Thanks. Dekhiye, I cover cases with a broad assumption that caste and communal relations are largely the same across states, and that the local police may be corrupt or inefficient

Have you seen me targetting CMs of either BJP or non-BJP states for what local thana does, unlike+
unlike political party pimps masquerading as journalists?
Its not like any CM is directly controlling what local thanas do. Be it Yogi or Gehlot.
I focus on systems and processes. And when people complain of certain crimes rising under any govt, I write about it.
This is also my answer to trolls who keep ranting - why don't you speak against Yogi or ask Yogi to resign?
Arre bhai, maine to Gehlot ya KCR ka resignation bhi nahi maanga. Ye mera kaam thodi hai. Aisa to nahi hai ki CM change hote hi society hi badal jaati hai raaton raat
And this - “have you asked questions to govt” - is a bit fraud in the context of crime cases. Few journalists want to report the problems at micro-level. So they, in the name of speaking truth to power, take the easy way and begin tweeting against state govt
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