Wait. Charter Schools Now PAC (CSN) is giving to #txlege candidates- $$ it's gotten from Texas donors + this brand new Educational Equity PAC (see below) + another PAC called TX Federation for Children (TFC). On 9/21/20, TFC got a $30K check from...Empower Texans founder Tim Dunn https://twitter.com/jessicashortall/status/1313516107546988546
Until this filing, TX Federation for Children (I assume an affiliate of the Devos American Federation for Children (AFC), which is for vouchers), got nearly all its money from California billionaire William Oberndorf, who is chair of AFC. For example:
But see? 9/21/20, Tim Dunn writes Texas Federation for Children a $30k check.
Just about the same time his Empower Texans PAC appears to be shutting down.
Seems like these "school choice" PACs are passing money along to one PAC - Charter Schools Now - that is giving directly to #txlege candidates:
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