Imagine a provincial party that ushered in:

👉record debt
👉some of the highest child poverty rates in all of Canada
👉land scandals *literally* cheating nuns
👉sketchy procurement and building strategies enriching more companies out of province than at home while virtually blocking your local businesses from the bidding process
👉#1 🥇 for highest suicide rates in the country
👉predatory lenders emboldened with unchecked ability to charge up to 59.9% and doing so with f*cking gusto
👉zero plan for daycare affordability
👉highest mortgage default rates in Canada (almost 4x national average)
👉plans to sell your Crown assets they didn’t even want to just be honest about

So, what really tickles their fancy, you ask!

👌 Handing out a $2,000 tax rebate on your neighbors $20,000 basement reno, because PRIORITIES people!

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