Here’s a short thread of my favorite Filipino-American authors to celebrate #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth — To be able to even make a thread like this is truly something special. I hope we get to read more ownvoices stories from FilAm authors! 📚❤️
#WhereDreamsDescend by @janella_angeles is a *MUST* read! It’s one of my favorite debuts of this year. Such a vibrant, thrilling story filled with lots of magic. ✨
#TheGildedWolves by @Roshani_Chokshi — I’m sure everyone has heard of this book and I’m a HUGE fan of this series. Characters definitely make a story for me and the ones Roshani created are perfection. 🥰
#IgniteTheStars by @mauramilan is filled with lots of action in SPACE! My favorite setting. The story is super empowering with badass characters. 😏
#PatronSaintsOfNothing by @randyribay is a *MUST* for this list. A coming-of-age story about a Filipino-American teenager coming to terms with his cousin’s death. Enriched with Filipino culture throughout the story. 🤍
#SomethingInBetween by @MelissadelaCruz is a story centered around immigration with a first gen Filipino as the main character. Melissa has written so many wonderful books but I think the story of this one was special. ✨
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