hey you! yes, you :) open this thread for some loving reminders <3
did you know that you make the world better just by being you? it's true!! i love you and I want you to love yourself too <3 your love is precious, and you deserve to have it!
it's ok to struggle. life is hard! your pain is valid, no matter how big or small it is, how long or short it lasts. you are allowed to stumble, to fall behind, to rest.
you are allowed to fail! you are allowed to fail more than once! you are allowed to fail as many times as you need! it is the effort you put in, and the way you keep trying again, that truly matters.
you are not alone. your situation may be unique to you, but there is always someone who can empathize with part of you -- and many, many more who will love you and stand with you even if they have never been in your shoes.
you have more of an impact than you will ever know. you have the power to make someone's day better just by reaching out, interacting with them virtually, being with them. your existence gives you so much potential!
you are worthy. there is nothing you need to achieve or complete for you to have worth. you are worthy because you are here, because you choose to be a good person.
you are allowed to care about yourself. you can help others best when you are in your best condition, physically and mentally! you are allowed to rely on others for help or support too, even if that's usually your role. leaning on others does not make you selfish!
finally - I love you. Even if I don't know you, even if I don't understand you, even if I disagree with some of your actions -- I still care about you and want you to be happy! you matter to me and I'm glad you exist. ❤
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