Watching @3M #StateofScience virtual panel - @jseth2 says right now is the BEST time to advocate for science. Survey results show increased appreciation for science & trust in scientists in 2020.
Skepticism has dropped dramatically & trust is up. 90% of Americans think we should "follow the science" when it comes to the pandemic.
A summer post-survey examined changing relationships with science during the pandemic, & showed COVID-19 specific impacts.
Too many people still find a lack of encouragement in STEM education & STEM career pathways. But, many find science essential in sustainability, & that American companies and individuals need to step up.
One hypothesis to explain the changes seen is that the pandemic has put a spotlight on science happening in real time. Another is that more scientists are motivated to do outreach & education, and more people are willing to advocate for science.
Challenges for the future: continue to address barriers.

30% of ppl say their lives would be no different if science didn't exist.

This speaks to invisibility of science in technology.
"Genius factor" - you have to be a genius to do science.
Fewer women seen in science.
Discouragement of Gen Z students related to following science.
Lack of minorities & diversity.
To advance prioritizing STEM in schools, get involved locally in curriculum decisions, school board decisions.

Also, give voice to STEM = Scientists, Teachers, Educators, Mentors.
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