Clarification for bots, cultists & mad dog capitalists who champion Trump paying no taxes. Point of the story wasn't loopholes, (though it'd be great if closed), the point is TRUMP'S BROKE. He's a shit businessman who blew a 450M headstart & used a "reality" show to sell a lie.
His run for POTUS was a hail mary to save a dying brand aimed at low info, uneducated voters, racists, homophobes, frightened old folks, amoral fat cats and evangelicals who somehow all forgot the candidate was a complete sleaze and didn't know the scale of his biz failure.
Amazingly, this teetering, fat, bronzer & hair piece wearing "macho" man, (in reality an unhealthy helpless playboy) shilled boorishness, birtherism, white anger & nostalgia demonstrating his 1 and only skill, the relentless and energetic selling of a turd in a golden box.
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