up Izuku’s bodywash and smelled it. /Oh my god/.
It smelled just like him. She couldn’t help but let out a satisfied groan as she lathered herself, /finally/ feeling clean and able to drown herself in that comforting sandalwood scent. If she was honest, it was one of the attractive things about Izuku. He always smelled /great/.
Her hand brushed over her nipple and she shivered. She bit her lip as she let her fingers trace circles down her abdomen, creating goosebumps over her skin. How long had it been since she let off some steam? Definitely not in the past week...Screw it.
A contented sigh left her lips as soon as she found her clit. She leaned against the tiled wall and tilted her head back. Just a quick one. And then she could get back to washing her hair.
Ochako imagined it was Izuku’s hand in between her legs and moaned loudly before slapping a palm over her mouth, face flushed. Jesus, it really /had/ been a while. She closed her eyes and relaxed back into her body, telling herself that it was fine because no one else was there.
She thought about someone hearing her through the walls and /fuck/ it shouldn’t have been as hot as it was. Another moan was pulled out of her as her pace quickened. Another one of Izuku’s hands kneaded and pulled at her breast and her back arched off the tile, body coiling.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, /fuck/-” Ochako cut herself off as her orgasm hit, rendering her speechless in the form of a strangled cry.

She collapsed against the wall, breathing hard and giggling through the afterglow. “Wow…”

That was a strong one.
Ochako giggled again before pushing herself upright. “Well, thanks, Izuku.”

She absentmindedly wondered what he’d actually be like in bed as she stood in his closet minutes later, hair dripping. Probably a giver, he seemed very generous. Fingers crossed she’d find out soon.
A large, worn All Might tee was snatched from a hanger and enveloped her smaller frame. There really wasn’t anything quite like wearing the clothes of the guy you liked, even if his tastes were a little juvenile.
She slipped on some biker shorts she brought, finally feeling human for the first time in days.

Ochako rubbed the back of her neck and silently thanked Izuku for convincing her to stay over. Her stomach grumbled.
She double checked the list of food that Izuku said was his on her phone and made her way back to the kitchen.

She paused in the living room once more as she noticed another lamp was turned on. “What..?”
She glanced around nervously. Nothing else had been disturbed. Ochako slowly walked past the lamp, watching it behind narrowed eyes with her back to the kitchen and front. She put her hands on her hips, annoyed at herself for getting spooked at a /light/.
“This is so stupid,” she grumbled, “it was on earlier Ochako, you just didn’t notice it. This place /isn’t/ haunted.”

“What isn’t haunted?”

Ochako’s life flashed before her eyes as she screamed and flew around.
She was met with the sight of an extremely athletic man with explosively blonde hair leaned against the kitchen wall in nothing but sweatpants and an unimpressed frown. He crossed his arms and pursed his lips, red eyes narrowing. "You're not Deku."

Oh, god. The roommate.
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Ochako’s tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth. “I, uh…”

Wasn’t expecting you to look like that, holy /shit/ was what she wanted to say. But that wouldn’t be appropriate in the present moment. She thought Izuku’s roommate would be a shut in or something, not…
She cleared her throat, unnerved by the glare he was aiming at her shirt. “You weren’t supposed to be here.”

“And yet here I am,” he murmured, scowl forming.
He wasn’t looking at her face, merely taking in her appearance-namely her clothes-and getting tenser by the second. “Now explain what you’re fucking doing in my apartment with /my/ roommates’ shit on before I get mad.”
Ochako felt /very/ awkward and had to resist the urge to hug herself as a way to make herself smaller. How tall was this guy? His presence made him feel like a giant.

Explain herself. Unbelievable.
She made an irritated sound and rubbed at her face. “I’m going to kill him. He didn’t tell you I was coming.”

“Tell me what?” he demanded. “Who are you?”
“Ah…” Not knowing what else to do, Ochako timidly held out her hand. “My name’s Uraraka Ochako and I’m a...friend of Deku’s.” His eyes twitched and she forced herself to continue. “My apartment is getting fumigated and he said I could house sit while you two were gone.”
He regarded her outstretched hand with a reproachful look and Ochako realized he was at least 8 feet away and had no intention of taking it. She awkwardly put it back down. “I swear I wasn’t going to touch anything, and Deku insisted.”
The roommate exhaled loudly through his nose, clearly not satisfied in the slightest with her answer. “It’s the truth.” She bit her lip, shuffling on the balls of her feet. “Sorry, I...I told him to make sure it was okay with you first, I didn’t know-”
He held up a finger and silenced her with a single motion. “First,” he turned around and walked towards the front door, confusing Ochako. Then she saw him reach for the knob and locked with with a *click* that reverberated through her body. “You forgot to lock this.
Very careless for someone.../house sitting/.”

Oh he was going to murder her. Ochako was going to die in an All Might tee with her hair wet. “Second,” he turned back around to face her, leaning against the door now, “Deku doesn’t have friends. And he isn’t seeing anyone. So..?”
She finally found her voice as a spark of indignance flared in her. “That’s such a rude thing to say about your roommate, I /am/ his friend-”

“No you’re not,” he cut across her.
“Because then I would know about you, and I don’t. And you’re doing that fucking thing girls do when they wear the dude’s clothes they’re fucking like it’s some /trophy/-”

Her face erupted in a blush. “/Hey/-”
“-which doesn’t make sense to me because again, Deku isn’t seeing anyone. So, Round Face-”

“I /just/ told you my name-”

“And I heard you.” His words were ice. “Listen, I’ve seen far uglier squatters but I need to get some things straight before I throw your ass out.
What are you to him?”

Good god, Deku lived with a drill sergeant and a helicopter parent under the guise of a fuck boy. His good looks made sense now. His genes had to compensate for whatever horror his personality had formed into.
She scoffed, mostly in disbelief. “Well, I get it now.”

He frowned, eyes squinting. “Hah? Fucking get what?”

“Why he’s never told me about you,” she retorted. “You’re...such a dick.”
Ochako continued before he could wipe that shocked expression off his face. “Deku and I work together in the admin building. In all honesty, I don’t know what we are.” She bit her lip. “Yet. It’s new.”

He said it like he was trying to pronounce the word for the first time, watching her closely. She felt like she was under a microscope, vulnerable. “Well, I mean we kissed once like a few months ago,” Ochako slapped a hand over her mouth and cringed.
“Which...isn’t really any of your business,” she groaned. “Why did I say that?” she mumbled to herself. “I feel like I’m being interrogated." Ochako wanted to look down in embarrassment. "This is stupid.”

Ochako peered up and had to suppress a shudder under the scrutinizing glare he was giving her. It was almost like he was appraising her, expertly picking her apart to see the value underneath. He chuckled softly. “And so he wanted to impress you by having you stay here.”
He cocked his head, no longer glaring, but definitely continuing to leer. He looked almost thoughtful, sighing before rolling his shoulders. She would later deny her eyes flitting towards the movement. His entire torso was ridiculous. Definitely an athlete. Not that she cared.
It seemed he had made up his mind about something and Ochako desperately hoped it involved him not kicking her out. “Nerd really thought he could hide you from me, that’s too good.”

He laughed. "As if he ever could keep a secret before. Idiot."

She didn't laugh with him.
His word choice was peculiar at best. The possessiveness unsettled her. “Ah, I’m going to be honest, I don’t understand why you’re being so...invasive about our relationship. Are you like, his keeper or something? Boyfriend?” she joked halfheartedly.
God, she hoped that wasn’t the case. How awkward. He scowled. “He really never told you about me.”

Well, that didn’t answer anything. She shrugged apologetically. “Not really. I don’t even know your name. Was...he supposed to?”
His mood had soured again. He was obviously pissed at Deku and she didn’t know what to do to help. “Unbelievable. Katsuki Bakugou.”

He indicated towards her phone. “Go on. Ask him about me. I want to see what Mr. Hero has to say about this bullshit.”

Well, she needed to text him anyways. Mostly to ask him “What the hell?” but maybe it was a good idea to have a timestamp on something before she’s murdered.

Ura: So your roommate is definitely still here and you definitely didn’t tell him about me.

Deku: ..

Deku: no he isn’t
Ochako’s impatience got the better of her and she snapped a picture of him before sending it to Izuku with the caption, “so you have a shirtless ghost in your apt then??😑

It took all of 5 seconds before Katsuki’s phone started going off in his pocket like an angry hornet.
He very casually took his phone, opened it, and sent a short message before casting a sideways smirk towards Ochako. The pings increased tenfold and the phone was on a constant vibrate in his hand.

After another few seconds, Izuku hit her’s.
Deku: ok

Deku: so

Deku: shit

Deku: im so sorry please give me one sec

Katsuki’s phone began buzzing again and he rolled his eyes.

Ura: Deku we’re literally in the same room rn i can hear you

Deku: (...)

Deku: (...)

Deku: (...)
His phone buzzed for another time. In a rare moment of annoyed solidarity, she and Katsuki shared a tired glance before he picked it back up and sent another short message. Her phone pinged.

Deku: did he kick you out?

“Are you kicking me out?” she asked him.
He shrugged. “Haven’t decided yet.”

Ura: jury is out

Ura: deku i cannot believe you, i told you to get his permission first

Ura: this is so awkward!!!!

Deku: ok in my defense he’s a shit and would’ve made things unnecessarily drawn out
Deku: asking him for an extra towel is a nightmare

Deku: and he /said/ he was gonna be gone

Deku: i thought it’d be fine!!!

Ura: oh my god

Ura: why is he mad that i dont know who he is
Ura: he accused you of hiding me from him????

Ura: what is he to you????

Deku: (...)

Deku: (...)

Deku: a jealous pain in my ass that’s what he is🙄

Her stomach lurched.
She could still feel Katsuki watching her, as if he had all the time in the world to make her squirm. She leaned into her phone a little more as she typed.

Ura: jealous?


Ura: what other way is there??

Deku: it’s

Deku: (...)

Deku: ok
Deku: we grew up together so we like know everything about each other and he

Deku: is uh, protective?

Deku: but like it’s not a thing

Deku: more annoying than controlling

Deku: he keeps his circle close it can be endearing, ya know?
Ura: deku it sounds like he’s holding you hostage

Deku: haha, yeah

Deku: fuck

Deku: it’s not like that i swear it’s /fine/ you’ll be /fine/

Deku: just dont mention we kissed

Ochako wanted to bang her head against the wall.
Ura: deku.

Deku: ok im texting him and it should be fine he said it’s ok

It was like playing telephone with toddlers. “Did you really say it was ok for me to stay? It’s just until Monday.”

Katsuki shrugged. “I don’t know,” he replied, annoyingly aloof, “what did he say?”
Deku: if he’s not saying no that means he’s fine with it

Deku: i told you he likes being difficult

Ura: deku im gonna b real i feel like im getting in the middle of something and im not about to become a casualty or something

Deku: omfg

Deku: no

Deku: listen
Katsuki’s phone vibrated a few more times. He glanced down at his screen and a terrifying grin began to split across his face. All she could think was that his canines looked like they could tear someone’s throat out as he sent another response to Deku.

Her phone pinged.
Deku: ok he promised to behave so you should be good

That was not the face of someone who was going to behave.

Ura: uh huh.

“What’s he saying?”
Ochako jumped a second time as Katsuki suddenly appeared in front of her, looking down at her phone. He was uncomfortably close and the height difference made her feel like she was talking to a wall of muscle.

She knew guys like this.
They used their overbearing presence to get a rise out of the people they were messing with. The fact that he was practically pushed up against her was calculated and meant to make her squirm. It was meant to be intimidating and she told herself it wasn’t working.
“He, ah, said I could stay and that you promised to behave yourself. Whatever that means.”

He leaned further into her space, grinning. “Is that what he called it? Making me promise?”

She gulped, unbothered. She was UNBOTHERED. “So that wasn’t what you were discussing?”
They were in a game of chicken now. Katsuki’s eyes raked down her body and she could tell he was relishing in her flush, victory imminent. He licked his lips. “He was threatening me not to fuck you, but I guess he uses prettier words with you than with me.”

Jesus /CHRIST/.
additional cw i should add: extremely toxic and unhealthy relationship dynamics lmao i told yall
Two things happened. The first was that Ochako did a backbend that could rival a gymnast’s and somehow wiggled out of his trap. The second was the ungodly nervous giggle that erupted from as she did it.
“Ah, hah..,” the smug look on his face snapped Ochako back into reality and she shoved his arm. “What is wrong with you?”

Katsuki tilted his chin to inspect the spot on his arm she just touched. “Dunno. According to you, I’m a dick.”

Her phone pinged.
Deku: honestly you might even get along! Just don’t let him test your boundaries bc h

Deku: fucking phone HE

Deku: will push them as far as theyll go

Deku: it’s been like that since we were kids

Deku: bc

Deku: yknow

Deku: asshole
Ura: if i end up as a special unit case deku i stg im haunting you

Deku: ok he’s not even into girls like that kacchan is just a serial killer


Ura: if he isnt into girls then why did he say you told him not to-

Her face heated up.

Ura: hook up with me
Another series of pings from Katsuki’s phone. He looked at his screen again and frowned. “Apparently I’m acting like a rapist and that I need to tell you I’m gay.”

Fucking Izuku. She hugged herself. “Well...are you?”

“A rapist?”

“No, gay!” she spat.
“Because I’m not staying here if you insist on doing this Ted Bundy schtick.”

He scoffed. “Oh, calm down. You scared the shit out of me breaking in here earlier, of course I wanted some revenge.”
“That’s so fucked up, and I /didn’t/-”

“He’s right, though,” Katsuki stretched his arm behind his neck. “Haven't found a girl I've wanted to fuck so I stick with twinks. I dunno. You know this shit’s a spectrum.”
Without waiting for a response, he made his way back into the kitchen. “You can stay. But just so you know, you’re really fucking up my routine, and it’s already making my anxiety act up. I don’t let people stay over for a reason.”
She bit her lip and made her way over to the counter that acted like a partition between the kitchen and the living room. Now that she knew that Katsuki was all talk, Ochako saw him considerably more approachable. “But Deku’s a part of that routine?”
He was rummaging around in a cabinet before pausing. “Yeah. He is.”

“Well then…”she leaned against the counter & caught a drop of water falling from her hair.“Why don’t I act as his substitute for the weekend? That way you won’t be upset & I’ll feel like I’m earning my keep.”
Katsuki paused for a second time, eyes blinking. He looked a little taken aback before he slipped back into his haughty demeanor. His mouth quirked and there was a sly glint in his eye. “You wanna be my sub for the weekend?”
“Yeah!” Ochako brightened. “I mean, Deku’s sub, but you know what I mean. Whatever you guys do, just sign me up! I’m game for anything.”
She couldn’t help it, she wanted him to like her. Not just because she’d have to see more of him if she and Deku got closer, but also because he seemed to only deem a chosen few as worth his time and her competitive spirit wanted to be in that circle.
Maybe as a personal victory, but Ochako craved validation from those who were hard-pressed to give it. It’s partly why she’s in STEM, to prove herself. To whom? She doesn’t quite know yet. Her therapist had a few choice things to say about it, but he wasn’t here right now.
He regarded her for a moment longer before splitting into a genuine grin. “I’m gonna hold you to that.”

She returned it with a playful snarl and raised finger guns. “Bring it.”
Katsuki was still smiling at her as he bit his bottom lip. “You really just say whatever comes to mind before thinking, don’t you?”

Ochako pouted. “Don’t be rude. We were doing so well.”

“You’re so sensitive, shit. Relax.”
He turned his back towards the stove and Ochako saw the muscles in his back ripple as he reached for a pan. She thought of her own soft, barely defined frame and internally whined about how unfair it was. “I’m not sensitive.”

Well, that one was an audible whine.
She heard him laugh as he began pulling ingredients out. “There, you’re already sounding like him. This may work after all.”

Ochako grinned in spite of herself and started to walk away before she was stopped with a, “Where the fuck are you going?”
Katsuki was glaring at her with a spatula in hand. She scratched her head. “Uh, to Deku’s room? To stay out of your way?”

“No.” She didn’t know how, but he had somehow managed to make the spatula look threatening as he pointed it at her.
“Sit down. I cook on Fridays, and you’re going to fucking eat it, Not Deku.”

She blinked. “Oh. Okay. Sorry.”

She sat at the counter and watched him prepare some meat. “What else do you do on Friday nights?”
Katsuki was way too adept at slicing into the beef. “We eat, then a movie. Then,” he looked up at her and smirked, “whatever we want.”

She twiddled her thumbs. “And...you want to do that with me?”
He sent her another glare and she held her hands up. “Fine! I get it, I get it, /routine/. It’s just...”

“What?” he demanded.

Ochako sighed. “Nothing.” She was looking too much into it. “I’m not used to domestic stuff like this.”
Katsuki frowned. “It’s just stir fry. Are your standards really that low?”

She knew it was meant to be a jab, but she couldn’t help but mumble, “Guess so.”

She never met her dad and moved out of her mom's place at eighteen.
Home cooked meals and game nights weren’t really possible with a parent who worked four jobs. Ochako looked up and saw he was staring at her again. “What?”

“How old are you?”

“Wh-” she sputtered. “The hell? How old do I look?”

“I can’t tell, that’s why I’m asking.”
Oh. She crossed her arms. “24,” she muttered. “You?”

He grinned and shook his head. “Typical Deku. Going after older women.”


“Not an insult,” he interrupted. “I’m 21. He’s 20. I’m /clarifying/ so when later I have a beer you don’t give me shit for it.”
Something told her that that wasn’t his reason for asking, and it had everything to do with the appraisal he was making earlier. Whatever. She heard the pan sizzle. “I mean it when I say it’s not an insult. I know girls are weird about that.”
“How perceptive of you,” she replied sarcastically.

Katsuki shrugged before turning around again to add in more vegetables. “I’m just saying I get it. Maturity’s hot.”

This was going to be a long weekend.
It was like a switch was flipped. Katsuki was shoveling food onto her plate and insisting she eat every last morsel. He yelled at her for pushing around the broccoli and had the deepest look of satisfaction on his face when she yielded and ate it.
She only mildly choked when he murmured out, “Good, girl.”

It was...nice? Despite there being a small dining table, they both ate at the counter. His leg was pressed against hers the entire time and she wondered if he had even noticed. He smelled like cinnamon.
Katsuki surprised her again by pushing her back in her seat when she moved to put her dish in the sink. He grabbed it from her, offended that she even tried. “What was that about?” she asked.

He threw her a glare over his turned shoulder.“You won’t do it right. I have a system.”
Ochako leaned her elbows against the table. “Right, the system.” She rested her palm against her chin as she watched him scrub the dishes. “Is Deku allowed to clean anything in this place?”


She frowned. “You’re not telling me you also clean his room for him, too.”
He scowled. “No, of course I don’t clean his fucking room for him, I’m not his maid.”

Ochako hummed in acknowledgement, tapping her fingers against the counter.

“He does have a checklist he has to complete for me, though.”

“What?” she looked at him incredulously.
“That’s...And he just lets you control him like that?”

Katsuki turned around and crossed his arms. “It’s not /controlling/, Cheeks. That shithead is the filthiest fucker I’ve ever met. We’ve always operated like this. I take care of him and he takes care of me, it evens out.”
“I dunno…” She made a face. “It sounds a little sus to me.”

It was the wrong thing to say. His jaw clenched. “Rather bold of you to start judging us when you just admitted that you’re so alone you don’t even understand something as mundane as cooking for someone else.”
Ochako reared back as if she’d been slapped. “Oh, I-”

He was angry with her. She could feel it and she /hated/ it. It felt like lead settling in her stomach. “I’m sorry, that was rude of me, especially after you made food /and/ cleaned up.”
She shuffled in her seat, unsure of what else to do. “Sorry,” she repeated quietly.

He sighed in that soft, disappointed way that for some reason felt so much worse than yelling. “No, it’s fine. We’ll work on it.”
He motioned towards the living room with his head. “Deku picks the film. Go set something up.”

Ochako moved dejectedly towards the couch, now feeling like she had to pick the perfect movie or he’d be mad at her forever.
She couldn’t stand people being unhappy with her,(even if she thought he did overreact a bit).

She must’ve easily clicked past at least 40 options before she heard Katsuki leaving the kitchen.
God, Ochako couldn’t tell if she really just felt that small or if he was really that tall. “Did you find something?”

She nodded and pointed towards the screen. He squinted for a second to read the title and then broke out into a genuine grin. “I can’t believe it.”
He laughed incredulously. “This is actually my favorite. How did you know?”

The relief she felt almost melted her through the worn leather of the couch. Thank /god/. “Oh, you know,” she laughed shakily, “it’s a gift.”
Katsuki shook his head one more time before falling into what she assumed was his spot on the couch. He was looking at her expectantly while she was perched on the other side. “What?”

He patted the spot next to him and motioned for her to move. “What’s it look like? C’mere.”
Her face lit up and she immediately scrunched into herself. “Uh-That, uh-W-Why-” She forcibly cleared her throat, pulling at the collar of her shirt. Did it get warmer in here or something? “Nice try. I’m Deku’s substitute, not your date.”
Katsuki looked at her like she was stupid. “Yeah, you are his sub. And that means you sit over here with me. This is what we do. It’s not my fault he didn’t tell you anything, so be a good little sub and get over here.”

Ochako wasn’t sure if she liked the way he phrased that.
A lot of suddenly happening in the span of a minute. “I’m confused,” she confessed. “I thought you guys said you weren’t like that.”

He rolled his eyes. “It’s complicated. We’re close.” His tone was light but Ochako felt pinned down by the sharpness in his eyes.
“Listen. I know you’re fine touching me, because otherwise you would’ve moved my leg earlier. And you said you were game to do everything we do, right?”

She was beginning to regret saying that. Ochako nodded.
He shrugged helplessly. “Then I don’t know what to do. If you’re uncomfortable, just admit you can’t do it and we stop. So?”

She chewed on her lip. “I’m ok,” she replied. “No, really!” she insisted after he raised an eyebrow. “I promise, I’m just not used to this, ok?”
“Two people sitting together?”

“The proximity!” she closed her eyes and forced herself to breathe. “I...You were right earlier. I’m alone. A lot. It’s embarrassing to say, but that’s the truth. I get overwhelmed easily by company, I’m sorry. I won’t be weird anymore.”
She opened her eyes and was surprised to see Katsuki’s gaze was considerably softer than before. “You’re not being weird,” he murmured. He seemed to be considering something before huffing out a loud breath and reaching for her.
Ochako held back a squeak as he pulled her across the couch and into his side. She was immediately reunited with the faint smell of cinnamon and had to keep herself from jumping as his arm wrapped around her in a protective manner. Or possessive. Sturdy. It was fine.
She was very much aware of his still-shirtless state and had to keep her face from turning into a cherry tomato. He didn’t seem to notice. “Is this okay?” he asked softly.

The thumb stroking her forearm felt oddly grounding.
Ochako took another deep breath and actually considered what he asked. Forcing through the flustered adrenaline, she found that she wasn’t at all that uncomfortable.

In fact, it felt almost safe, and not imprisoning like she thought it would.
She already felt herself relaxing into him. “Yeah,” she replied in an equally quiet tone. “This is okay.”

He grinned at her like he won something. “Good.” Katsuki picked up the remote.
“I get why Deku likes you now.”


He didn’t answer, choosing to press play and crossing his feet on the ottoman.
She dozed off during the movie. She couldn’t help it, Katsuki ran so warm. Ochako felt him shift her to where she was suddenly surrounded by it. A contented sigh left her mouth and she unconsciously chased the comfort.
She twisted around to bury her face into the soft heat and could faintly register the, “Oh, shit, okay,” it wheezed out.

Ochako felt /good/. Even splayed out on a couch felt heavenly after all those nights sleeping in a car.
She stretched luxuriously and arched into the hand tracing small circles on her lower back. “S’good,” she slurred.

“Yeah? You want more?”
Ochako hummed, nodding. She felt a kiss on her temple and offhandedly thought she couldn’t remember the last time someone did that to her. “Okay, baby, I’ll make you feel good.”
The pulling of her into a different position roused her enough that she was now in between someone’s legs with her back to their chest. She had half a mind to open her eyes & ask what was going on until hot, rough hands settled themselves on her exposed stomach. “Ohhhh /fuck/…”
Ochako went boneless as the hands traveled up and down her torso, exploring under her shirt. She let out a heady sigh in response to the slow, lazy kisses being planted on her neck. “You’re so soft,” he murmured.
He. That’s right. Voices weren’t disembodied. And this one didn’t belong to Izuku, it belonged to...Katsuki. His roommate, who /fuck/ was really good with his hands. But that didn’t make sense. She scrunched her brow but was still too relaxed to open her eyes.
“Thought you didn’t like girls,” she mumbled.

His breath was hot in her ear. “I don’t.”
Katsuki’s entire grip on her tightened, caging her body in as he nibbled on her ear. “But then I see you coming in here, all wet and smelling like him, wearing the shirt /I/ bought him, just after hearing you make the hottest fucking sounds in the shower.”
Her entire body flushed in a mixture of embarrassment and arousal. He had heard her, but liked it. He /liked/ it. His hands grabbed her bare breasts and began kneading them, and Ochako couldn’t tell who groaned louder.
She arched into his touch and turned with her eyes still closed to face him, wanting more. If she opened them, then the spell would be broken. Her breath was coming out in short pants. “Yeah?”
His thumb grazed over her nipple and she keened. “Yeah. Thought I might be missing out on something. Realized how good we looked on you. And how obedient you can be.”
He ground his hips and Ochako could feel his erection pressed against her back. “Can’t stop thinking about watching Deku fuck you and you both begging me for permission to cum.”
One of his hands began to play with the waistband of her shorts and Ochako felt like she was threatening to overheat. “The fact that you also call him Deku, the name /I/ gave him, ungh, at first I was pissed but it sounds so fucking good in your mouth.”
She was having trouble keeping her wits about her. His mouth was all over her neck while his hands laid claim to her body. “I saw it on his phone once,” she gasped, “and he blushed when I said it so I kept calling him that.”
“Fuck,” he groaned, biting her hard. “Say it for me. Right now.”

Her hand flew up to fist his hair as both his hands pinched her nipples. “D-Deku!”

He hooked his feet under her ankles and pried her legs open.
Ochako was convinced her heart was about to fly out of her chest. “Such a good girl for me,” Katsuki murmured. His hand began traveling down her body again, leaving trails of fire down her abdomen. “Now say mine.”
Her grip tightened on his hair and turned her head to face his, breath ragged. His lips ghosted hers as she whispered, “Katsuki.”

Their lips were barely touching, and yet Ochako could feel his smirk cut across her own mouth.
“Not quite, try again.” She was so preoccupied with the hungry expression on his face she didn’t notice his fingers slipping under her underwear until it was too late. “With feeling this time.”
Her eyes snapped open. “W-Wait-”

He pressed down on her clit and Ochako convulsed in his hold with a strangled, “/Katsuki!/”

“/Fuck/,” he growled, “That’s more like it.”
Ochako didn’t even have time to process what had just happened before her world turned upside down. Katsuki flipped her over like a doll and tossed her over his shoulder before standing up and marching towards Izuku’s room.
She had to suck in deep gulps of air to stop her head from spinning. Her hands flew to her face as she realized what she had just let Katsuki do, face red from more than just hanging upside down. Because he was carrying her. Like a horny sack of flour.
He kicked Izuku’s door in and Ochako began squirming out of his grasp. His hand slapped across her ass with a loud smack and she squeaked. “Stay still.”

“But wait, l-listen, this is all, wait, I-”
For the second time, Ochako was silenced by Katsuki flipping her vision, this time by tossing her onto Izuku’s bed. She looked at him askance while he moved about the room as if on autopilot, turning off lights while plugging in the fairy lights above Izuku’s bed.
She hadn’t noticed those before. The room looked softer now, intimate. /Oh/.

Ochako’s face erupted into another blush and hid it in her hands. She was so /stupid/.

She felt the bed dip and all the sudden he was on her, leaning down and caging her in.
Once again, she felt like a deer caught in headlights as Katsuki’s eyes roamed her body, his undivided attention putting her in a vice grip. She wanted to hide herself, but her body wouldn’t move.
His eyes finally stopped on her mouth and her breath hitched at the way his focus zeroed in on it. Katsuki cocked his head and trailed his fingers over her lips, pausing to slowly squish them between his thumb and index finger.
Her entire body was on fire. She couldn’t decide between slapping his hand away and letting him continue to do whatever the hell he wanted. So she just lied there, pliant and barely breathing.
Katsuki was studying her lips with a thoughtful expression, never once lifting his hand away from it. Ochako kept swallowing nervously. He leaned forward, face hovering over hers. “I want this mouth,” he murmured. “Open.”
Her jaw lowered on its own. The timbre of his voice was lulling her into a trance-like state. She was fixated on the pink that dusted his cheeks as two thick fingers slid into her mouth and pressed down on her tongue. “Fuck,” he breathed.
He gradually pushed them back, only stopping momentarily when the tips nudged the back of her throat and she had to suppress a gag. His mouth lilted into a slight smile. “You look pretty good with me stuffed in your mouth, Ochako. Suck.”
She hollowed her cheeks, sucking lazily on his fingers as Katsuki’s face split into a smug grin. “Good, girl. Just like that. Keep going.”

Her mind sluggish, feeling like she was melting into the bed and the only thing keeping her afloat was Katsuki’s voice.
His hands felt good on her body...One was sliding up to knead at her breast. She whined as he gave her nipple a pinch and he seemed to love how the sound felt on his fingers. She could almost see his dick twitch each time she hummed.
Well, she guessed he also felt good in her body as well, considering how much she was enjoying him in her mouth. She froze again, her mind rapidly rebooting at the mortifying realization of what she had just thought. /In/ her?
Ochako slapped his hand away under her shirt and kicked him back with her feet. He fell back with a solid /oof/ while she scrambled back towards the headboard, looking for her dignity. She might’ve dropped it on the way to the bedroom.
Katsuki forced himself up on his elbows, looking at her like she was insane. “What the fuck?”

“I...You…” She was flailing her hands around as if the words she needed were somehow in the air, and all she needed to do was catch them to speak. “What are you doing?"
He reared his head back, eyebrows raised. “What am I doing?”

Katsuki shot forward and grabbed her by the ankle, yanking her down closer to him. “I’m trying to take off your clothes. What the fuck are /you/ doing?”
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