2 notions I find deeply problematic:

1) More freedom = More happiness

2) Progressive = Good for society

A quick glance at the % of mental illness in the most free, high-HDI societies indicate that there's a high likelihood of a Cause & Effect relationship b/w the two.

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When examining the role of individual freedoms in human contentment, it is important to consider the historic roles both men and women have played for thousands of years, and how quickly they've been stripped away to condition us into our new dual role of Consumer-Employee.
A man who knows his role in society & has to work for his survival is considerably more content than one who has it all in a welfare-system that gives him a universal wage.

Nietzsche was right: Our struggle is our motivation, and seems to be the only thing that keeps us going.
After all, why would a Norwegian/Swede with an exponentially better quality of living & far lesser worries in life than someone from a so-called Third World Country be more prone to depression, anxiety and suicide?

Altruism is simply the symptom.
But what's the disease here?
This also debunks Marx's theory that when full automation takes place and there's no need work, "humans will be free to do what they wish- pursue the arts, intellectual discussions and so on and so forth"

He grossly underestimated the driving factor: Our Survival Instinct.
I guess the takeaway here is that when man's primal instinct of Survivalism isn't activated, and we don't have the NEED to work for our survival, we lose purpose and meaning in life and turn to Hedonism, Nihilism or the absolute & ultimate form of Nihilism: Altruistic Suicide.
The same rationale works with Progressiveness, which has dismantled the traditional roles of men & women and defied our natural programming in a very VERY short span of time.

You can't reverse thousands of years of evolution & programming through a few years of social change.
The last 4 decades or so have conditioned men into suppressing their hunter-gatherer programming, and women into suppressing their nurturing/maternal instincts.

This is my take on what it's done to the men, at least: https://twitter.com/iRohanSachdeva/status/1298190552622460928
We've been painted & sold this picture of a workaholic unmarried man/woman as the ideal 21st century specimen, concerned solely with their rise from the office cubicle to the Board of Directors.
The Feminists bought into that crap hard!

Why? We make good Consumer-Employees :)
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