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As a research for his new book, omega Izuku decides to wear a fake pregnancy belly on his daily errands for a day.

At first, he never thought he would be treated differently with his 6 month round tummy stuck under his oversized lavander hoodie.
Looking at his reflection each time as he passed a store front or a generally reflective surface, he feels as though the fake belly gave him an added innocence with its roundness and overall shape as it defines his backside a little more prominently.
His leggings seem to help significantly with the added weight while also giving him additional mobility. He didn't think anyone would notice how uncomfortable he looked, but then again, that just made his scheme all that more believable.
His trip on the subway was different than usual as several alphas and betas offer their seats to him as soon as Izuku set foot on the train. He takes the closest one, nervous as the majority of the train eyes him from afar as if worried for his safety.

Izuku mentally
jots a note down about staring before retiring to his cell phone for the rest of the ride.

He arrives at his favourite grocery store around 4 o'clock, just in time for free samples that the store offers every Wednesday. He normally never comes to such a store so far from
his apartment, but the high end store carries a special ice tea that he can't get anywhere else.

He brings himself to only take a small basket in order to keep himself from buying more than he should before hitting the aisles. He picks out a few cans of soup stock along
with a few fresh veggies for stew. He also splurged a small bit on high quality beef as his stomach growled, enticing him with the delicious foods before him.

It didn't take him long to sense the presence behind him as Izuku makes his way down another aisle.
He could feel the lurking presence as if a predator were stalking him. A shiver runs down his spine as he quick picks up a can or two of ice tea, hands becoming sweaty along with his knees becoming wobbly.

He makes his way to the cash register where he stands behind a
tall and large alpha. Somehow, he feels safe just being in the presence of someone bigger and most likely scarier than the person following him. He tries to focus entirely on the alpha's suit in font of him and the high quality of the ebony fabric when he feels it.
The man who had been following steps up behind him and Izuku finds his scent invading his space. A small squeak falls from his lips as his head snaps around to stare wide eyed at the creepy black haired alpha.

"Don't you have someone to carry that heavy stuff for you?"
He leers, leaning closer until Izuku begins to emit small hints of distressed pheromones, enough to alert the blond alpha in front of him.

"Go in front of me."

The blond doesn't dare try to touch him, merely gestures with his hand for the omega to bypass him
and put some distance between him and the overly interested alpha.

The minute Izuku begins to move in front of the blond, the offending alpha reaches for Izuku. His hand barely grazes Izuku's shoulder when the distressed pheromones exploded within the store.
Never has Izuku been in such a situation where a man has put his hands on him and attempted to stop him from getting away.

The blond alpha acts quickly, shoving the black haired alpha in the chest before guiding the emerald haired omega behind him while several
other people crowd the area. A lot of them become a wall between him and the black haired alpha who snarls at anyone in his way.

The blond narrows his eyes, place an arm around Izuku's shoulders before signaling the cashier who still gawks in awe of the situation.
"Have all of this sent to my address and charged to my card. His stuff too,"

The blond snatches Izuku's basket and places it on top of the counter where the alpha had his groceries such as a bottle of wine, a few vegetables, and a few fruits.

Izuku never thought that a
a stranger would go out of his way to protect Izuku like the blond man did and it sends heat directly into his heart.

The cashier nods and quickly begins to bag the items.

"Of course, Mr. Bakugou!"

With that, Mr. Bakugou turns and picks up Izuku's hand while guiding him by
the small of his waist.

The black haired alpha breaks through the multiple lines of people and reaches for Izuku a second time. The blond snarls and pushes Izuku into his chest, using his body as a shield before another alpha steps in to defend the omega.
Suddenly being cared for, protected and prioritized, he loves it. He never thought that his research would lead to him to feeling an instinctual purr threatening to erupt.

He stares up at the blond alpha as he extends his cinnamon like scent in order to calm the distressed
omega in his arms.

Izuku quickly finds himself in the passenger seat of a fancy car, buckled in by the blond who quickly makes his way to the driver seat.

"Where do you live? Can I call your mate?"

Mr. Bakugou questions, quickly turning on the hot air and
Izuku's seat warmer.

"I-I don't have one... I live alone."

He mutters quietly, his mind reeling as he attempts to formulate a plan if he gets stopped a second time by another alpha. He never thought going through with his research would be so dangerous.

"Fuck, okay."
The alpha places his car in gear before speeding off down the road, a protective hand coming out to shield Izuku each time a driver cut them off or a car slams on the breaks in front of them.

The blond cusses and growls at each and every possible threat to the omega
in his front seat even at the pedestrians that got too close to the sports car.

"I'm sorry, fuck- I can't stop, I can't let you go."

Mr. Bakugou attempts to explain the sudden protectiveness that surged between them. Its normal for alphas to feel protective over
pregnant omegas, especially those that are unclaimed. Parentage matters not to alphas as pups can be claimed just as easily as it would to make a pup.

"It-it's alright-"

Izuku reassures him before sliding his hands up and down his thighs.
For some reason, he loves the thought of having a strong alpha protecting him at every moment, holding him and cooing possessively.

Mr. Bakugou pulls into a high rise condo building and quickly parks in the second level of the parking garage. He slips out of the car
in order to help Izuku from the car, a hand on the small of his back. His presence behind Izuku has him purring quiet which he refuses to allow the blond to hear.

They enter an elevator and the blond hits the highest level, the floor 24 button glowing a bright blue.
The doors open to allow another person into the elevator and Mr. Bakugou inserts himself between Izuku and the other person regardless of their gender. Izuku tucks himself into the blond's side and closes his eyes for the remainder of the ride.
The doors open into a open space, an expensive condo that Izuku is in awe of. He loves the beautiful paintings and the art covering the walls.
The alpha leads him to a bedroom where he leans against the door, eyes cast down.

"You can sleep here, I'll be done the hall,"

Mr. Bakugou states and brings himsefl to slide his hands into his pockets. He goes to turn when Izuku reaches out, halting the blond entirely.

Izuku cries, making small steps toward the blond.

"Stay? Please?"

The alpha's expression becomes surprised before he slowly relaxes and inches forward. They end up in Mr. Bakugou's bed, Izuku clad in the alpha's clothes to sleep in all the both of them are
tucked under the covers together. He loves the way it seems of cinnamon, heat swelling all around him as his eyes slowly close.

For a moment, he wishes that the blond alpha had put a baby in him and he didn't have to wear a fake pregnancy belly in order to do his research.
As his consciousness fades, Izuku makes a decision.

He's going to make himself a mini blond alpha and make Mr. Bakugou smitten with him. Maybe then, he'll have all the research he needs.

[ T B C? ]
#bkdk #sfw #fluff (continued)

As research for his new book, omega Izuku decides to wear a fake pregnancy belly on his daily errands. He ends up running into Katsuki who begins to take on an alpha like role, only further implicating the fact that Izuku isn’t actually pregnant!
The blond alpha ended up stocking Izuku’s fridge, forcing his number into the omega’s phone before reluctantly leaving the apartment building. Izuku found it adorable how the blond refused to leave his side until the very last second,
cautiously leading Izuku down the hall of his apartment building before commenting on how there were cobwebs in the ceiling corners and how Izuku’s tap doesn’t work fully when they finally entered his place.

As soon as Katsuki left, Izuku ripped off the fake pregnancy belly,
allowing it to fall to the floor before he falls to his couch. He never imagined he would be strapped to a piece of rubber for twenty-four hours all the while having to sleep in it which was only more uncomfortable.

Izuku digs out his phone from his back pocket and begins
to swipe through his various social media accounts. He tries to be more reserved online and stay anonymous through his pen names with his novels. He prefers that all the fame and glory falls on his characters rather than he himself.
What shocks him upon his first inspection of his notifications, is the text from his ex he was dumped by nearly three months ago. Shinsou and Izuku had an odd relationship where neither of them really loved one another, but they still shared each other’s bed on occasion,
fucked each other through heats and ruts, yet never really kissed or showed much affection.

He opens the text to various pictures of an article to which Izuku swipes up to see the headline with a picture slapped on the front.

His heart drops as he sees his mess of green curls, his freckled cheeks, and his emerald eyes. He’s astonished someone else hasn’t contacted him regarding the slanderous photo.


His eyes flicker down to the message below.

“We need to talk.”
The text is simple and to the point, yet Izuku knows there is anger behind it. Shinsou had never been a loving boyfriend, but he is responsible above all else. Izuku finds his heart aching at the thought of Shinsou believing that Izuku is pregnant with
his child and Izuku neglected to tell him.

“Shit, this is such a mess!”

Izuku pulls at his emerald curls. He couldn’t have imagined his mistake could have gone so far, implicating his relationship with his ex and possibly more people depending on how far the words go.
Izuku brings his knees up to his chest and sticks his forehead down as a sigh breaks from his lips.

He needs to approach this carefully.



The next day, Izuku agreed to meet Shinsou at his apartment. He already planned to explain everything, tell him that there is no baby, it was all for the sake of research, and they are in no way becoming parents. Izuku nibbles at his oatmeal at
his kitchen table by the large bay window. Shinsou would be by any minute, and the thought of having such a conversation on an empty stomach has him almost nauseated.

His eyes flicker to the street when his eyes fall on a familiar black sports car.
The logo of a classy bugatti shines in the morning light as a blond man in a suit climbs out of the front seat, a white plastic bag in his hand that swings back and forth.

Izuku’s heart picks up in pace as he sprints from his chair to his bedroom down the hall.
His hands quickly grab the fake pregnancy belly placed on his dresser, pulling up his shirt and quickly strapping the plastic wings to his back.

A knock at the door has him gasping as he shoves his long sleeved shirt down over his now protruding belly.
“One minute!”

Izuku screams to the man just beyond the door of his apartment. He races into the foyer, hands patting down his outfit including sweat pants, pink slippers, and a black long sleeved top.

The door opens and Izuku is greeted by Katsuki, clad in a three piece suit,
all colour coordinated with soft greys and deep navy tie.

“I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time,”

“Oh! Not at all!”

Izuku attempts to wave him off, nervously smiling as he sweeps a part of his hair to the side.
The alpha smiles at him and offers the plastic bag to Izuku with a Rolex extended hand.

“I bought you some of that tea you said you liked and some cookies. Thought you’d like some sweet shit.”

The alpha rumbles and Izuku blushes at the sweet gesture.
“You did? That’s so sweet,”

Izuku states honestly, peering into the bag at the several heavy bottles of ice tea and two boxes of cookies. His arm almost strains at the weight before the blond gasps and reaches for the bag.

“Fuck, I should have known it was too heavy for you.”
The alpha snatches up the bag, pushing past Izuku and into the small apartment. Izuku follows Katsuki with his eyes from the door, watching as he places the bag on the counter before picking up the tea to put in the fridge.

The omega tenses at the sound of another voice. Shinsou stands in the doorway of Izuku’s apartment, eyes running over Izuku’s form all the while confirming his own reality.


Izuku can’t help his nervous stuttering, his entire frame seizing up with anxiety.
He wouldn’t be able to explain to Shinsou while Katski remains in the apartment, and he can’t speak to Katsuki without confirming Shinsou’s suspicions.


Izuku’s eyes fall shut, holding his breath deep within his chest as his heart beats wildly.
He couldn’t imagine a worse scenario.

“Who’s this?”

Shinsou raises a brow, eyes flickering toward Izuku then to Katsuki. Katsuki stands behind Izuku, hands down by his sides and his teeth clenched at the presence of another alpha.
“Uh… This is Katsuki, we just met yesterday.”

The omega attempts to explain as he shyly gestures to the tall blond.

“Katsuki Bakugou.”

The blond growls lowly, subtly pushing his scent out to sink into the apartment.
It’s a possessive language only alphas really speak with Izuku shuddering at the musky scent.

“You’re that jackass weapons tycoon!”

Shinsou scoffs only for the blond to cock his eyebrow with his hands sliding into his slack pockets.

“Who are you again?”
Katsuki questions, annoyance radiating from his tone.

“Hitoshi Shinsou. Shouldn’t you be going? Izuku and I have to talk.”

Izuku’s eyes drift between the two alphas as both their scents increase tenfold. He senses the way they eye each other and
how they attempt to claim the space and the omega inside it.

“We have plans.”

“That’s funny, so do we.”

Izuku shoots Shinsou a glare, almost wishing to bare his fangs at the sheer cockiness the purple haired man dared to show in the omega’s home.

“Don’t be rude.”
Izuku snaps only for Shinsou to laugh.

“He was rude first. Now are we gonna talk about the fact you didn’t tell me you were pregnant?”

A silence falls on the apartment with both alpha’s inching toward Izuku.

“I-it’s not yours, that’s what I wanted to tell you in person.”
Izuku quickly responds as he purses his lips together, backing himself toward Katsuki out of pure spite. If it makes Shinsou uncomfortable enough to leave, he’ll do it as much as possible.

“Bullshit, you don’t sleep around, Midoriya.”
Shinsou steps forward to confront the omega when the blond steps in front of him.

“If he says it’s not yours, it’s not yours.”

“This isn’t about you, piss off!”

Shinsou shoves the blond in the chest only for Katsuki to return in kind. Shinsou shoves Katsuki harder,
heavy grunts and growls echoing between them until it happens.

Izuku shields himself with his arms from Katsuki lurching toward him from Shinsou’s shove. The force shoots him into the sharp corner between the kitchen and the hall, hitting him across his side and his back.
A strangled cry erupts from his lips as he falls to the floor, knees pushed into the carpet as his hands come to press across the aching pain across his side.

“Fuck! Deku!”

Katsuki blurts out, kneeling down beside the omega with his hands gripping Izuku’s shoulders.
Shinsou makes a move to approach only for the blond alpha to snarl out a growl of warning, salting the room in spite and repressed agitation.

“Just go!”

Izuku shrieks as Shinsou, teeth clenched and his eyes watering from the ripping pain.
Shinsou’s eyes flicker over Izuku’s form, unease overwhelming his frame before he finally works up the will to turn away and leave the apartment.

The blond alpha watches keenly as the other male leaves the room before digging his hand into his pocket for his cellphone.
“I’m calling an ambulance.”

Katsuki growls out, still holding onto Izuku’s hand. The omega quickly shoots up, suddenly wincing from his aching side and frantically shaking his head.

“No! No ambulance, I’m fine!”
He knows for a fact that if Katsuki calls him an ambulance, he’ll find out for sure! But then again, is that so bad? Maybe if he knows, he’ll want to stay with Izuku and continue this odd relationship of scenting and affectionate gestures.
Deep down, Izuku knows he’s asking for a miracle and he’s not sure he’s going to get one. The amount of comfort and security the blond alpha brings him swells constantly in his chest when Katsuki’s near, intoxicating his brain into needing the blond more than he should.
No, the show must go on.

“You got hit really hard, you’re going to the hospital.”

The blond growls again, this time only deeper and more of a command than a suggestion. Izuku fights to give in to those pathetic omegan instincts, biting his lip harshly to distract himself.
“Y-you drive me!”

Izuku cries out. The blond halts his actions from pressing the dial button on his phone to gaze down at the green haired omega so helpless against the wall of his apartment.

“But you might need a paramedic or-”
“I don’t want anyone else near my baby! No more people, at least for now…”

Izuku knows which cords he’s pulling and he does so with precise words that curl around the alpha’s brain and slowly sink in seamlessly.
Alphas are hardwired to be possessive, to want a claim over an omega that no one else has. Katsuki slowly dips his phone back into his jacket, lips pursed in a line.

“Let’s get you up.”

The blond scoops Izuku up by the waist as they test Izuku’s ability to walk.
The omega does his best to stride forward, yet still relies on the blond to do most of the work.

As they close the door to Izuku’s apartment, the emerald haired omega sets himself a mental twenty minute timer.
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His mind raced to find a solution as quickly as possible. Time seemed to only go faster as the blond alpha drove to the closest hospital, gripping the steering wheel white knuckled and teeth clenched.
So many scenarios played out in Izuku’s mind and each and every one of them ended with Katsuki finding out his dreadful lie before storming off to never be seen again.

They pull into the hospital parking lot and Izuku fights his anxious nerves beating at his brain.
Katsuki helps him to the sliding glass doors and they follow the directions to the front desk where Izuku’s heart begins to beat frantically. He spies the female receptionist speaking on the phone before she glances up and smiles at the both of them.
It was at that moment that Izuku stops Katsuki, hand on the alpha’s chest as he gazes up at the blond with soft eyes.

“I’m parched, can you get me some water from the vending machine?”

Izuku requests sheepishly.
He doesn’t know if the alpha will even agree to such a thing as Katsuki has been worried so much about Izuku’s condition, but it’s only natural for alphas to be more inclined to serve with physical tasks especially with omegas.

“We should get you checked in first-”
“I can do that, I just feel so faint,”

Izuku prays that his exaggeration will finally tip the scales and force the blond to bend to his will. Katsuki nods, digging into his pocket to fish out his wallet.

“I’ll be right back, I’ll try and be quick.”
Those few words have Izuku smiling in relief, especially when he spies the blond disappearing behind a corner.

Izuku steps up to the counter as soon as the woman finishes her phone call and smiles softly.

“Are the flu shots still available?”
“Of course! We can have it done in ten minutes, is that alright with you?”

“Yes! Sounds good.”

He gives his name and all his information for the woman to put into the computer before she smiles back up at him.
“Please feel free to wait in the waiting room and we’ll call you in when we’re ready.”

She gestures to the semi-empty waiting room just as Katsuki appears behind him, hand on his lower back and a bottle of chilled water in his hand.

“It’ll be ten minutes,”
Izuku states as they turn from the front desk to seat themselves in the waiting room. Izuku turns to Katsuki all the while fidgeting in his chair.

“You don’t have to wait with me, you’ve already done so much for me…”
He doesn’t know if it’s obvious that his nervous demeanor is the product of a lie that has gone way too far. If he can get Katsuki to leave, it would prevent him from potentially seeing or discovering Izuku’s secret and allow Izuku to reevaluate his situation.
“What? Fuck no, how are you going to get home? I already called my office and told them I’d be out for the day. Those fuckers can deal without me for a few hours.”

The omega nods despite his clear dislike of the blond’s refusal to leave.
So many things could go wrong, so many things could lead to Izuku’s eventual demise.

But then again, what would be so bad about that? Maybe the alpha would be mad for a little while, but wouldn’t he still feel the need to protect Izuku?
The omega craved to be taken care of just the same as when the two first met and this lie is the only thing keeping the alpha by his side. How cruel can he be?

“Izuku Midoriya?”

A nurse calls out his name from two double doors and Izuku stands.
“You should stay here. I don’t think they’ll take nicely to a bruised omega and an alpha who aren’t bonded.”

Izuku states to which the blond raises a brow.

“To hell with those fuckers, your wellbeing is what matters most.”

Katsuki scoffs to which Izuku shakes his head.
“I’ll be fine, just stay here. I’m a little self-conscious, okay?”

Izuku’s confession seems to do the trick and the alpha huffs, sitting back down. A sensation of relief floods through the omega’s body as he turns to the nurse who leads him through the double doors.
It takes a total of ten minutes for Izuku to receive the shot, and a total of thirty more minutes for Izuku to hide in a bathroom to provide the illusion of having extensive tests done. He ends up making his way out of the double doors and
into Katsuki’s car back to his apartment. The drive is spent mostly in silence with the strong scent of cinnamon and pine smacking Izuku aggressively in the nose.

It’s his guess that the blond is going into rut soon, which isn’t a surprise seeing as he’s been fixated on an
unmated omega for the last two days. It wouldn’t be a lie if Izuku didn’t say that he liked the scent, wanting it to come closer until his nose nestled into the crook of Katsuki’s neck. The thought of waiting until Katsuki fell into rut to entice the alpha into
fucking him has Izuku sucking in a sharp breath.

Certainly he would cross the line at being so conniving, only feeling comfortable to have a few nights of fun when the other party can barely remember to drink water or have a decent meal.
The idea only grows on him the closer they come to his apartment and the longer Izuku has to swim in the growing scent of virile alpha.

Would it be so wrong to take what he wants? Would it be so wrong to take advantage of Katsuki like this?

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(Fake Pregnancy Thread Continued)

Izuku’s grave had been dug; six feet below the earth with the casket being lowered gently to his final resting place. He knew for a fact there would be no coming back from such a treacherous act and for a moment,
he didn’t mind.

He wanted Katsuki in a way that made all his lies and deceit justifiable for the moment. He needed Katsuki’s hands on him, to be enveloped by that spicy scent that will soak his sheets and leave a lingering scent for weeks on end.
“I should go…”

Katsuki mumbles, leaning against the kitchen counter, hands gripping the granite counter tops until his knuckles turn white. Izuku steps forward, reaching for the blond’s hand to accept it into his own, squeezing the alpha’s fingers tightly.
“It’s okay, I don’t mind.”

Izuku says sheepishly, doe-like eyes gazing up at the blond affectionately. The omega sees how Katsuki contemplates his offer and imagines having Izuku in every position he could think of.

“No- no I couldn’t,”
The blond denies and shakes his head, pushing past Izuku to make a break for the door.


Izuku calls for him and the alpha freezes, back facing the green haired omega. He slowly turns, eyes going wide at the sight of Izuku bent over the counter,
back arched beautifully as Izuku glances back.

At that moment, Katsuki’s resolve broke.

Hands moved quickly to rid Izuku of his black leggings, shoving the offending article of clothing just below the omega’s ass to properly access Izuku’s cunt.
The warmth of Katsuki’s body radiated through his large palms clasping Izuku’s hips, steadily planting himself behind Izuku as the blond buttons his finely pressed slacks.

The green haired omega’s mouth falls ajar at the sensation of his pussy being split in two,
fucked into by a wild man desperate for the sweltering heat of another person. Izuku could feel every inch of the blond’s well endowed length as it steadily pulses inside him. His walls could hardly contain Katsuki’s harsh rutting,
shoving his already swollen knot past the omega’s tight rim.

Nothing about this feral fuck had any sanity behind it with every low growl and groan, continuously fucking into Izuku’s quivering pussy as Izuku held onto the grey counter tops tightly.
His whimpers and whines meant nothing to Katsuki as they fell on deaf ears.

Even Izuku who couldn’t see how Katsuki’s face tensed around the bared fangs knew the blond had long dipped into the abyss of rut, leaving the plains of reality to sink into pleasurable fantasy.
If Izuku said anything incriminating from this point until the end of Katsuki’s rut, he’d be safe from his secret being revealed.

Katsuki shoved his knot into the omega with a vicious snarl, applying a great amount of pressure onto Izuku’s hips to sink as deeply as possible.
Izuku could feel the alpha pressing so deep inside him while the tip of the blond’s cock pressing so harshly against his reproductive organs. He senses how the alpha’s cock pulsates and hums before exploding cum all over his insides, painting his cunt white with seed.
Katsuki leans over Izuku’s back to nuzzle his face into his neck drunkenly, taking in the sweet omega scent in his haze like state. Izuku’s hand comes up to rake his fingers through the blond’s hair affectionately, huffing and puffing from the strenuous activity.
“Come on, puppy. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Izuku coos softly to which the blond croons back in the crook of his neck.

Izuku’s going to make use of their time together and he won’t waste a single second of it.



It was nice to not have to wear that stupid pregnancy belly around Katsuki for once. Izuku couldn’t imagine being fucked by Katsuki in it, not when he could be holding Katsuki close, moving their bodies together in synchronous euphoria.
Izuku woke the next day with the blond alpha between his legs, working into his body as if it were his last day on earth. Izuku’s legs wrapped around Katsuki’s hips and forced him to slow his thrusts, fucking into Izuku at a slower, yet stronger pace.
He had Izuku moaning his name, biting into Katsuki’s exposed shoulder and bucking his hips off the damp sheets.

It took a good twelve hours for Katsuki to tire himself out, leaving Izuku to his own devices to gather some supplies in the kitchen while he slept in the bedroom.
Izuku nibbled on a piece of toast as he threw granola bars in the pile of food he gathered from the pantry, avoiding the two bottles of water he left aside for Katsuki when he wakes from the plain of the undead.

The sound of the door closing has Izuku’s head shooting up.
Did Katsuki just walk out of his apartment?


Izuku races into the foyer only to find purple eyes on him. Shinsou stands in front of the door, a pharmacy bag clutched in his left palm as his eyes take in Izuku’s newly slimmed form. His jaw tightens, eyes narrowing
“You were faking it?”

Izuku begins to frantically shake his head, hands held up in surrender in a sort of way.

“N-no! That’s not what happened! Please, you have to listen-”

Shinsou drops the bag, allowing it to fall to the floor and Izuku hears the distinct sound of various
pills smacking the insides of a pill bottle.

“Listen to what? More lies? Does that other guy know or are you stringing him along too?”

“It’s not like that.”

Izuku attempts to defend himself, yet he finds there is nothing to really say. He is stringing Katsuki along and he
lied. Everything his ex said is true yet he can do nothing to refute it.

“I-I was doing research for my book and something happened, okay? I didn’t mean for this to happen! I was going to tell you that day you came over, but he was there and everything happened so quickly-”
Izuku found himself spiralling out of control, his heart beating harshly against his ribcage and his mind reeling from the intense wave of emotion racking his frame.

“That doesn’t give you an excuse, Zuku!”
The nickname has Izuku falling apart as the fond nickname from their destroyed relationship resurfaced with Shinsou’s accusation.

A sound from the bedroom has Izuku’s head snapping to the side, lips parted as he listens to Katsuki stumbling from the tangle of
sheets and making a break for the door.

“You need to go, he can’t see you here,”

Shinsou purses his lips, the expression of disappointment spreading through his frame steadily. It takes him a moment to agree, slowly slipping out the front door where he slips his shoe
into the crack of the door to prevent Izuku from closing it all the way.

“This isn’t over.”

He adds before finally leaving the door way. Izuku shuts the door just as Katsuki comes around the corner, drunkenly seeking
Izuku’s form out with a blank expression hanging from his face.

“Let’s get you some food, puppy.”

Izuku coos to the blond who follows him seamlessly into the kitchen. It takes a small amount of coaxing, but Katsuki eats a few granola bars and a slice of toast.
Izuku quickly finds that the only way for the blond to eat is to sit on his lap, cock resting deep inside his pussy as the omega feeds Katsuki bite by bite. It’s unconventional, but it gets the job done.

After the first slice of toast, Katsuki gets rowdy,
settling his hands on Izuku’s hips to push upward, fucking up into the tight heat that has Izuku losing sight of the goal at hand. After multiple failed attempts to get Katsuki to finish any other food, Izuku falls prey to the repeated thrusts deep inside him and
they fuck on the kitchen floor, then on the kitchen table, then on the counter for the second time.

He just hopes that with all of the fucking, he’ll be able to formulate a plan for the mess clearly ahead.

[ T B C ]
#bkdk #nsfw #smut #angst ( fake pregnancy thread continued! )

Katsuki lasted days longer than Izuku anticipated. The blond refused to allow Izuku out of bed unless he was fast asleep or using the washroom in which he would tuck Izuku in and scent him thoroughly before leaving.
Izuku could hardly recall how many positions they did with Katsuki mostly flipping Izuku in any way he pleased, fucking him from the side, holding him down in a mating press, or simply holding Izuku’s head to the mattress before pounding the omega to kingdom come.
The omega could hardly complain as the pleasure overlooked the constant anxiety swelling in his chest.

It wasn’t until late Sunday morning that Izuku had a moment to himself, staring down at Katsuki’s sleeping form as he carts his
fingers through the blond strands affectionately. The sensation of attachment aches in his chest the longer he gazes down at the alpha and only then did Izuku realize how deep he’s fallen in love.

He didn’t feel this way with Shinsou and he never thought he
would love like this with anyone. He always assumed he would enter a relationship that’s nothing more than beneficial to each party with little to no attachment. He felt as though Katsuki’s attachment to him benefited him, but he also loved the alpha like no one else before.
Katsuki slowly opens his eyes and Izuku smiles fondly.

“Good morning, puppy.”

Izuku coos, brushing his fingers across Katsuki’s cheek as the alpha squeezes his eyes shut and inhales deeply. When he opens his eyes for the second time,
Izuku instantly recognizes the consciousness behind them, how Katsuki regained control of his body instead of blindly functioning in the light of rut.

Panic surges through Izuku’s smaller frame as the blond sits up and inhales sharply.

“What time is it?”
The blond rumbles as Izuku gathers some of the covers and pulls them to cover his obviously flat abdomen.

“Around 10.”

Izuku answers curtly, lips pursed as his nervous anxiety radiates through his entire body. It doesn’t take Katsuki long to furrow his brows
and glance over at the omega beside him. His eyes fall on the omega’s torso and confusion explodes across his facial features, which quickly morphs into horror.

The alpha rips the covers from Izuku’s frame as Izuku yelps, bringing his knees up to cover himself despite
wearing Katsuki’s oversized dress shirt. Silence grows between them and Izuku can hardly stand it. He knows that Katsuki has most likely come to the conclusion the omega has so desperately been trying to keep from him and this will most likely
be the last time he sees the handsome blond.

The thought has Izuku trembling.

“O-oh god… Don’t tell me-”

Katsuki’s words stumble over themselves and barely make it out in a coherent sentence.

“D-did I hurt you?! Deku-”
The alpha begins to physically tremble, eyes brimming with tears from his crimson orbs and hands reaching out to grasp Izuku’s lithe waist. The omega quickly shakes his head as his hands cup the blond’s cheeks softly.

“No! It wasn’t you, don’t you dare think that!”
“What happened?! Your baby-”

The sound of the door slamming shut startles the both of them. Izuku freezes and he glances toward the bedroom door, guessing it’s Shinsou and Izuku slips from the bed and Katsuki’s grip.
The blond watches Izuku button the white dress shirt with an expression of dread and the omega clenches his palms into a fist.

“Please stay here, I’ll be right back, I promise.”

Izuku sputters as he turns from the bed to race out the door.
He’s positive Katsuki can sense the nervous anxiety pouring off the omega and prays to whatever god is listening that the blond stays in the bedroom where he can properly deal with Shinsou.


Shinsou shouts aggressively into the apartment as Izuku races down the hall,
cringing at the volume of the purple haired alpha. Shinsou spots Izuku as he rounds the corner and his eyes narrow harshly.

“Is he still here or are you done manipulating for the day?”

“Keep your voice down-”
“What? You don’t like it? Well that’s too fucking bad! I should knock your ass out for what you did! Do you have any idea what you’ve put me through?”

Izuku winces at the alpha’s words and even more so at the putrid scent of wrath bubbling inside Shinsou.
“Now’s not the time! We can have this conversation another time, I’m not in the mood right now.”

Shinsou scoffs at Izuku’s blatant deflection and advances on Izuku, invading his space as his nostrils flare.

“Well you’re gonna make time, cause I’m not fucking leaving-”
A blond blur races out from the corner of Izuku’s eye and shoves Shinsou from Izuku’s side. Izuku quickly takes in Katsuki clad in a pair of sweatpants Shinsou left at his place while they were dating but never came to pick up.
He snarls viciously and blocks the purple haired alpha from reaching Izuku again.

“You’re still here? I bet he weaved a wonderful little lie and you just ate it up!”

Shinsou growls out and Katsuki scoffs at him.

“You need to leave. NOW!”
The possessiveness in the blond’s voice has Izuku shivering as he approaches the alpha to soothe him as much as he can. His hands reach for Katsuki’s bicep and he caresses his bare flesh smoothly.

“Kacchan, calm down,”

Izuku coos, yet it does nothing to sate the taller blond.
“Has he told you? Or are you that fucking dumb?”

Shinsou spits and Izuku grits his teeth.

“Don’t you dare!”

Izuku snaps with that same amount of ferocity Katsuki initially presented with, baring his smaller fangs at the purple haired alpha.
“He’s been lying to you! You wanna know why he’s not pregnant anymore?”

Izuku hastily sucks in a sharp breath, the moment he’s been dreading only moments away as he squeezes Katsuki’s arm for support.
“He wasn’t even pregnant in the first place! He was doing research for his book and you happened to entice him enough to keep up the charade, you dumb fuck!”

Silence encompasses the room as Izuku feels his heart smacking against his ribcage, echoing through his entire frame.
Katsuki’s crimson eyes staring forward blankly has Izuku hopeful that perhaps the blond doesn’t believe Shinsou and the omega will have time to repair their relationship in order to keep Katsuki in his life.

He knows it was only a matter of time before the truth came out,
but he never imagined that Shinsou would be the one to spill the truth to Katsuki. It felt as though his insides had been splayed on the floor for all to see, exposed and disgusting in the eyes of the blond. He wants to gather all of this dirty laundry,
shove it in the closet and hope to god Katsuki never opens those doors to unleash the ugly truth.


Katsuki faintly whispers, almost inaudible to the human senses.

“He LIED, don’t you get it?”
Shinsou laughs at the blond as he shoves his hands in his pockets. Katsuki’s jaw clenches, cocking slightly to the side as he shrugs off Izuku’s hand from his arm.

“Yeah. I think I do.”

And that was the day Izuku lost Katsuki Bakugou.
#bkdk #sfw #angst ( fake pregnancy thread continued- again!)

“Kacchan,” Izuku speaks into his phone, nibbling on thumb’s fingernail as his foot bounces up and down as a nervous tic.

“Please call me back, it’s important.”
Izuku barely remembers the hours he spent crying on the floor, back against the door and knees to his chest.

He felt as though his heart had been ripped from his chest, lit aflame and thrown into an icy abyss. He almost found peace in the break from the alpha,
coming to the conclusion that it was for the best and he deserved the heartbreak for his lies. He should have never coaxed Katsuki into his bed after lying so long about his condition and now he has to pay the price.

Izuku places his phone down on his kitchen table,
rubbing his face with his trembling hands. He wouldn’t be contacting Katsuki unless it was important, and boy, was this important.

He stares hard down at the five positive pregnancy tests lined perfectly along the wooden table and he lets out a sigh.
He’ll have to seek Katsuki out himself.


It took a little while for Izuku to track down Katsuki’s main office. No amount of google searches helped his question and he ended up having to call the blond’s company posing as an investor.
Izuku never thought he’d be so conniving once again, yet he reasoned with himself to justify his actions.

Katsuki deserves to know.

Entering the building had Izuku shivering, eyes lingering across the fine glass interior along with several displays of firearms and missiles.
Countless awards stuck to the walls leave little room for the abstract artwork placed strategically across the building, all lining up to the receptionist desk at the centre near the elevators.

“Good evening, how can I help you?”

The kind looking woman questions sweetly,
her ruby red lipstick almost blinding Izuku.

“Ah, yes, I need to see Mr. Bakugou. Is he in?”

The woman’s face falls as she stares at Izuku’s nervous facial expressions. She purses her lips as if struggling to come up with a professional answer.
He knows his sweater clad self looks the least like a professional client or colleague and he understands her strife in even giving out any information.

“Can I get your name please?”

“My name is Izuku Midoriya. Please tell him it’s really important.”
He urges her as she picks up the phone to her right with slight hesitation. He sees how she looks at him, how she doesn’t believe Izuku has any relationship to Katsuki whatsoever. It almost hurts.

“Are you a reporter?”
“I’m his ex- sort of. Just tell him I’m here and it’s urgent!”

Izuku explains to which the woman begins to dial a number. The phone rings and she speaks softly into the receiver.

“Sir, there is an Izuku Midoriya here for you. He says he needs to see you and that it’s urgent.”
The silence has Izuku’s heart skipping a beat. He could practically hear the anger bubbling through the phone line and he clutches the fabric of his baby blue sweater in anticipation.

“Alright, I’ll send him up.”
The emerald haired omega releases a breath he didn’t know he was holding, relaxing as the woman directed him to the elevator to his left and he gladly steps onto the glass contraption despite his dislike for the see-through aspect.
The ride itself is filled with anxiety as Izuku recalled everything he needed to say. He didn’t plan on staying long, he refused to take up more of Katsuki’s time than necessary as he felt he’s already done enough to the poor man.
He wants the blond to know about the existence of their child and leave the rest to the alpha to decide. He couldn’t possibly force Katsuki to acknowledge the baby after everything he’s done, so he simply plans to explain and raise his baby on his own.
He hopes Katsuki accepts him, he prays that the blond will take him back into his good graces, but the doubt simmers in the pit of his stomach. Whatever happens, at least he has his baby and perhaps that will be enough for him.
The glass doors reveal Katsuki even before they open. The blond stands on the balcony overlooking the city, hands placed on the railing clad in a dashing deep grey suit. Izuku has always admired the alpha for his impeccable sense of fashion and how cool he always looked.
His broad shoulders enticed Izuku to lay his head on them, his lips enticed Izuku to kiss him, and his heart enticed Izuku to love him.

The doors open and Izuku steps into the modern office. The desk near the double doors of the balcony is made out of a sheer glass,
sleek and professional with a ebony laptop placed perfectly atop the desktop and a few pens scattered around. Several paintings and a book self litter the room along with a sitting area. Izuku can already imagine Katsuki sleeping on the long couch after a long day as he’s
too tired to drive himself home. He smiles fondly at the idea as it crosses his mind.

“What are you doing here, Midoriya?”

The alpha’s words sting more than Izuku anticipated. He never thought he’d miss the sound of the blond calling him ‘Deku’, yet here he is.
“You’ve been ignoring my calls.”

The omega states breathlessly.

“I would think I’m fucking justified in that decision.”

Katsuki turns from the skyline and stares Izuku down with his scarlet gaze. For a moment, Izuku can’t help but stare into those
beautiful eyes and recall their several nights together. He would never take back his decision to coax Katsuki into bed regardless of how their relationship ended.

“I thought it was clear that I don’t want anything to do with you. You better have a good fucking reason you’re standing in my office.”

The blond snarls as he places his hands on the desk, expression appearing more leering than Izuku wished to see.
It takes Izuku a moment to muster the courage as he reaches into his sweater pocket to take out his two pieces of crucial evidence.

“You needed to know, I refuse to lie to you anymore and I hope you realize that I never meant to hurt you.”
Izuku attempts to speak his mind as he steps forward. Katsuki reacts by taking a step back as if being near Izuku repulsed him immensely. The omega sucks in a deep breath as he forces himself not to be offended by the action and he places the small black and
white picture and the long white stick onto the desk.

He only had the ultrasound three days ago and the pregnancy test he had done a week ago when he panicked when a bout of nausea plagued him for hours.
The alpha’s eyes glance across the table yet refuses to near Izuku as long as he remains in front of the glass desk.

The omega reluctantly steps away from the desk and took up a stand six feet away. It takes a moment for the alpha to near the picture and test,
but as soon as he did, Izuku is reminded of the expression Katsuki wore when he stormed from the omega’s apartment. It wrecked him inside.

“Do you have no fucking shame? You’ve hurt me enough, haven’t you? I guess breaking my heart once wasn’t enough for you!”
Izuku flinches at the words the blond spewed, head falling down so Izuku’s eyes danced across the floor.

“I-I’m not! I only came here to tell you!”

The blond seems to be taken aback by the statement, eyes narrowing on Izuku as he analyzes his expression.
“I don’t want to hurt you and you deserve to know! I’m going to take full responsibility, I have enough that we’ll be okay. You don’t have to even see them when they’re born, I just wanted you to know.”

Izuku blinks away his turns as he turns on his heel to the elevator
doors that open without him even having to press a button.

Izuku half expected to be concealed inside the elevator as most buildings have scratched metal doors, so as the doors slam shut, Izuku releases the tears from his eyes, allowing them to pour down his freckled cheeks.
Their eyes meet, crimson on teary eyed emerald.

Now Izuku can at least move on knowing he did everything he could.

[ T B C ]

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#bkdk #sfw #angst (fake pregnancy thread continued!)

The faint sound of an infant sobbing has Izuku lurching awake as he lies under the covers of his giant bed. He quickly clued in that the baby monitor placed on his most likely died,
leaving him to only hear the infant’s cries from down the hall.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming puppy.”

Izuku coos as he slips out of bed, slipping on a pair of pj pants he left on the floor after slipping them off the night before.
He’s been fortunate in the fact Kohaku, his little baby girl, sleeps almost through the night, barely waking even for feedings.

The first few nights he lingered by her crib inside the nursery, nervously rocking in the rocking chair as he watched her sleep seamlessly.
It got to the point Izuku moved the crib into his bedroom until she reached the one month mark and he felt as though his heart wouldn’t stop each time he fell asleep for too long.

He makes his way into the nursery to see his pup throwing a small fit,
fists curled and her small pastel pink hat crumpled beside her as she wails. Her beautiful blond hair messily sticks to one side of her head and her tiny little crimson eyes leak the fattest of tears. Izuku tutts and bends over to scoop her up.
“So hard done by, I know, I know,”

Izuku croons, holding the infant to his chest that quickly hiccups a quick whimper before quieting at the hint of Izuku’s scent. He’s found Kohaku is extremely attached to his scent which led to him aggressively scenting the
crib to provide his baby with as much comfort as he can. The thought of her being uncomfortable in any way sends shivers down Izuku’s spine and frustration swelling inside his chest.

He found his situation extremely fortunate with him publishing two books ahead of his due
date and living off the money for four months. His publisher thanked him profusely for the drafts as the company itself had begun to go under despite its historical roots in publishing books all the way back in the 1900’s.
He hasn’t left the house ever since getting back from the hospital and he’s grateful as ever for it. It’s been hard moving on after that day he met with Katsuki for the last time and the ache never really went away.
“How about we go get some iced tea? Mommy needs to get his fix so the whiskey in the cabinet doesn’t look so good.”

Izuku whispers to his daughter, kissing along her sweet scented scalp that brings him comfort every time he does it.
He dresses Kohaku in her warmest outfit which happens to be a tiny, fuzzy onesie with bear ears and a tail. He adored the outfit in store and he bought it for when she would finally grow into it. He adored the way her tiny feet kicked with the pink toe pattern sewn
into the soles of the feet and how the loose hood fit perfectly over her head.

The sling he uses to secure the infant to his chest happens to be his favourite piece of equipment apart from the small play pen he uses to keep Kohaku contained in case she
decides to learn how to crawl. The baby girl’s head rests peacefully against his upper chest as he slips his arms through his beige, oversize long overcoat, lined with chestnut buttons on the one side and sizable pockets.
The ebony fabric sling itself wraps around his torso, clinging to his long sleeved shirt while hugging his waist that has a lot of people on the train staring. He doesn’t understand why he’s such a sight with strangers cooing at his short and adorable stature.
It’s like that all the way to the high-end grocery store and Izuku glances down at the tiny pup clutched to his chest.

Okay. Now he gets it.

The store itself reminds him of Katsuki and as he enters through the sliding glass doors, his heart aches.
He misses the blond alpha terribly, yet there is nothing he can do to sate his misery. He tries to focus on Kohaku, kissing the top of her head unconsciously as he stops beside the frozen peas for a brief moment to calm his anxiety.
He picks up four cans of the ice tea, gripping the handle of the four-pack carrier as he glides it off the shelf. It only takes him a moment to reach the front where he joins one of the two lines at the cash register.
Shivers suddenly rips down his spine and legs, his breath stolen by the single sensation of incredible pining overcoming his entire body. The emotions swirling inside him confuse him to no end.

Why is he so pathetic?
Did coming here to the exact place he met him take such a toll on his mental state? He couldn’t imagine being so weak, yet here he stands, trembling at the very thought.

He hates himself for the weakness dripping out from his soul like black tar,
The emerald haired omega refuses to allow his strident emotions wrecking his mind to affect the small pup currently staring up at him with curious little crimson orbs.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Izuku catches something.
The slightest movement of blond, something so familiar yet still a mystery as it moves adjacent from Izuku’s smaller frame. His head turns on it’s own as if controlled by an entirely different entity.

Emerald eyes land on the blond alpha he’s been dreaming of since
that fateful night, carrying a box of granola bars with a constipated expression lined across his features. Izuku quickly recognizes the box as the ones he force fed Katsuki during his rut and he snaps his head forward and away from the alpha.
Now he knows why his senses were going out of control- they sensed his pup’s sire was near.

So many words flew through his mind, most of them being the word “RUN” or “HIDE”. His body remains frozen in line as the next person moves up and he hardly notices due to his
rampant strifes loosely whipping around inside his skull.

“It’s your turn,”

The person behind him calls out, snapping him from his stupor. Izuku could see how this attracted the attention of the blond alpha across from them, but Izuku refuses to wait and see what
Katsuki will do once he’s out of line.

The omega places his iced tea on the counter, digging into his wallet soon after and handing the cashier a bill with heavily shaking hands. The man behind the counter raises a concerned brow at the exchange,
slipping the bill into the register before handing Izuku his change.

“Are you alright?”

He questions softly, as if attempting to not frighten the dam.

“I’m f-fine,”

Izuku stammers quickly and he picks up the pack of ice tea by it’s handle.
It becomes obvious to Izuku that he’s too worked up and he’s emitting the sourest distressed scent he’s ever produced. It begins to cause his pup discomfort as she squirms against his chest, whining and whimpering for her mother’s comforting scent
The minute Izuku turns his head and a hand comes to clasp onto his shoulder-

All hell breaks loose.

[ T B C ]
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#bkdk #sfw #angst (fake pregnancy thread continued!


The sound of Katsuki’s voice set the omega off. His touch to Izuku’s shoulder began the jumping off point of the smaller male swinging the ice tea pack,
smashing it into the blond’s brow that has the alpha groaning and flinching to the side. Izuku’s grip on the pack refuses to lighten even as he crushes the cardboard handle.

The entire store crowds around them to witness the accident and the omega emitting the
extremely distressing pheromones. They all stare at him, eyes drinking in the panting omega still grasping the cans of ice tea and his pup’s head in the other hand. His wild eyes sink deep into the alpha’s, fangs bared and his lip curled.
It takes a moment for Izuku to come back down from the anxiety ripping through his body to realize the damage he’s done. A mortified expression overcomes his facial features and he slowly backs away from the scene.
The blond closes his one eye as blood trickles down the side of his face from the open wound above his left brow. It drips onto his white dress shirt, staining not only the collar but the majority of his left pectoral. Suddenly the evidence of his lost composure becomes daunting.
Katsuki makes a motion to reach out and grab the omega before he bolts, only for Izuku to weave between spectators and make his way out the door. Doing his best to soothe the now wailing infant while being quick footed and careful with his escape into
the streets and onto the curb where an empty taxi sits.

The driver remarks something along the lines of being reserved for another person, tapping his cigarette on the cracked window as he blows out smoke from his nostrils

“Fucking drive!”
Izuku shrieks to which the driver cusses some profound words, shifting out of the parking spot to speed down the road. Izuku slumps against the back seat of the taxi and gazes down at his pup whimpering against him, tiny tears rolling down her chubby
cheeks until they reach her small chin.

He whispers sweet nothings to her and rocks side to side, pausing once to mutter and address to the driver before going straight back to comforting his pup.



It took Izuku a while to soothe the infant’s discomfort. Even after two feedings, a diaper change, and a burping, she still whines for him and eventually Izuku resorts to simply swaying in the rocking chair, swaddling them both in a warm fuzzy blanket
he found while shopping in a thrift store. He only ended up buying it because the soft fibres were perfect for nesting material and the softness reminded him of the sensation he felt when his baby moved inside his abdomen.
A knock at the door has Izuku perking up from his dozing state, adjusting Kohaku on his chest to walk down the hall from the rocking chair, allowing the blanket to fall to the floor instead of bothering to set it aside. He peeks through the peephole to see a
man dressed in a postal uniform, sunglasses, and a pair of black out sunglasses.

Izuku opens the door, eyes instantly falling on the small package in the man’s hands.

“Izuku Midoriya?”

The man reads the name off the package and Izuku nods with a hand out for the package.
He hands the package over and was about to give Izuku a clipboard to sign when he realized the omega had run out of arms.

“Nevermind, you have a good night.”

He tips his hat and saunters down the hall to the elevator. Kohaku makes a grab for the package when
Izuku brings it up to read the finely printed label as he closes the door.

“Looks like we got a package, puppy.”

The omega coos to the infant, making his way to the couch where he places Kohaku down on her back and turns his attention to the package itself.
He doesn’t remember ordering a package, but then again, his publisher might have sent him something like an award or maybe a mug that’s merch for his novels.

The tape peels harshly as soon as Izuku get’s his fingernails under the adhesive strip,
yanking it from the top and off the other side. The folds open and he finds himself snorting at the ridiculous piece of junk. The figurine of his best-selling book character, All Might, sits in the box, arms raised and flexed with a blinding smile.
He picks it up with two fingers as if the plastic would burn him if he grabbed it with his entire palm. The scent of kerosene radiates from the cheap plastic which has the omega’s nose twitching furiously.

He can’t risk Kohaku getting this in her mouth.
He drops it back into the box with a heavy plop and picks up his pup to bring the package to the garbage. He shakes his head as he watches the package disappear into the bottom of the can.

He’ll have a stern word with his publisher in the morning.
If he caught Kohaku chewing on it, he’d burn down the publishing company building with just the sheer amount of rage he’d accumulate in the process.

The night continued quietly with Izuku watching tv with Kohaku in her nursery snoozing away.
This time, Izuku made sure to charge the batteries on the baby monitors which he has resting on the coffee table in front of him.

He found himself nodding off to the newest episode of some adult cartoon, finding it more soothing than anything.
Having background noise tended to aid him in his writing, calming his mind and focusing his brain into writing huge amounts in a small amount of time.

Just as he begins to fall asleep, in the painful calmness of the apartment,
He lurches up now awake and alert, rolling to his knees atop the couch at the sight of several men racing into his apartment.

His heart races at the thought of someone entering his home without welcome, coming near his pup without permission and breaking down his door.
Izuku bares his fangs at the intruders, claws beginning to stretch from his cuticles, especially when he spots a head of blond hair racing into the room.


Izuku shrieks, ignoring the crying on the baby monitor in favour of blocking off the
hallway leading to his bedroom and the nursery. He’d bet anyone good money that no one could get past him, especially in his current state of distress.

“Find fucking it! It should be in a package!”

Katsuki howls at the several men in various forms of black outfits,
all professional looking bodyguards with ear pieces attached to their ears for communication. The blond appears agitated as his face turns up in anxious and stressful tension with his wound above his brow mended with a beige bandage.
His ebony dress shirt looks as if freshly shoved up his arms to reveal the shining rolex on his wrist along with his muscled forearms.

Katsuki turns to Izuku, walking up on the defensive omega frantically.

“Get the baby and get out, now!”
The blond orders Izuku and the omega doesn’t know why or how, but his body turns down the hall, racing for Kohaku’s nursery. He picks up the wailing pup and snatches the blanket strewn across the floor all within a few seconds before he's out in the hall,
briefly entering the living room when he spies the men poking around in the garbage can.

He halts his escape to stare at the way they react to the foul smelling figurine and his eyes narrow at the response. Katsuki moves from the kitchen table when he peered out
the window and he zeros in on the omega.

“Damnit, Deku! Get out!”

The blond comes to the realization he’ll have to take Izuku out himself. His hands come to encompass Izuku’s shoulders to rush him down the hall and down the spiralling stairs of the stairwell.
The green haired omega feels the heat radiating from Katsuki’s palms and recalls missing his touch for almost a year now.

The two of them make it down to the first floor of Izuku’s apartment building and Katsuki yanks down a fire alarm as soon as Izuku
makes it out of the building with the pup. The ringing bells cause the omega to jump in fright, but he remains as confused and angry as before.

“What the fuck is your problem?!”

Izuku sneers and takes great caution in supporting Kohaku’s head.
Katsuki doesn’t answer him and simply guides Izuku toward an SUV parked on the side of the street. Izuku’s bare feet smack along the freezing concrete in tempo with Katsuki’s longer stride, echoing along with the blaring alarm.

Katsuki flinches as a horrendous boom exploded
above them in which he reacts by covering Izuku and the pup with his own body. Izuku shrieks at the sight of burning flames coming from his third floor apartment window, right where his kitchen would be. He couldn’t believe his eyes as the flames rose up into the sky and
several of those men came running out with other residents, coughing and covered in blackened soot.

“My laptop…”

Izuku whimpers.

Katsuki glances down at Izuku and narrows his eyes at the irrational omega.
“You almost died and you’re sad about your fucking laptop?”

He growls, teeth clenched.

“I’ll remember that the next time someone burns down a warehouse full of your merchandise.”

The omega snarls at the blond.

A moment passes between the two of them before Katsuki’s
arms shift, reaching back to his rear where he pulls something from the back of his pants. The blond holds out Izuku’s laptop, showing how the device remained intact and no longer sat on the kitchen table in his burning apartment.

“Fucking tease.”
Izuku snaps, snatching the laptop from the blond before continuing to watch the apartment going up in flames with the sounds of sirens echoing in the distance.



Izuku disliked the fur lined boots Katsuki shoved onto his feet. It wasn’t because they felt itchy, or too tight, but because they were his exact size and he found that mildly disturbing. The ride took hours and in that small amount of time, Katsuki looked at Kohaku only once.
He could see the way the gears within his mind turned and emotions swirled to the surface.

A part of Izuku wished to laugh in the alpha’s face, sneering something along the lines of “Liar my ass,” or “She’s mine”. He felt so protective of his pup,
even more so that someone attempted to blow up his apartment with him and his child inside it. He could hardly keep his protective nature back as his body physically rejects the alpha who has neglected to show his face for one year.
The possessiveness leaps out of his chest at the slightest movement of the blond. Even when they moved from the large private jet to the convoy of bulletproof SUVs, he couldn’t help how he stayed a healthy distance from Katsuki despite not having any distrust in the man.
The alpha is respectable, or at least in Izuku’s mind that is.

“You still haven’t told me where we’re going.”

Izuku’s eyes dance across the snowy scenery of a thick forest while they speed down a freshly graveled road. The flatness of his tone has Katsuki glancing up from
from his cellphone he’s been tapping away at for the past hour.

While on the plane, they both changed into more comfortable clothing with Izuku claiming a sweatshirt top and a pair of isolated leggings. By the lack of scent clinging to the fabric, Izuku concludes that they
were freshly bought in preparation for their departure to a colder climate.

Katsuki claimed a ribbed, ebony turtleneck tucked into his dark washed jeans with a pair of bulking, tactical hiking boots in a deep brown.
“That’s because I didn’t even know until we reached the plane.”

Katsuki comments before turning right back to his phone. Izuku raises a curious brow and purses his lips.

“I don’t understand,”
Katsuki’s eyes bounce back up from his screen before he finally shuts the device off to provide Izuku his full attention.

“To prevent being predicted, I randomly selected one safe out of the six I have around the world. That’s why I didn’t know until we got off the plane.”
He assumed it was because Katsuki still harbored ill feelings toward the omega and only rescued them from burning alive because the blond didn’t wish to have the death of an infant on his conscience.

“Are you going to tell me why someone was trying to blow me and my baby up?”
“Would you believe me if I told you it was a prank gone wrong?”

“I write fiction for a living, Kacchan. You should leave the stories to me.”

The omega snorts and looks back down to his daughter sleeping away on his legs.
She grips his index finger in her sleep and he finds his chest thrumming with affection for the small pup.

“She’s four months now, isn’t she?”

Izuku’s eyes flicker up and the blond now zeroed in on his pup as he leans against the opposite side of the SUV,
the farthest he could possibly be from Izuku and Kohaku.

“Just turned four months a week ago.”

Izuku comments. He settles into small talk with ease despite the awkward tension between the two of them. Before that fateful day, they could talk for hours,
exchange thoughts and dreams for the future and now, their throats become strained with the words bottled up in their esophagus.

“She’s small for four months.”

“She eats like a grown man, it’s a surprise she’s not overweight.”
The omega chuckles before the blond shifts closer in his seat causing the hairs on the back of Izuku’s neck to rise up.

“Please don’t come closer, I don’t think I’m ready for that.”
Izuku warns firmly and the blond nods, respecting the omega’s boundaries despite his own desire to be closer to the soft smelling infant. Even alphas feel attachment to their offspring, but possessiveness comes with time.
Omegas are protective instantly of pups they claim as their own and will even snap at their own mates if they approach without following the proper decorum.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

Katsuki is cut off by the sound of a metal slicing through the air,
hovering above them as if an angel of death. The SUV in front of them goes up in smoke when hit with a large round of bullets, leaving their own SUV to veer off into the snowy ditch off to the side.

Kohaku erupts into sobs, frightened at the loud noises and the
commotion going on around her. Izuku couldn’t do anything to soothe her as he could do nothing about the noise itself.

The two men in the front seat race out of the SUV, guns at their hips now pointed at the sky where Izuku assumes a helicopter is
hovering while firing randomly at each decoy car.

Katsuki curses under his breath, hands going up to an overhead compartment which pops open with ease to reveal an overly large automatic assault weapon that he yanks at the small bolt to effectively load.
“Stay here,”

He grunts as his lip curls upward in distaste. As soon as Katsuki leaves the vehicle, Izuku snatches a wool blanket that was rolled up under the passenger seat in front of him and he quickly wraps Kohaku.
Her cries soften as the blanket does a small bit to muffle the sounds of gunshots and explosions.

Izuku’s eyes glance out the window at the several burning vehicles, some men writhing on the snowy road, and others not moving at all. At that moment,
he makes a decision and he reaches up to the compartment on his side where Katsuki retrieved his own weapon. The compartment pops open with relative ease and Izuku finds himself snatching the most easily accessible weapon; a shining mahogany revolver that reminds him of the
time he watched The Walking Dead.

He snatches a spare bulking coat and a moment later, Izuku forces the door to the SUV to open into the frozen tundra.

He refuses to be a sitting duck.



#bkdk #sfw #slightgore (fake pregnancy thread continued!)

Izuku doesn’t think anyone saw him run off into the woods and at the moment, he thinks that might be an issue. He’s been walking for some time now, holding Kohaku to his chest inside the oversized winter jacket while
the baby coos and reaches for the zipper with her chubby little hands.

He begins to worry as the sun goes down and he’s left with little to no light except the illumination the moon left him with. He could hardly see in front of him, leaving him to trip over countless
fallen branches and bushes. The lingering hope for anyone to locate them in the dense forest slowly fades into dreadful doubt, rumbling in his stomach just the same as the hunger pains from neglecting to eat in the last twelve hours.
He could hardly expect anyone to locate him when he couldn’t even see the stars from the forest floor which only forces more anxiety down his throat. The thought of running into an animal has him fixating on the heavyweight within his pocket.
Izuku hardly knows how to use the weapon, yet he feels safer knowing he has something to defend himself if the occasion arises.

The sound of twigs snapping and an echoing grunt has Izuku freezing. He’s heard it so many times, so many times on TV and in movies,
yet he can’t place his finger on the-

A huge bulking body waltzes onto Izuku’s path before him, swaying from side to side in the snuggle with gleaming white teeth and blackened eyes. The omega’s breath locks itself in the expanse of his chest,
screaming in alarm as the huge bear sniffs the air dumbly before glancing off to the side where it quickly notices Izuku.

One hand grips Kohaku and the other painstakingly reaches into his pocket to retrieve the revolver nestled inside his pocket. The bear seems to analyse him,
most likely thinking of all the ways it can eat Izuku and then his baby. Or perhaps it likes to eat babies and it’ll just leave Izuku’s body to rot on the forest floor.

He hoists the firearm from his pocket and points it direction at the bear.
The bear jumps in fright before giving off a couple of growls, clawed paws digging into the snow as it goes to approach Izuku to sink it’s teeth into the omega’s hide.

It takes Izuku only a quarter of a second to pull back the hammer and for him to pull the trigger.
He doesn’t watch the bear go down nor does he try to console his little one now wailing against his chest. Nothing he could offer Kohaku would make up for what he just did. He would do anything to protect his daughter,
but he never thought he’d have to end a creature’s life to do so. It weighs heavy on him despite remaining victorious in his feat.

The sound of revving engines and the blinking of lights has Izuku shielding his eyes. Men atop snowmobiles race to the scene, one of them
more eager than the others as he whips off his helmet to reveal his face.


Izuku gasps in relief, racing to embrace the blond with tears brimming his eyes. Even in the heat of the moment, he couldn’t deny that he felt safer now that Katsuki had found him.
The alpha accepts Izuku into his arms, brushing the omega’s hair and whispering sweet nothings to do his best in calming Izuku and the wailing infant.

Izuku felt safe in Katsuki’s arms, surrounded by his heady scent as the blond nestles his nose into Izuku’s emerald curls.
For a moment, Izuku imagines what could have been if he and Katsuki had met differently. Would they have Kohaku? Would they be happily dating? Maybe married and on their way to their honeymoon?

The thought of such fantasies has Izuku sated
for the entirety of the journey to the safe house. It comes to Izuku’s realization that the safe house isn’t actually a house, but an elaborate military compound built into the side of a mountain. It reminds Izuku briefly of HYDRAs evil lair in the
Captain America movie as they enter through a huge elevator when the rock seamlessly opens like doors at the foot of the cliff.

Katsuki drives them onto the platform which quickly closes as soon as the last man is safely inside.



“Kacchan? Can we talk?”

Izuku knocks on the blond’s door that sat directly across from his. He left his door open in case Kohaku made a fuss in his plastic makeshift crib or just woke up in general.

Katsuki looks up from throwing his duvet over to make it easier to access
as he stood in a pair of sweatpants, and a tight black tank top. Izuku thought he would look handsome in anything he decided to wear, but he couldn’t help how he drooled especially over Katsuki’s sculpted arms that once held him up as the blond fucked him stupid.
“I thought you were asleep,”

Katsuki mutters, leaving his bedside to lean against the bed frame as Izuku enters the room.

“It was a little difficult to put Kohaku to sleep. She’s been through a lot today.”

“I’m sorry,”
“For what?”

Izuku questions.

“It’s not like you sent us that bomb.”

The omega attempts to make light of the situation, but based on the expression Katsuki possesses, something tells Izuku that he’s holding back.

“Kacchan, did you-”
“No! God no!”

Katsuki erupts into a flurry of denial, anguish spreading across his face as his eyes narrow and he finds a marble tile on the floor to focus on.

“Then what? You’re scaring me,”

Izuku wraps his arms around himself and tilts his head at the alpha.
He found the blond admirable and honest and at this moment, Izuku can see the way Katsuki fights to find the words, to speak the truth and hope all is well in the aftermath.

“My father… He had another son, not with my mother, but with another woman outside of their marriage.”
Katsuki voices as his hands come to grip the edge of his mahogany bed frame.

“He was never in line to inherit my father’s money and assets in his booming rifle business, and that irked him in a way. The business can only be handed down through blood and,”
Katsuki swallows the lump in his throat and Izuku fills in the lines in a matter of seconds.

Instead of understanding, fury rises in the pit of Izuku’s stomach.

“So your psychotic brother tried to kill an infant to steal your company?”

“Yeah that about sums it all up…”
Katsuki trails off as he clenches his jaw in discomfort.

“You know, we could have prevented this if you had just believed me. Now look at where we are! In the middle of butt fuck no where and I have nothing! That was my home that he burned to a crisp, Kacchan!”
Somehow, it felt good to shriek at someone even if Katsuki held little of the blame in the situation. The omega wanted to scream, yell from the rooftops and accomplish SOMETHING. Even if blaming Katsuki for his part in their dilemma wasn’t the best way to spend his time,
he’ll do it regardless as long as frustration hums inside his chest.

“That’s not fair- You would have been burnt to a crisp too if it wasn’t for me! And sorry if I’m mistaken, but weren’t you the one who lied to me and allowed me to follow you around like a fucking moron?”
“It’s not like you’d let me go anyway!” Izuku spit back venomously.

“Maybe I would have if you had told me the TRUTH!”

Katsuki snaps as he pushes off the frame to stand to his full and daunting height.
“You didn’t give me an opportunity to explain! Besides, I gave you all the evidence you needed to believe me and you still didn’t believe me until you saw us by sheer fluke!”

Izuku felt his face get red and hot. He felt as though his freckles would melt off his face
and be washed away by the tears welling up in his emerald eyes.

“Can you blame me? You don’t exactly have the greatest track record with the truth, Deku.”

The alpha snarls and it takes Izuku aback. His fists clench at his sides and he narrows his eyes at the blond.
“Then make it easier on you and take us to the police! I’ll happily go into hiding and you won’t have to see me, or Kohaku again!”

Izuku realizes his fault as soon as he mutters it. He doesn’t even condemn Katsuki for the wrathful expression ripping across his
facial features as he leaps forward.

“Do you honestly think I’m so incompetent I can’t even protect my family?!” Izuku sucks in a sharp breath as a realization dawns on him. He never really thought that Katsuki cared at all about him, especially when it concerned
Izuku’s safety rather than Katsuki’s flesh and blood.

Following his own logic, Izuku closed his eyes. If Katsuki did it for him and Kohaku, does that mean…

Does that mean Katsuki still feels something for him?

“Deku, I don’t know what I-”
Izuku opens his eyes to Katsuki’s sputter as he quickly realizes what erupted from his mouth and the gravity of his words. The omega backs away from the blond and slowly goes for the door.

“I’m… I need some time…”

Izuku trails off.
Katsuki follows after him even as Izuku slips into his room and locks the door.

The knocking and calls for Izuku to open the door die down after five minutes and Izuku settles down onto the queen bed in the well decorated room.
Now he just needs to figure out if he feels the same way about Katsuki.

[ T B C ]

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#bkdk #nsfw #smut (fake pregnancy thread continued!)

Izuku laided Kohaku down for the night, brushing the soft hairs along her scalp affectionately before making his way to the door.

He thought long and hard about his relationship with Katsuki ever since the previous night
and came to the conclusion that for whatever reason, he can never unlink himself from Katsuki no matter what happens as they share a daughter together. He could never deny Katsuki his very own flesh and blood, no matter what kind of crazed brother he has.
He knew early on he wanted Katsuki in his daughter’s life, but with how much resentment that built inside Izuku’s heart, he felt as though he needed to be comfortable with Katsuki before having him meet Kohaku.

His knuckles tapped on the door to the alpha’s room
as he waited patiently in the hall. The hall itself is only accessible to them as the blond felt Izuku would feel more comfortable being secluded from other people for a while. It felt nice to not worry about unexpected attacks, but that didn’t mean Izuku felt entirely safe.
The lingering thought of a missile shooting through the glass in Katsuki’s bedroom, through the two walls separating them, and into Izuku’s bedroom has the omega nibbling at his fingertips.

The door swings open and the blond who looked to have just come back
from the center compound, clad in a grey long-sleeved shirt with all three buttons undone to expose a small portion of skin below his collar bone. His dark washed jeans hang especially well on him as they lead down to a pair of combat boots and Izuku instantly
thinks the blond has a knack for battle appropriate attire.


Katsuki speaks almost as if Izuku’s nickname catches in his throat.
“I realize that what happened not only hurt you, but it also hurt Kohaku. So I want you to meet her to have you in her life. I can’t imagine her going through life without her dad and-”

“Can I see her now?” Katsuki interrupts Izuku at the mention of meeting the infant
and Izuku bursts into a fit of giggles.

“When she wakes up in the morning, you can meet her.”

The omega responds to which the blond’s grin only widens to the point he appears to be the happiest man on earth.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep now…”
Katsuki murmurs to no one in particular. Both of them settle into a short silence that Izuku feels unusually comfortable in. He could stare at Katsuki all day, tracing every curve in his body from the tip of his nose to his sharp jawline.
“Are you sure you’ll be able to… y’know, allow me?”

Izuku could sense the question coming on and sighs softly, eyes drawn down.

“I’m not sure, I hope I will. I can’t help how possessive I am of her.”

“I could scent you.”
Izuku’s eyes sharply shoot up in alarm before he realized Katsuki’s right and not just trying to get his alpha scent all over his so-called, “family”. Izuku almost forgot of how fond alphas are of scenting people they feel strong relations with.

“I don’t see why not…”
That’s all it took for Katsuki to reel him in, hands securing the omega to him while his nose dips into the crook of Izuku’s neck. A shiver rips down his spine at the sensation of Katsuki’s nose racing down the stretch of his neck with his hands squeezing the
plush of Izuku’s hips and the small of his back.

The scenting instantly morphed into something intimate when the blond’s face leapt from Izuku’s neck to the nest of emerald curls and forced Izuku’s face into the middle of his chest.
The omega allows it as a pink hue dusts over his freckled cheeks and he couldn’t deny that he liked the possessive actions. He loved how Katsuki’s scent rubbed so well onto his clothes and skin while only little of Izuku’s scent clung to the alpha.
Izuku really didn’t like that…

Out of pure spite, the green haired omega reached behind the blond’s head to yank him down to his shorter height. Izuku’s cheek rubs against the blond’s bare neck as an inevitable purr erupts from deep within his chest.
The sound resonates within the hall little to Izuku as he was too far gone in the heat of the moment, rubbing his scent into Katsuki before the blond croons and lifts Izuku by his thighs to press him against the wooden door frame.
Izuku gasps out in shock when he felt someone manhandling him into a better position, fully pressed to the heated alpha where he could feel every fastened heartbeat.

He fights hard not to fall right back into the heated haze,
fighting to kiss the blond as they breathed heavily staring into each other’s eyes for the briefest moment. He wants to touch this man, he wants to kiss him so bad-

Katsuki leans upward to steal the omega’s lips, crashing into Izuku’s reality and readily taking on
the omega’s embarrassment as they synced together after months apart, deeply missing one another and suddenly reaching out for their warmth.

As soon as Katsuki walked out that door a year ago, Izuku felt as if his heart had been ripped clean of his breast.
Only when he found out he had been carrying Kohaku did he feel as though he could live with himself for his sins against the blond alpha. He never thought about raising a baby on his own, but once it became Katsuki’s child, his mind couldn’t cease the
incessant thoughts bombarding his mind.

He still loves Katsuki and he hates it.

Izuku jumps at the sensation of his pants being shredded from the thigh up so Katsuki can unbuckle his trousers and guide his throbbing cock into Izuku’s quivering pussy.
Izuku could sense the intrusion and shivers at the tight burn, yet does nothing to stop it. Katsuki adjusts himself in order to place Izuku’s legs on his broad shoulders. At that moment Katsuki’s cock slips from Izuku’s hole with a trail of slick that raced to
accommodate the sexual activity. It only takes a few seconds for Katsuki to sink back into Izuku and settle into a slow, yet powerful fuck, smashing into the omega ruthlessly.

It didn’t matter whether Izuku could really comprehend the situation as he preferred
to be chasing his orgasm by bucking his hips sensually to the thick shaft impaling him on a steady rhythm.

Well, let’s just say that Izuku now smells A LOT like Katsuki.

[ T B C ]


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#bkdk #sfw #angst (fake pregnancy thread continued)

Kohaku has always been a quiet baby. Never too loud, never too quiet, but she also never fussed too much- until now.

Izuku entered the room that morning to see her awake and kicking happily,
cooing as her tiny little crimson eyes lock on to her dam and the scent of soft milk. It only takes the pup a second to find the strong alpha musk now attached to her mother and she cries out at the scent.

“What’s wrong with her?”
Katsuki questions from the door, eyes of concern lingering along the makeshift crib as Izuku bends down to pick up the fussing pup.

“I’m not sure.”

Izuku mumbles. The omega sticks his finger in between the infant’s jaws filled with nothing but gums
only to find the pup having no instinct to latch whatsoever. Kohaku spits her dam’s finger from her mouth and continues to wail to her heart’s content.

“I think she’s a bit mad at you…”

Izuku chuckles before bringing the baby up to his neck to which Kohaku instantly
nuzzles into the crock of the omega’s neck.

“She’s mad at me? I didn’t know infants can get possessive over their dams.”

“No, they don’t. Only alpha pups do.”

Izuku finds himself chuckling at the irony as he rocks Kohaku while rubbing her onesie glad back.
Despite being housed in Izuku’s stomach for nine months, Kohaku had the audacity to come out completely like her father; crimson eyes, blond hair, and now a secondary gender to match. He almost feels a tad bit bitter about it.

“Here, take her,”
Izuku attempts to hand the infant over to Katsuki to which the blond hesitates, carefully supporting her head and scooping an arm under her body. Kohaku’s eyes follow Izuku as if expecting him to take her back into his arms at that
very moment before transferring her attention to Katsuki.

“She should be nicer seeing as you have my scent on you.”

Izuku comments and he steps back to fully take in the image.

Katsuki wore an old grey crew neck while adorning a pair of plaid pajama pants as
he held his daughter close, a smile of elated joy stretching across his face. Despite not being in the picture earlier, Katsuki took on the role of doting father within seconds and nothing made Izuku happier.
It all seemed fitting for Christmas morning.

“Merry Christmas, Kacchan.”

“Merry Christmas, Deku.”



Regardless of their night of passion, Izuku didn’t feel as though he could trust Katsuki fully just yet. It had been so easy for the blond to whisk Izuku away to another country, locking him away in a secret compound where the only human contact would be Katsuki and Kohaku.
He knows it wasn’t within Katsuki’s control to keep them socialized, and that even if they spent the night rocking their bodies together, it didn’t mean that Katsuki forgives anything Izuku did in the first place. Still the stress weighs on him terribly
even as they sit in the living room of the private wing of the compound.

Even though they are living in a metal box inside a mountain, it felt very homey with it’s beige walls, paintings, lamps, and most of all, the Christmas tree.
He loved how the lights curled around the live tree in sparkling gold with tinsel weaving between the decorated bulbs, one of them being bigger than the others with a beautiful navy satin fabric and silver embroidery etched in various patterns around the sphere.
Izuku deemed it perfect for Kohaku’s first Christmas.

He loves watching how Katsuki swayed in front of the fireplace, holding Kohaku securely to his chest as he whispers sweet nothings to his daughter. Izuku couldn’t count how many kisses Katsuki bestowed upon the pup,
but he thinks it’s enough to last the little girl a month.

“She likes you.”

Izuku calls out from the couch, swirling a freshly made shirley temple inside the wine glass he and Katsuki both picked up from the kitchen,
but Katsuki’s glass contained actual alcohol as the blond preferred to have a drink at least once in honour of the special occasion.

“She fucking better, you hear that little stinker? You better like daddy or daddy is gonna eat you right up!”
The blond jokes, tickling the belly of Kohaku who bursts into cute little giggles. The laughter trails off as the sound of Katsuki’s phone echoes louder and louder.

It’s been a while since Izuku has seen him on the phone, but the curiosity as to the identity of the caller
has Izuku raising a brow. With one hand, Katsuki answers the phone, obviously displeased with information conveyed on the other line.

“I have to go deal with something.”

The alpha states with his lips pressed together in a fine line. Whatever it is, it has Katsuki upset.

Izuku mumbles, gladly taking the pup into his arms before the blond can storm off down the hall toward the main entrance to the other wings of the compound.

The omega gets on with the celebration by setting up Kohaku’s playpen a safe distance from the tree and
giving her multiple toys to keep her occupied. He planned to give his gift to Katsuki when he had put Kohaku to bed, but now would have to suffice.

He digs the small box out from under his bed and he quickly checks inside. The braided piece of three fabrics sits in the box,
still perfectly intact and ready to wear as a bracelet. Izuku made it out of Kohaku’s baby blanket as it was the first thing the pup slept on when she was born. Her fresh scent still lingers in the fibers which Izuku believes Katsuki will appreciate very much.
The scent of grapefruit and peaches dances on the stale air and Izuku’s head rears up, forgetting the box entirely. He felt his senses heighten at the lingering suspicion that someone else had entered the compound wing and he quickly makes his way to the
living room where he left Kohaku for only a moment.

A finely dressed woman stands in the living room by the tree, holding Kohaku with a crooning smile as she tickles the infant's belly that ends up coaxing a giggle or two. Izuku instantly knew the other woman is an omega
and the likelihood of her hurting his pup is low, but not entirely certain either.

“Who are you?”

Izuku doesn’t mean for his voice to reach such an accusatory tone, yet with the woman’s arms wrap around his baby, he feels as though it’s justified.
The woman’s grey eyes shift over to stare Izuku down, her ebony hair contrasting greatly compared to Kohaku’s blond.

“I’m Katsuki’s fiancé, Momo Yaoyorozu.”

She says coldly.

“Who are you?”

Izuku felt taken aback by her words,
at a loss to the point his mouth hangs open uselessly. The word fiancé repeats in his head to the point it smacks into the front of his skull like a crazed man attempting to break out of his mind.

He should have known better.

[ T B C ]
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