(Thread) The pro-mask, pro-lockdown people have never engaged honestly with the other side. Never. Six months into this thing and they still won’t even acknowledge the counter arguments, much less offer a rebuttal to them. I’ve never seen so much bad faith posturing in my life.
The fact is that there are many illnesses — the flu, for example, but not just the flu — that are also transmissible and potentially deadly yet we have never done anything in response to them. No masks. No closings. Nothing.
And this is the part where the Bad Faith squad starts with the exasperated huffs and eye-rolls and says “COVID is worse than those other diseases, idiot,” and then moves on as if they’ve settled the matter. But they missed the point by a mile on purpose.
Yes COVID is worse for some demographics than the flu, but from the pro-mask/lockdown perspective, that should mean perhaps slightly more moderate mask/lockdown policies to combat the flu, not none at all. But we had none at all.
For COVID we do everything, for every other sickness, we do nothing. That’s the point. Obviously something is massively out of balance here.
We haven’t just ramped up our preventative measures for COVID, we’ve adopted a completely new and different philosophy, as if it’s the first illness of any kind we’ve ever faced. And that the is the absurdity that the other side has been trying to point out for half a year now.
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