Assuming Trump and everyone else who appear to have caught Covid on his team recover quickly, what will happen? Think beyond just the electoral impact for a minute.
The media has convinced a great many people that Covid is AIDS-Ebola which, almost immediately after infection, makes people melt as in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
I see people sitting alone on their front porch, riding bikes alone, walking their dogs, riding alone in their cars, all while wearing masks. That sort of behavior isn't cautious. Rather, it's cultish.

Me: Uh, I'm mowing my backyard, you loon.
So now Trump goes to show people he's not on death's door-


- is almost certainly headed towards a quick recovery. Odds are pretty good that everyone who tested positive the last couple of days will do the same.
Trump's press secretary tested positive sans symptoms. Now think what happens to the tin pot dictators flexing their newfound fascist muscles once people notice that an infection isn't automatically a death sentence or a lengthy convalescence?
My mom is in the demographic most at risk and I think protecting her and others like her is smart. Also people with underlying medical conditions that make them at risk. But for almost everyone else, I have one comment: don't be hysterical.
Hysteria is dangerous in of itself, but it becomes doubly so when coupled with government officials just itching to exert more and more power over your lives.

BUT IF IT SAVES JUST ONE LIFE! - says the completely unserious person
We accept, annually, 60k-80k deaths from the flu. You know, every single year. Do people wash their hands more frequently, or take reasonable steps to avoid transmission? Sure. Reasonable steps. But we don't do...this.
And the flu will be with us always, or at least until some medical miracle occurs. Covid might well be the same, with annual recurrences. See also the common cold, another coronavirus which, by the way, has no vaccine.
Unlike others, I don't pretend to have all of the answers, but I do know that what we're doing now isn't the answer. It just isn't.
A number of people have said they wouldn't get the vaccine when it comes out. I plan to be first in line because this is no way to live.
Continued isolation my kids, as well as those of everyone else, is going to do lasting psychological and emotional damage. We likely won't know the impact for decades.
I'm not really making point here. I'm just thinking out loud. All of you should be thinking about these things as well.
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