This one of the oldest,most important and spectacular Ghat located near Shri Vishwanath temple on the Bank of Maa Ganga in Varanasi .This is considered as the oldest Ghat as Lord Brahma himself had created it to welcome Lord Shiva .
There is a beautiful legend associated with this.Once there was a King in Varanasi named Divodasa.His was an Atheist.During his period he never worshiped god godess even he forgot to worship Shiva, the Aradhya of Kashi. If
there is no devotion and love then why would Mahadev
remain in that place .He left kashi & went back to Kailasa. But he couldn't forget kashi. Brahma understand Mahadev's mind. He thought 'in what courage king could survive with out Devapuja?" In search of the answer to his question Brahma came in disguise as a priest & informed
the king Divodasa about his intention to perform Ashwamedha Yagna on the bank of Ganga. It was a very difficult task to arrange all the essential thing for the great Ashwamedha Yagna.
But King Divodasa provided all the requisite thing for the rituals with out any mistake. At the end of the ceremony Lord Brahma said that he was inspired to performed the Yajna once again. King maid arrangement without any hesitation In this way Bhrahma performed the
Ashwamedha Yajna for ten times and he himself became tired. But the King was not discouraged to helping him everytime. Brahma realised the King's power, his extraordinary patience ,confidence and principles. The need for god and godess for
that self-sufficient ,self-reliant personality has never been felt. Bhrama fell in love with the king. But he realised if he will only satisfy with his own perfection then the overall development will not be possible . For that one should maintain a high level commitment to
to the higher energy. After several attempted Brahma abled to convince the king. King Divodas understood that no matter how great and loyal he may be,he is mortal,his power and virtue will one day fade .But God and Goddess are immortal.Only one generation could survive without
their blessing .But to maintain the loyalty and righteousness in the society Blessing of the Supreme Power is always required. Shiva Puja was Resumed in Varanasi .

And the Ghat is named as Dashashwamedha Ghat.
Source -Antaranga Bharat by
Manoj Das
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