first i wanna start with the history, background of my country;

the etymology
"Karabakh" is a combination of two
turkic words "Kara" and "Bakh"
which means "Large Garden/Black
if that's not enough for u, the "capital" of
Nagorno Karabakh is originally called
Khankendi which literally means "Town of Khan" which is named in 6th century. its current name is named after a bolshevik called Stepan lived in 20th century.
caucasian albania is one of the ancient azerbaijani territories.
ancient author Strabo wrote that albanians lived between the Caspian sea and Iberians. in the map, you can see that Karabakh is included in the regions where Caucasian Albanians lived. (Kabala was its capital)
moving on to Artsakh is the name they claim for Karabakh, which is AGAIN a Turkic name meaning "Brave Saka". Saka is the name of ancient Azerbaijani-Turkic ethnic group.
(picture: ancient Saka soldier armor, clothing which was similar to Turkic's)
traditional azerbaijani clothes in ancient Karabakh, Azerbaijan.
there are plenty of antique belts, accessories and clothes that are found from the Karabakh region and they are the same as traditional Azerbaijani clothes as we all wear in holidays, festivals up until now.
some more historical facts
arm*nians were forced to migrate to Karabakh by the russian gov. for example, in 1441 arm*nians migrated to Uchkilse. Karakoyunlu Cahan Shah granted permission to Uchkilse's new christian people. here you can see the map and where it located
tw // death, violence, torture

the Khojaly massacre. please read the pics.
© to justiceforazerbaijan on instagram.
tw // death, violence, torture
they killed infants in front of their mothers, right in their hands, they cut pregnant women's belly took out the kids and put kittens instead. if you feel pain while reading this imagine all the women who had to LIVE this.
tw // death, violence, torture,

here's the video from Khojaly by our martyr Chingiz Mustafayev.
tw // bomb, death

now moving on to the most recent things. armenians killing our civilians while they're in their house. Shahriyar (13) and Fidan (14) were the kids who killed by armenian army, as well as their parents in their house.
you see them attacking civilians, cities which are 300-500 km from the war zone and have nothing to do with the war and STILL call us terrorists you're just islamophobic. all those white famous people who know nothing but trends won't see these reality.
reminder: Mingachevir is located approximately 110-200 km from the actual war zone. https://twitter.com/liIfairykook/status/1313153965744422913?s=19
tw // death, torture

and this is my story. my family still can't find their relatives. they can't talk about it much without having panic attacks. it's been 27 years. and we're still waiting.
we don't want war, we dont want people to die. my people don't want their sons, daughters to die. we want what is ours. we want our lands back. i want my motherland back.
this is my friend's thread, please check this out as well, it's very informative!! https://twitter.com/liIfairykook/status/1310658066124288001?s=19
oh also just wanted to add this❤️
yall are pathetic lmao bbc literally ended him singlehandedly❤️
you all know the truth, the whole world knows the truth that #KarabakhisAzerbajian and will always be.
a resident of Ganja, Karina Grigoryan who is armenian, asked armenia to stop aggression. (watch the video)
there are a lot of armenians living in Azerbaijan and none of them has been treated differently than our own people. but you can't find any Azerbaijani in armenia living peacefully. and they still keep attacking civilians. we fight with their army, soldiers, they attack innocents
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