Western civilisation is committing:

Civilisational Suicide &
White Self-Genocide

All are expressions of the White man's self-destructiveness, as were the American civil war & the 2 world wars.

What is the source of this self-destructiveness?
It has to do with civilisation perverting & corrupting human nature, which evolved to serve human survival in a very different, natural, environment.

Human society itself has become part of the environment we exploit. That's the perversion that's leading to our self-destruction.
Interestingly, I'm feeling pretty suicidal myself at the moment.

I've no intention of actually committing suicide, but I find my thoughts often revolving around it, when the future seems so bleak, both for me personally, for my race, for humanity at large, & for the planet.
Our planet will recover, of course, from the damage we are doing to it, i.e. to its biosphere & biodiversity, but it will take a very long time to do so: 100s of 1000s, if not millions, of years, which is way off any human scale.

A "Spacefaring Civilisation" indeed!
Why do so few people recognise just how dire our situation it?

I guess, because, if you are doing well for yourself personally, as, for example, #ElonMusk (who envisages a spacefaring civilisation) clearly is, one subconsciously rationalises the circumstances responsible for it.
If I were wealthy, I too, no doubt, would find it easy to distract myself from the true state of the world & the course it is on.

Wealth, i.e. money, being the most versatile form of POWER, not only corrupts us, but also blinds us to the corruption we are so dependent on.
Most academics probably do not consider themselves wealthy, but relative to most they are. The system is serving them well, so they do not want to recognise just how corrupt & self-destructive it is - & thus don't. https://twitter.com/rogerahicks/status/1149587575423680517?s=20
According to Wikipedia:

"In 2018 there were 6,507 registered deaths by suicide in the United Kingdom, equating to an average of 18 suicides per day. Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the country."

What does this tell us about British society?
The majority of these suicides are, I am sure, not related to the reasons I give for feeling suicidal, but are still indicative of a very sick society. A society that is also engaged in ecocide, civilisational suicide & White self-genocide.
There are two eminent Britons I would like to discuss these issues with, @DAaronovitch & @GeorgeMonbiot, because there is much I like & admire about them both.

George would agree with me about ecocide & civilisational suicide, I think, while David would be more sceptical.
Both, however, would dismiss my concerns about #WhiteSelfGenocide as a far-right conspiracy theory & condemn me as a RACIST for it. In fact, they already have labelled me a RACIST. George has blocked me & David muted me on Twitter.
I find it especially depressing that one can't even discuss the issue of race with either of them. Simply bringing it up got me dismissed as a RACIST.

But I am convinced that White self-genocide is real & that all 3 issues must be addressed, if we are to resolve any of them.
In view of how numerous & dominant White people still are in the West, the notion of White self-genocide may seem rather absurd, but so too to many do the notions of ecocide & civilisational suicide. All 3, however, are real.
Native - that is, White - Britons are predicted by eminent demographers (e.g. Prof. David Coleman of Oxford University) to become a racial minority in the UK within just a few decades.
According to the Orwellian ideology of Post-Racial Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism, which #DavidAaronovitch & #GeorgeMonbiot are both beholden to & blinded by, such demographic change doesn't matter, other than to RACISTS like myself. https://twitter.com/rogerahicks/status/1311897292845256704?s=20
As I said in the very first tweet of this thread, the American Civil War & the 2 World Wars were expressions of White self-destructiveness & self-genocide, as was the Holocaust, which was motivated by the criminally insane racial ideology of the Nazis.
The Nazis were NOT #WhiteSupremacists, as today's #AntiRacists would have us believe, when they equate both with #WhiteIdentity & Nationalism. Ashkenazi Jews & Slavs, who were their main victims, were every bit as White as the Nazis themselves. This is important to remember.
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