This is the Snap Poll which was prompted by insinuations made by some people with poor choice of words & motives who had utter disregard for others on this platform & claimed to be pro @INCIndia

Let me now analyze as to how people approached this Poll & also put out snapshots
I had run few Polls on Hathras & they tagging of @RahulGandhi @priyankagandhi & @myogiadityanath in those Polls

There was no representation in the last name but the Poll which had first two mentions got 3 to 4 trolls to the fore & their crusade was to ridicule me, pension etc
These voices were rude & instigation was norm

They questioned the pension to Veterans, snyder sinde remarks on entitlements & tried to showcase as if their taxes were being misused on Veterans

Very poor upbringing was on display & many Tweeples took them on

So we will them out
One Lady remarked that because one had put out Poll, one was supporting rapists

How unfortunate

Hope she had some intellect to understand better & did not make such an obnoxious comment

For her I had to dig and put out my public views post Hathras

Hope such myopic minds learn
When political slugfest & name calling increased in tempo, much to my chagrin, I decided to put out a Poll directly pitting @INCIndia versus @BJP4India as Snap Poll which had purposes:-
1. Gauge social media opinion shaping
2. Gauge activities of both sides
3. Point out some nerd
Polling was smooth with no ruffles, some remarks in replies, some likes, some retweets & then Intriguing part of Quote Tweet started

In the entire exchange on this Poll not even a single Quote Tweet was of a @BJP4India supporter & all were of @INCIndia

Some of these are put out
In random order

Let's start

This person carried the poor mindset forward from previous Poll

Notice his zeal for his Party @INCIndia which is good but at the same time his narration against a Veteran

Clowm thought that he was going to win a war with a booty of 1000+ votes in!
She is a good @INCIndia supporter and was very active in exhorting others to vote
Simple man who tried to influence the votes

Remember I had asked people to vote & not shout out

In Elections one simply goes to Poll and that is called Secret Ballot & one does not expose himself or herself etc

I choose

Such Quote Tweets as per Twitter algorithm get more views of your followers and therefore they get directed to the Tweet

Nothing wrong but it is a good way to get more in
No doubt what he wanted to do either

Good team game on
Another one

The arrow also indicates #TeamBaan which has been instrumental in Opinion Shaping for @INCIndia throughout the day

Many signatures of that hashtag noted during Hathras Polls as well
Here the aim being same, the technique modifies ti include other handles; prompting them to vote & this method was widely noticed in @INCIndia supporters

It signifies a strategy as to how numbers can be enhanced to reach out & works perfectly well when dissemination is the need
Another handle with seemingly dubious credentials which is exhorting its followers to vote

Going on his followers list will reveal more & also whom he follows
Do go on this Handle to see its followers & whom it follows too

Good strategy of @INCIndia to influence opinion
This person apart from exhorting votes in favor of @INCIndia is labeling all others as 'Sanghis'; a strategy which is used by @INCIndia supporters to demean others especially @BJP4India supporters & it smacks of highhandedness

Look at the persons tagged by him & his fan club too
He takes it a step further to involve political leaders of @INCIndia

Good supporter in political realm who is trying to influence the Poll
Simple and straight as explained earlier

Check out who some of them are following and tracing location will give more inputs
Then comes such FEARS in @INCIndia supporters who think if Poll is deleted the carpet will be swept off their feet 😀

Soldiers do not leave a battlefield

Maintenance of Aim is key to success of an operation

Let's move ahead
Simple calls to vote and no secret what was the game being played

Good support between supporters of @INCIndia
The incorrigible is back

Unable to pull a Veteran down into his political gutter one previous Poll, he goes on to muster more support

Good samaritan for @INCIndia

Just hope he doesn't pull me into dirty politics 😀
Few more samples who tried their best to pull in more supporters
Urgency to Vote and overtake @BJP4India score enhanced & good spirit shown by @INCIndia supporters to rally in
Now comes another lout who is trying his very best like his team who have been doing so since Afternoon on other Polls to label a Veteran as 'Sanghi' etc etc

Wants to show me my place 😀 well he will know his place well now on

Stooges of Political Parties do not impress me here
One SUPER LOUT of the Day who had utter disregard for Veterans and anybody who was not from @INCIndia and who wanted to even remain apolitical

He thinks pension is some alm given to veterans & they get subsidized whiskey

What an ill mannered uncouth to have interacted with
Courtesy some Tweeple one can see how a systematic group of people want to win social media polls for @INCIndia through convergence in polling & name calling too

#TeamBaan features here too
Don't know what was meant here but then he / she retracted and was civil in conduct
She was active & came back to exhort
This is the quality of Victory Lap 😀 we have today people who think they are too smart to ridicule others, think it is fashionable and have no courtesy

Check out the tagged people & followers too
More specimens are recorded but let's keep this last

Same loud lout here

Now he threatens others to unfollow those who follow me, and same will be the Strategy of this ring leader to create opinions

Real frustrated @INCIndia supporter here

Sad loser for starters 😀

Someone technically savvy has put out list of people who quoted the Tweet to influence Polls

These Handles would be interesting for @BJP4India to checkout too as they supported @INCIndia well today

Technology is good to analyze

Now do go to see the replies to this Poll & see!
Please do also scroll the ones who liked this Poll to see their ability to influence

Now time to make conclusive analyses based on what we have seen thus far
1. All Opinion Shaping conducted in this Poll has only been by @INCIndia through Quote Tweet option but NIL by @BJP4India
2. Quality of language used by @INCIndia supporters against Citizens & Veterans is poor
3. Supporters of @INCIndia did well to rally people on Twitter Polls through a well-orchestrated system they have & it works
4. @BJP4India supporters didn't try a single influencing tweet here
5. Surge in @INCIndia polling witnessed towards end in 3 Polls including this one with concerted influencing attempts and it worked well
6. Our society needs to groom children better & they need to be stronger & surer of not getting wayled due to political agendas
7. Many Youth seem to have ill informed inputs to make decisions
8. There is no respect for anybody who differs with them in case of few people & their angst comes from their incapacities to do better
9. There are many sane Youth & Citizens who stand up for good of the Nation
10. Many same voices seen amongst ladies, elders & salaried class
11. Even when challenge was put directly to @INCIndia @rssurjewala @RahulGandhi @BJP4India @amitmalviya @JPNadda while @INCIndia supporters continued influencing others, @BJP4India supporters did not lose calm here
12. On a lighter note these Poll efforts by @INCIndia supporters suggests that they are too much into superficial makeover & winning social media polls while @BJP4India seems involved in working toward stated aims without being bothered by such polls & supporters are contentded😀
Above analysis is as it appears to an analytical military mind with no political motive
@INCIndia @RahulGandhi & @BJP4India @Nada can draw more conclusions & judge were they are better & where they need to work more

Topic of Poll was political but intent was to EXPOSE some LOUTS
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