Seeing leadership from the top by @BorisJohnson on renewables is a light bulb moment. Offshore wind is a leading industry thanks to UK government investment to date and needs to be the backbone of our energy system. What matters now are the details beneath the headline... (1)
The Government's press releases have committed to more ambitious renewables actions in 2021, which is great. But different drafts have said this will be enough to power 10 million homes or 14 million homes. Which number it actually is will make a big difference.... (2)
Through a solid pipeline of auctions over the next 4 years - *within this Parliament* - we need to contract an additional 20GW of offshore wind. That's double the total amount of offshore wind already planned, otherwise the Government won't meet its 2030 target... (3)
Added to that, a series of other policy changes are needed relating to renewables planning and environmental permits, Ofgem's mandate, grid infrastructure upgrades, radar technology procurement and skills & training investment to ready the UK for the expansion required... (4)
Clarity and cross-government leadership in all these areas will be vital to provide market confidence needed to drive more investment and demonstrate the PM is truly serious about this offshore wind ambition. So today is a critical & exciting step but much more still required.(5)
ps for more detail on the policies still needed to truly deliver an ambitious UK renewables rollout see @GreenpeaceUK's green recovery manifesto from page 35
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