For @maureendowd

You're a funny gal.

Walter Reed's reputation is better now than before @realDonaldTrump was admitted.

Watch me prove it:
If you or any of your sycophants were infected, and your doctors told you that the treatment Walter Reed gave Trump was the best available, AND they highly recommended it, would you refuse?

Of course not.

Your tweet is just a giant flatus.
The thing that gets me about you people is that everything you say about Trump is 180 degrees off.

Here's what you do:

You make up crap and then lose your minds over your own inventions.

Groucho Marx's commentary on people like you is the most profound ever caught on film.
Democrats in action:
Trump is a builder.

Democrats are delusional destroyers.

You started your war on Trump based on your own make-believe crimes.

But you went too far.

Since YOU have no idea what normality is, you can't perceive it in others.

NORMAL people have had enough.
Put your faith in polls, babycakes.

That worked out really well for you in 2016.

Biden spoke to eight Haitian Americans today.

His hydraulic and coolant lines sprung leaks.
The loss of hydraulic pressure meant that they joystick carried by his aide could no conger control his internal cables.

See how it starts in the left side of his palm and goes down into his sleeve?
This is World War One technology.

They should've fitted Biden with a fly-by-wire system, but they didn't have the funds.

The loss of control and coolant meant that Biden immediately veered over to a group of children to shout lewd comments.
It was horrifying.
I think a giant emergency tarp was dropped on Little Haiti at that point. The scene had to be blocked out from the world as they struggled to regain control of Joe.

And Joe REALLY brought out the "little" in Little Haiti.

Eight people.

They refused to stand in their circles.
Now THAT is leadership.

You get only eight people and even THEY won't cooperate.

"C'mon, man! I wanna see your daughters dance!"

Joe's going to get 8 percent of the vote.

Make sure to lay in 30 gallons of vodka, Maureen.
That'll see you through the weekend.

Love and kisses!


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