I just... #twitterlaw is full of all these ARGUMENTS for why some liberal priority or other SHOULD BE constitutional, without understanding that FedSoc wants to control the courts so they can MAKE all these things UNconstitutional.
I just don't think people appreciate how craven and intellectually dishonest these people are. There are not PRINCIPLES. It's just "Republicans Win Always." There judges are there to DO A JOB, that JOB is to roll back rights for women, minorities, and LGBTQ. THAT'S THE WHOLE GAME
If conservative jurists were guided by *principle* the GOP would be losing some of these Trump cases 9-0. If they respected *precedent* they wouldn't be trying to overturn Roe, AND OBERGEFELL.
We are starting at monsters unleashed to do a thing, and people are trying to figure out how to reason with it.

People who don't think they're monsters just HAVEN'T BEEN READING THEIR DECISIONS.
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