My controversial view is that the dissolution of the USA would be the best outcome of the election. Hear me out. Thread. 👇
1. The Davos World Order replete with its long-run plans (see “Bring Back Better”, “The Great Reset”, “The Next Normal” etc) is upheld almost entirely by the US Army.
2. The “woke” ideology infesting all institutions is not the product of communism, Moscow, or China. It is a US export deliberately engineered to destroy, first German identity, and then all others. Yuri Behzmenov was a CIA stooge.
3. If the USA imploded, its army would functionally lose legitimacy and chain of command. Its ability to defend, tax and fund these international schemes would be broken.
4. Without the USA artificially maintaining order, Europe would return to its tribal loyalties. Globalist governments would collapse and be unable to stop the return to tradition.
5. In such conditions old powers outside Europe, China, Russia, Ottomans, Persians, would resume their longstanding imperial ambitions. Ensuing entente would become a de facto new condition for peace. Although certain areas would be recolonised for resource control.
6. In such conditions, out of the ashes of the west, would come a more defensive mindset. The eastern imperial powers would not look west but likewise not fear them.
7. However, there would also rise vestiges of old Davos power maintained by private security and thugs. Certain cities and areas would become de facto autonomous zones, which fragmented Western nations would not control or oust.
8. These things are all unlikely to happen because it is likely the USA will be soft couped after the election. We will live the rest of our lives under globohomo tyranny.
9. The idea USA will follow a more isolationist path is utterly delusional. USA is the source of globohomo, which has its capital in London, it will never willingly relinquish this. Brexit is therefore totally meaningless in this context.
10. Rough probabilities of scenarios:

A. Globohomo overcomes nationalist blip and retrenches its tyranny: 95%

B. USA collapses and the above scenario plays out: 4%

C. Peter Zehain scenario with isolationist / nationalist USA: <1%
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