Voters! If u want to help protect our elections, pls sign up w/ #PhotoFinish at  to photograph precinct results (posted outside the polls when polls close), which we will then compare to the precinct results reported by the county to verify they match. 1/
2/ Description of Photo Finish from our website.
4/ Note: To get our feet wet, we started #PhotoFinish in some of the primaries. We expect to post some or all of those results later this week. TY to everyone who has volunteered thus far! #PhotoFinish #ProtectOurVotes
5/ Seeing totals as they appeared at the precincts is crucial to election integrity. Belarus voters know this.

The US has only recently begun its descent into dictatorship & thus most US voters don’t yet understand the importance of seeing precinct totals.
6/ At @ProtectVotes, we are hoping to change this and provide at least some degree of transparency about America’s typically unverified computerized election results. #ProtectOurVotes
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