Orban's #LexCEU held incompatible with EU Law yet Orban has already achieved its main goal: force out @ceu...

It was just irresponsible from @EU_Commission not to apply for interim measures in this instance

(updated overview slide of Commission's infringement (in)action below) https://twitter.com/EUCourtPress/status/1313384276168257536
This ECJ ruling will no doubt be mentioned in the 2021 #ruleoflaw country report...

When will the @EU_Commission learn that time is autocrat's best friend & that more reporting will do nothing to prevent creation of irreversible facts on the grounds...
But Comm is not only institution which deserves criticism

+3 years to issue ruling on this crucial pressing issue is not serious

As for @EPP/ @EPPGroup esp @ManfredWeber & @JosephDaul, shame on them for never enforcing their red lines, which as we now know were just bullshit
Last but not least, this ECJ ruling should at last put to rest one of the recurrent lies propagated by Orban & lackeys & acc to which academic life would be flourishing in #Hungary...

More analysis by @rdanielkelemen
and myself here https://verfassungsblog.de/of-red-lines-and-red-herring-the-epps-delusions-about-restraining-orban/

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