Breaking: DC will bring back some elementary students for in-person learning on Nov 9. Middle and high school students will return in January, at earliest.
In-person teaching for pre school and elementary students will be for high priority groups (ESL, students experiencing homelessness, and high needs special ed.) Other elementary students will be invited to continue virtual learning in classrooms under supervision of non-teachers.
Chancellor says it can serve 21,000 pre-k and elementary students -- 75 percent of all students this age. But bulk of these students (2/3) will be in supervised classrooms where they will not receive instruction, but rather do in-person learning.
Every school will have 1 classroom of in-person learning (this is with a teacher) for each grade level. They will also have one contained special ed. classrooms. (This is mixed grade levels in a single class). Rest of students will be in physical classrooms doing virtual learning
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