Catching up on last night's @QandA on #Budget2020 with a terrific panel. A thread

Jane Halton - former head of Dept of Health & Dept of Finance made an important point: There are expected to be $12b in tax cuts announced tonight.
Focus on how much of that money will actually stimulate the economy, in simple language - how much of it will be spent rather than saved. That will determine how many jobs and how much growth we get #Budget2020 #auspol
Nicky Huntley from Deloitte Access Economics reminded us all to look not at the quantum of tax cuts but who they go to. Those earn the least in the economy - smaller businesses and lower income earners - spend the most as a proportion of their incomes #Budget2020 #auspol #Qanda
This is the first year in 9 that I won't be in the Budget lock up. I won't miss the instant coffee but I will miss the banter and nerdy rush to find the stuff the government wants you to miss! #Budget2020 #auspol
Clarifying something the wonderful @NaomiSimson said last night on @QandA about small businesses (those that employ less than 20 people) They are not the biggest employer but they almost are!

< 20 employees 44.2%
<20-200 employees 24.1%
>200 employees 31.7%

#Budget2020 #auspol
It’s also really important to look beyond headline tax rates & understand what an “effective” tax rate is. This is what’s taken away from your wages in both taxes and lost benefits adding back any deductions or offsets you might receive from the ATO #budget2020 #auspol
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