While citizens of #Pune maybe happy about the drastic drop in daily #COVID19 infections reported, I am deeply concerned that the drop is more to do with the decrease in number of tests being conducted and not an actual indicator of Pune flattening the curve of #Coronavirus 1/6)
By reducing the no. of tests & consequently reducing infection nos, we risk misleading #Pune into a false sense of security & normalcy. I fear that this deceptive flattening of curve will lead to laxity in following of protocols and bring about to a 2nd wave of infections (2/6)
I had wholeheartedly welcomed Hon. CM @OfficeofUT ji's ‘माझे कुटुंब, माझी जबाबदारी’ (My family, My responsibility) which was envisioned as an door to door campaign for symptom screening (and testing) and educating the citizens on early detection and prevention of #COVID19 (3/6)
It has been almost a month since ‘माझे कुटुंब, माझी जबाबदारी’ started. Given the city-wide campaign for early detection & door to door testing, I expected a large surge in the daily number of tests conducted, but disappointingly the testing numbers continue to drop each day (4/6)
I have written to Hon. CM @OfficeofUT ji requesting him and the administration to share details of ‘माझे कुटुंब, माझी जबाबदारी’ with the citizens of #Pune, so as to put our minds at ease and accept that we are in-fact gaining control over the #Coronavirus Pandemic. (5/6)
For a better understanding of the drastic drop in testing & infection numbers I have requested CM to share details of
· Total No. of Houses visited & Citizens screened
· Total No. of tests (Split into RAT & RT-PCR) conducted
· No. of Citizens who have tested positive
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