A #COVID19 thread: last night, our family tunes in to #mondaynightfootball to watch our @Patriots, who have been touched by the virus this week in the form of Cam Newton. As we watched play after play, contact after contact, my 11-year-old son turned to me and said..... 1/
... “This is a #COVID19 problem waiting to happen.”
I said, “yes it is.”
He said, “I mean, I love watching #football. I’m glad I get to watch sports, but...... this doesn’t seem safe.”
I replied, “the @NBA did the best job possible. But in this case, you’re absolutely right.” 2/
This is, to reiterate, an 11-year-old. Okay, so he’s *my* 11yo who listens to me yarn on about #COVID19 constantly, but still.... His takeaway was, “I am enjoying this (the @NFL season) but I wish it weren’t happening because it isn’t safe for them.” 3/
I am proud of his maturity and his astute take on the risk. Did I mention he is 11? I wish we had more of it in high places. #ETHforPresident #COVID19 \\end
(This thread inspired by last night’s balcony mask shedding fiasco, in case that wasn’t clear)
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