I “love” how North Americans HATE violence but then can’t stop consuming it. Ex: Potomac & New Jersey hair pulling fights. All of them are embarrassed it happened. Ashamed in regards to Potomac and kinda vindicated and disgusted in New Jersey. The audience: lives for those scenes
And this thread is just for people who watch all the Real Housewive series, FYI. This Potomac episode will be iconic. That New Jersey scene would’ve been Iconic if the Gorgas weren’t completely insane. Cause all of this is just insanity in capitalism and WS ideals acted out.
And we pick sides as audience member. But honestly, if you watch this series who watch for the fights between the women. We love the petty on the screen but I just wonder...if bc these ppl have out-of-reach lifestyles we don’t see that petty within ourselves?
Cause really, Real Housewives just affirms beliefs in nucleus households and the culture of the entrepreneurs and self-branding...I am on side Candiace.
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