Looks like it’s not going so well for them! https://twitter.com/griffinmalone6/status/1313344721679384582
reminder that haredim remain the only group to date to have seized and held an NYPD precinct
the 66th, if you’re interested https://twitter.com/aliceavizandum/status/1298053225199935489
spectrum of orthodox jewish opinion on the NYPD, with ‘buy a squad car and make our own NYPD’ at one end and ‘occupy precinct house’ at the other
there are perhaps a dozen duelling orthodox ‘safety patrols’ that all pretend to be cops - they’re all racist shitheads and they all hate each other
on the one hand I kind of respect it as a declaration of autonomy from the rest of the city. on the other these are private security companies that are oftentimes actually worse than regular cops and completely unaccountable
this has also been attempted in London, to my mind cutting it even closer to impersonating police
and again on the one hand it’s not like the real cops give a shit about antisemitic crimes so these can sometimes force their hand. but on the other, c’mon man
I think mostly what it boils down to is the desire of middle-aged men to feel important and pretend to be authority figures, something which as I’ve said before is one of the most English things. This car is owned by a mohel lmfao
Also keen to stress that this isn’t a uniquely Jewish thing in the slightest, just that often there are distinct Jewish communities that make the process of any institution to grow cops on it like mold easier
For instance there is or was a Muslim one in New York, which as you can imagine met with an even frostier reception, panics about sharia, and so on
It’s all very pathetic. Here’s (inevitably) a white convert who declared himself the religious police of Minneapolis in 2017
Perhaps these guys will deter someone from attacking a mosque or a synagogue or abusing visibly religious people on the street, is the best I can say for them
With that in mind if you want to be in the Glasgow division of the Islamic Religious Community Safety Patrol Security Patrol then PayPal me the £20 entry fee. Branded fleece costs extra
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