Donald Trumps campaign is hemorrhaging. His organization is in disarray. The battleground map is expanding. We can see the whites of their eyes. The once reliable GOP base has said enough is enough to Trump:
IN PA: Biden leads 65+ voters 54-42; he has 8% of GOP support; he leads college ed white voters 57-38; he leads Ind 59-34; he leads women 61-35; & he is 1 pt behind Trump among men. Biden has made inroads in suburban and exurban counties throughout the state that Trump swept.
IN AZ: Biden is leading Trump 49-41; Biden leads seniors 48-47 - Trump won them by 13 points in 2016; Biden has 6%+ of GOP support; Biden leads Ind 53-28 - Trump won them by 3 points in 2016. Biden leads college ed white voters 46-45 - Trump won them by 6 points in 2016.
IN FL: Biden is leading Trump 47-42; Biden leads 65+ voters by 2 points - Trump won them by 17 in 2016; Biden has 11% of GOP support; Biden leads college ed white voters - Trump won them by 27 points in 2016.
IN TX: In a recent CBS/YouGov poll, Trump led Biden 48-46. 7% of GOP voters oppose President Trump and back Biden; 43% of Independent voters back Biden -- 5 points better than Clinton in 2016; College-educated white voters back Biden 48-47 -- Trump won them by 31 pts in 2016.
Covid-19 infection rates are above the national average in most red states. Wisconsin is on fire with the coronavirus.

Donald Trumps numbers can go lower still.
The President’s divisive, chaotic rhetoric at the last debate, & his incompetence in handling the pandemic in the face of 211,000+ Americans dead has become clear to voters.

It’s time for leadership & competence. It’s time to return to normalcy.

It’s time to end the nightmare
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