A year ago , I shared a flight from Japan to Doha with Kenya’s Education Minister, Professor George Magoha.

He flew business class and I got to see his disgust, disapproval and silent protest as he mingled with the rest of us from the economy class at Doha Airport transit bus.
The minister could not believe that he’d been denied diplomatic courtesy at Doha Airport. He sat in the apron bus seat, solemnly thinking about his status and why, perhaps, he wasn’t received in the VIP lounge for despite being a government minister. Never answered greetings.
I genuinely felt sorry for Professor George Magoha. His big reputation and boisterous personality could not fit in the modest Doha airport transit bus. His ego was being compressed at an alarming rate. The good minister grew restless & eventually dipped his head into his hands.
I mean, how could a well learned Kenyan cabinet minister, a PHD holder with volcanic temperament, be made to mingle with peasants having flew Business Class on a new Airbus A350 from Narita Airport to Doha? Did Qatar Royal Family know Jaduong’ abhors simplicity and commonality?
If he had a choice, Prof. Magoha would have renounced his cabinet status in protest. No chase cars. No bodyguards. No VIP treatment. He’d have masked his face in shame and indignation. He appeared solemn and lonely, as if suffering from stomach upset. Perhaps he perhaps fatigued?
A year later, having closely observed his public demeanor, I understand the Gulf Cold Shoulder. The Qataris, either by default or design, deflated the Big Foot’s ego & arrogance.Magoha’s handling of matters during #COVID19 crisis has left him looking lonely and foolish.
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