1/ We are at a defining moment of the #COVID19 pandemic & in the belly of the Second Wave in Ontario. Our public health system is strapped and governments have to make tough decisions on whether to close businesses again (i.e. restaurants) knowing they might not survive. [THREAD]
2/ In # #Toronto and Ottawa particularly, contact tracing has become nearly impossible. This means we potentially have thousands of people walking around who may have been exposed to #COVID19 and don’t know it.
3/ We are being told there are two options: invest in contact tracing and hiring now to increase capacity OR close all private venues (i.e. restaurants).

But are there other options?
4/ In the UK, they are using their #COVID app to digitally contact trace. In fact, they’ve mandated the downloading of the app before entering restaurants. Decreasing pressure on public health AND proactively monitoring private settings i.e. restaurants.
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