Treaty 8 First Nations have had to watch ancestral lands dug up for the future reservoir of the troubled #SiteC dam. To grasp the sheer size of that needless reservoir, a photo essay. Here is one of the shipping container huts full of archaelogical artefacts.. #bcpoli #bcelxn2020
Inside are bankers boxes - tens of thousands of them - full of artefacts dug up during #SiteC work. Box after box after box. They're being held by BC Archaeology Branch. I was sent these photos by a friend; these are his ancestral lands. What are we doing, BC? #bcpoli #bcelxn2020
..Shipping containers and bankers boxes full to the brim with a people's history and culture. The scale of the disruption is staggering. And it's all for a dam we did not need, & whose alternatives are cheaper & would not have violated Indigenous or Treaty rights. #SiteC #bcpoli
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