Did you know the experimental polyclonal antibody cocktail the President received provided by Regeneron (you know, the biopharmaceutical company he has stock in) utilizes embryonic stem cells? In case you want to pick and choose what qualifies as “pro-life” in your book.
Those cells are pluripotent stem cells, meaning they can divide into more stem cells or can become any type of cell in the body. This versatility allows embryonic stem cells to be used to regenerate or repair diseased tissue and organs. I see they decided to leave that part out.
I just think people should be aware. It’s extremely convenient they left this out. This is why paying attention to the science of it all is vital.
I have to say one last thing. Not to mention this was paid with our tax dollars. As U.S. citizens mind you. Not his. $750 doesn’t even touch the surface of the treatment he received.
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