#Azeri full scale aggression against the #Armenian population of #Artsakh (also called #NagornoKarabakh) is going on for nearly 10 days. Casualties are probably in the thousands already. A thread on the main facts and how you can help. 1/12
#ArtsakhStrong #ArtsakhAgainstTerrorism
#Azerbaijan (and #Turkey, more below) started the attack as the world is busy with the #covid19 #pandemic, #US distracted with elections, and #Russia staying silent. 2/12
The local Armenian population is facing real risks of #EthnicCleansing. Civilians in towns of Artsakh as well as Armenia far from the frontline are being bombarded, including by cluster munition banned under humanitarian law. 3/12
As the world is on standby, the defense army of Artsakh remains the only guarantor of peace and of the right to life for the local civilian population. 4/12
This is and has been a struggle for self-determination for the majority Armenian population of Artsakh rather than a territorial conflict. As pogrom in Soviet Azerbaijan have shown, Armenians cannot live safely under Azeri rule, the only way is for Artsakh to be independent. 5/12
Artsakh cannot live under Azeri rule also because of democratic values. The so far unrecognized Republic has been a democracy since its referendum of independence from the Soviet Union. Armenia made a big step towards democracy with its peaceful velvet revolution in 2018. 6/12
In stark contrast, #Aliyev family is ruling the country for 40 years. Panama papers have shown that, fueled by oil money, the family stole billions of dollars from the country. Another fun fact, the vice president of the county is... the wife of the president himself. 7/12
As other players, most notoriously Russia are silent, NATO-member Turkey is directly involved in the conflict. Involvement works through thousands of Syrian mercenaries (from terrorist organizations, as confirmed by, eg, the intelligence services of France, Russia and Iran). 8/12
105 years after the #ArmenianGenocide, calls of hatred against Armenians are on the rise. It took decades for the so-called international community to recognize the Genocide of 1915, but this time is different. Now Artsakh is fighting against #InternationalTerrorism. 9/12
ii) Ask your government to put international pressure on the dictatorial regimes of Aliyev and Erdogan. The strategy of ethnic cleansing needs to stop immediately. The right of self-determination of Artsakh has to be recognized now. 11/12
iii) Be conscious of disinformation and spread rightful information. Do not try to arrive at "balanced opinion" by taking the middle-point of what the two sides claim. #FakeNews are released precisely on the calculation of such behavior. 12/12
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