1/ The reaction to the Sainsbury's stuff was so telling.

e.g racists were like: "you're admitting you're racist, then?!" over Sainsbury's plans to publish their ethnic pay gap data and it's like... obviously?

They're acknowledging they have an issue, that's how change starts...
2/ How else will Sainsbury's deal with racism in the salary system? Keep it a secret? Lie? Obviously not.

Systemic racism is a serious issue - it perforates every aspect of life, from employment, to healthcare, to education, to justice.

And we address it by acknowledging it.
3/ But, to racists, they don't want to acknowledge it - because they benefit from how things are, so they shut down conversations.

And they're also more outraged by accusations of racism than racism: because they don't care about racism, they only care about how they feel.
4/ Which is why they cannot fathom why an organisation committing to anti-racism work would openly admit they have an ethnic pay gap - they think: "why snitch on yourself like this?!"

Of course, they don't realise they're snitching on their own racism in the process...
5/ The biggest issue in the UK when it comes to racism is its inability to acknowledge its racism and its history of racism.

The mainstream is more offended by accusations of racism than racism - and thus works to protect itself from accountability for racism at all costs.
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